World History

  • Galileo Discovers Planets

    Galileo Discovers Planets
    Through the invention of telescope, Galileo discovered that planets revolve around the sun. This sparked the beginning of questioning science, religion and government.
  • Battle of Edgehill

    This was the first battle of the english civil war in which forces loyal to the english parliament (commanded by Robert Devereux). Of the 26,000 men involved in the battle, 1,000 died and 2,000 were injured.
  • 30 years war

    30 years war
    War began between the catholics and the protestants which spread across Europe. The was ended in 1648 with the treaty of Westphalia.
  • Birth of Napoleon Buonaparte

    Birth of Napoleon Buonaparte
    Napoleon is born in Ajaccio, on the mediterranean island of Corsica, which lies to the west of Italy. The island comes under French rule this same year. Napoleon later adopts the french spelling of hi name, Napoleón Bounaparte
  • Call of the Estates General

    Call of the Estates General
    King Louis XVI calls forth the Estates General together for the first time in a long time. Featuring the clergy, the noblemen and the test of France together.
  • Tennis Court Oath

    Tennis Court Oath
    After being removed fro the the estates general, the third estate forms the National Assembly. They then swear to the tennis court saying that they will no leave.
  • Storming of the bastille

    Storming of the bastille
    Angry Revolutionaries storm the Bastille. By doing this, not only does it serve to make a statement against the monarchy but the mob also attained weapons and gunpowder that were kept in the prision.
  • March in Versailles

    March in Versailles
    Persian market woman lead to March of versailles to protest about scarcity and high price of bread.
  • Civil Constitution of the Clergy

    Civil Constitution of the Clergy
    The civil constitution of the clergy is published allowing the french government control the church. Due to badly needed money, the government starts to sell the church.
  • Divorce, engagement, marriage and war

    Divorce, engagement, marriage and war
    Two days after his marriage, he immediately went off to the French military posted in Italy and began a very successful invasion. Winning several battles, and losing very few, Napoleon was able to advance forward and take the states under Papal control.
  • The crowning of Napoleon I

    The crowning of Napoleon I
    After the successful establishment of a monarchial rule, Napoleon was crowned as Emperor by Pope Pius VII at the Notre Damme De Paris.
  • The Battle of Antietam

    The Battle of Antietam
    This battle remains the bloodiest single day in american history. A decisive engagement that halted the confederate invasion of Maryland, a durance that was regarded as one of the greatest confederate threats to Washington D.C.