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  • My grandma`s birth

    The day my grandmother was born in La Habana, Cuba.
  • My grandma`s wedding

    My grandma`s wedding
    My grandmother got married with my grandfather at 19 years old.
  • My mother's birth

    My mother's birth
    My mom was born in La Habana, Cuba
  • My grandma´s graduation

    My grandma´s graduation
    My grandmother graduated in psychology in the university of La Habana
  • My grandma went to USA

    My grandma went to USA
    She went to USA because her husband has a better job opportunity there and my mother lived a tiny part of her life there.
  • My grandma came back to Cuba

    She came back because my grandfather was transfered to another part of the business.
  • My mother's graduation

    My mother graduated herself to be a German translator
  • My sister's birth

    My sister was born in La Habana, Cuba
  • The day I was born

    The day I was born
  • My mother's wedding

    My mother got married for second time in a small village of Cuba.
  • My mother`s trip to Spain

    My mother get married with a Spanish man and she could get to live there.
  • My sister's trip to Spain

    Me and my sister went into our first plane to live in Spain
  • Acces to secondary school

    Acces to secondary school
    The first time I get into a secondary school, I felt like a grown person.
  • Journey to Rome

    Journey to Rome
    My sister and I went to Italy because my aunt and my uncle were from Rome and we spend there a week. We have seen the Pisa tower and The Roman Coliseum. In this photo we are in " La fontana di treby "
  • My sister's trip to France

    My sister's trip to France
    My sister went to France to work as a baby sitter and to get better at french.
  • Sea accident

    Sea accident
    One day i was fishing with my dad and some friends, and when we were at 4 Km from the coast... The engine stoped working.
    The engine of the ship stoped working and we were trapped in open sea for 4 hours, until the coast guard came
  • Scuba diving at 25 metters

    Scuba diving at 25 metters
    Me and my dad love going scuba diving on Cuba, and the las time we went there, my dad bought two scuba equipement to go with me.
  • My mother gets her Spanish nationality

    At least my mother could get his Spanish nationality
  • My sister's entrance to the university

    My sister entered to the university to be a lawyer.