Wiki's TV Show

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    Season 1

    Oops (Hi Morgan!) - Oh Shit Women (literally the day i realized i like women) highlights include: 9GH*D *not really, i am taking geometry and triangles are my least favorite shape (huh now there's a 3d shape i might start hating in season 14 huh? huh? what who said that.), lots of bullshit about "insurance companies," trying to repress my gay feelings while sharing a bed with a girl i like on a church retreat, this girl will be discussed more in season 3
  • Epiphany Day

    w o m e n
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    Season 2

    First time coming out to someone (hi 2015 girl) - girl i like does not want to speak to me anymore bc i like her (hi pizza roll c) highlights include: i drop my first mixtape, i come out to a bunch of other ppl, my mom reads my texts and yells at me in the trader joe's parking lot, the girl i like is straight and she gets weird about it when she finds out
  • Coming out to my mom part i

    she read my text messages and then yelled at me about Jesus in the trader joe's parking lot
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    Season 3

    i realize i have a crush on my best friend (prb) - my best friend meets an awful boy and i know shit's gonna go down highlights include: all our friends want us to date, they make a groupchat about how they want us to date, i get a boyfriend and they complain about us in the chat, i realize i Do Not Like Boys and break up with the boyfriend, i plan to ask The Girl to prom even tho its not for several months and a lot can go wrong before then, also beauty and the beast is part of my trauma
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    Season 4

    my best friend starts dating the boy - my best friend apologizes to me for letting the boy ruin our friendship and admits he feels threatened by me highlights include: we stop being best friends cause she keeps souping me for the boy, the boy threatens to out me to my parents, he also is really shitty to a lot of my other friends (hi morgan!), ap chem, pizza roll a, costa rica, i get the zika virus, trader joes, pizza roll d but eh
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    Season 5

    i become friends with the girl from season 2 again - i try to get over pizza roll e with the help of pizza roll f highlights include: bonding w haj a lot over seed planting, almost relationship #1, my trauma surrounding ~that year~ beginning, being led on, hating commitment issues, Salt Week, joe biden being cool ig, being Very Italian, winter break 2016 being like 10/23 this year oof
  • Coming out to my mom part ii

    *the date is an estimate. she is much nicer about it and says she will always love me unconditionally; our relationship greatly improves after this
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    Salt Week

    aka being led on a shit ton and crying about it a lot
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    Season 6

    my nemesis from the d&d one shot's namesake tells me she likes pizza roll g - [redacted] highlights include: my bestie gets dumped by the awful boy (during band!) UwU is something finally gonna happen w us (the answer is no), graduating high school!, almost relationship #2, also morgan dates pizza roll f lol, being cheated on sorta, beige carpet being boring as fuck, going to the beach a lot, becoming Extremely Depressed, starting Cornell yay!!! :/
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    Season 7

    [redacted] aftermath - feeling incredibly insufficient highlights include: wiki goes to therapy!!!, first semester of cornell is ok i guess, the girl i almost dated in season 5 apologizes for leading me on and we start talking again but oh no i guess i like her again now, my first time being high!, my first time being drunk!, meeting band ppl maybeeeee
  • Wiki's First Haus Party :0

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    JOIN BAND: The Movie

    this is a movie ab my first month or so in band highlights include: learning trumpet, sharing a first band event with maddie (hi maddie!), lots of parties such as the highlighter party and the hockey party, maybe a little bit of simping, baby carrots and chocolate ice cream (together), trumpet formal???? (lol)
  • My Bandaversary

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    Season 8

    becoming bffs w/ audrey - karaoke w/ bpage friends before i leave for ith again highlights include: betrayal, Almost Relationship #3, getting dumped (sorta), making my non band friends watch bee movie and crying in the fidget spinner, hanging out at haus a lot, going home for the summer and babysitting a bunch of 2002 juul addicts, playing d&d, crushing on my friend's older sister just to feel something, smoking weed a little, wearing a crop top to incredibles 2, vague falling outs with b and e
  • Puffle's 19th Birthday

    i show up a little high to a grad party for a girl i don't really like, get really uncomfortable around 2015 girl and shs so i walk home and figure i'm probably never gonna talk to either of them ever again. this is actually the last time i saw them both, but i have since spoken to one of them.
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    Season 9

    returning to ith for sophomore year - wave packets bullshit highlights include: chalking absolutely killing my legs, my first marching season!, maybe ppl like me?, my first 10/23, my first plunk, my first chunder, a really cringe crush, the columbiagate 2018 9 part extravaganza, crying on the floor in shan's room, h*rry p*tter sucks, being roasted by the haters as if its all my fault and just dealing with it
  • Wiki’s First 10/23!

    I was a lil sad on 10/22 but then midnight hit and I went to haus and played die and got my first plunk ever and life was good. Later that night I had half a Jell-O shot, chundered from alcohol for the first time, and then finished the Jell-O shot so I could have an even number of tallies.
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    Season 10

    bone rooms 2019 - summer road trip! highlights include: lots of shortstop, the foundation of hagan's disappointments, empathy as a buzzword, a gorgeous af spring break trip, wine in the hot tub, moving into haus, me angsting a lot, spot becoming my dad, claire moving to viriginia (hi claire!), a pretty great summer tbh
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    Season 11

    back to ith for junior year - non sec 2019! highlights include: i literally peaked this semester, max chundering and me wanting to sleep, being motivated af cause i was running for section leader, bonding w my fave 2020s, my first blackout, not really simping for anyone for once thank god, winning section leader elections, the skinny pancake may she rest in peace
  • Wiki’s Second 10/23!

    Oh boy this was a fun one. I drank kinky water in class, ate a whole bag of Trader Joe’s dumplings, blacked out for the first time, chundered (rip the dumplings), left Payton a voicemail, and cried to Sabrina ab how I’d miss living with her. All in a day’s work ig.
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    Season 12

    bone rave 2020 - my redemption arc? highlights include: section leading a little bit, rediscovering The Bees, getting really angsty, unpacking my abandonment issues, ope here comes the rona (midseason finale), formation of the simp (sub?) squad (hi gizmo and sabrina!), cuddling, COLORS, living with Devin, opthalmologist?? (hi emily and brian!), summer ends, bring on the Men TM, smoking a lot of weed, a pretty bland semester, getting really drunk during DM elections, talking to 2015 girl again?
  • Wiki’s Third 10/23: Section Leader Edition!

    This was a tough one cause we couldn’t have ppl over but I got to meet some of my kids on the slope and that was nice. Then I blacked out on a zoom call that I was hosting. Classic wiki I guess.
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    Season 13

    spice week - hopefully actually fixing things highlights include: being in a band? (hi pony and puffle!), drugs, alcohol, getting vaccinated, blacking out at b&, kissing lots of people, graduating!, living in flouse, chunder simping, back to back camping trips, self sabotage, trying to write songs ab my angst, being way too hard on myself, trauma, gizmo being The Best, high hopes getting crushed, dissociating on haus's kitchen floor, an Interesting start to the fall, fighting crime, sunglasses?
  • First Episode of Season 14

    literally what is the month of october? highlights include: ;)
  • Wiki’s Fourth 10/23!

    Some Wikis will call this one of the best days of my life. I sure was happy for like all of it so ¯_(ツ)_/¯.
  • The Black Friday of 2021

    The birthday of two of my most beloved friends but also god am I kicking myself