Who Am I

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    My Lifetime

  • Brother is Born

    Brother is Born
    Having two brothers has definitely shaped me. I learned at an early age how to deal with others. I learned about healthy competition and the value of family.
  • First Canoe Trip

    First Canoe Trip
    My first canoe trip began my love for the outdoors and appreciation for our environment. This lead me to many more outdoor adventures as well as my heightened environmental awareness.
  • Public Speaking

    Public Speaking
    This was my first time speaking in front of a large group of people. I was surprised how comfortable I was speaking in front of complete strangers and this started my love of speaking on a stage in drama.
  • Judo Provincials

    Judo Provincials
    This was the first time I had to work really hard for something and overcome seriuos obstables to reach my goal. I showed up at the tournament 6 pounds overweight one day before the weigh in and had to battle through a talented group to reach the gold. I learned very quickly about perseverance.
  • My Best Friend

    My Best Friend
    I met my new best friend at high school. We have been friends ever since and I will even be the best man at his upcoming wedding. One of the things I value most in my life are the friendhsips that I have made.
  • Played First Rugby Game

    Played First Rugby Game
    And so began the love of my life. My favorite past time and my favorite thing about summer. Rugby season. Rugby has definitely become part of my lifestyle and changed my personality... for better or worse. It is a large time committment but also has introduced me to many of the people I call my friends today.
  • National Champs!

    National Champs!
    This was an incredible experience for me and it taught me to set my goals high and that they can be reached if you are willing to put 100% of your effort into something.
  • Accepted to University

    Accepted to University
    All of my parents and my own worries are finally cleared as I am accepted to Laurentian University's ADVL program that will fuel my love of the outdoors and adventure sports.
  • Graduated Teacher's College

    Graduated Teacher's College
    My life as a student has ended. Countless books, binders and dollars later my life as a student comes to an end and my new life as a teacher begins. I begin to learn about being a professional and the responsibility that comes along with that.
  • My Favorite Class!

    My Favorite Class!
    This was my first day teaching at Sir William Mulock Seconary School and my first day teaching what is obviously my favorite class... Career Studies... just kidding, Learning Strategies!