when I was born

  • when I was born

    I was crying .
  • when I was three I started walking

    my mom talt my how to walk
  • B 1995 S 1999 S1996

    my sister and brother when they were born.
  • my first day at kindergarten.

    I was really really nervous in front of everybody in class
  • I rode my bicycle when I was 4 years old.

    I was scared of riding my bicycle.
  • when I lost my first tooth when I was 5 years old.

    I started cry because my dad pull it with a door.
  • I learned how to read when I was 6 years old

    I just started how to read.
  • my frist time baby sitting.

    I was scared what I was going to do with the baby
  • getting an award in my school and my parents were there.

  • I was in school for 7years

    iwas kind of scared
  • my favorite book was harry potter

    I was learning then
  • my favorite music was lil wayne look at me now

    I got clothes shoes and axes