What is a Hero?

  • Subway Hero

    Subway Hero
    Today, we watched an interview of Wesley Autrey, a man who risked his life to save a stranger and for this heroic deed became known as the ''Subway Hero." The interview helped me establish my initial ideas of a hero: someone who sacrifices himself or risks his life to help others.
  • Roy P. Benavides

    Roy P. Benavides
    Today we learned about Roy P. Benavidez, an amazing war hero who despite being seriously wounded, managed to save the lives of eight comerades through his bravery persistance, which would later earn a medal of honor. This figure added a new type of hero to my list of heroes: a military hero.
  • Kristi Quillen Interview

    Kristi Quillen Interview
    Today we watched an interview of Kristi Quillen, a peace corps volunteer. Perhaps not as openly as the first two figures we learned about, she too is a hero as she changed her life, sacrificing many every day comforts in order to help other people. Basically, she is giving part of her life to other people, which is true heroism.
  • Alexander Graham Bell

    Alexander Graham Bell
    Today, I chose my subject for the project. Alexander Graham Bell He attracted me because his field of science interested me and because he fitted my defenition of a hero very well, as he helped others through his dedication and hard work.
  • Heros in Litterature

    Heros in Litterature
    Today, we looked at different types of heroes in litterature which helped cement my idea that a hero does not necessarily have to risk his life to be a hero. Looking at the many various heroes made me realize how basic the defenition of a hero is, and the many different types of people that it can be applied to.
  • "Change the World" Powerpoint

    "Change the World" Powerpoint
    Today, we completed the "Change the World" Powerpoint. The "Year of the Rat" video showed that one person has the power to change the world while the "Waiting on the World to Change" video shows that most people simply wait on the world to change rather than trying to do something to change it. Perhaps the people that try to change the world for the better are heroes.
  • How I Chose my Subject

    How I Chose my Subject
    Writing about how I chose my subject reminded me of my defenition of a hero, and helped me realize some of the things that make Alexander Graham Bell a hero. It also gave me a summarized view on my own thoughts on him and why he was the hero that stood out for me.
  • Heros in Litterature Essay

    Heros in Litterature Essay
    This essay was an extremely important step in shaping my defenition of a hero because it made me think about not only public heroes, but the personal and everyday heroism that is very common but often disregarded and taken for granted. It helped me realize that even the smallest of deeds can make someone a hero.
  • Passage from Biography

    Passage from Biography
    Choosing a passage from my biography was difficult, but eventually I chose the passage that marked the turning point in the life of the hero. This passage not only describes the event (the first ever transmission of the human voice), but also explains that the first use, being an emergency call, demonstrated one of the most significant uses of Bell's invention, which has saved countless lives.