1800 ship

Westward movement timeline

  • Arrival

    when i arrived in America, it was different. i had no idea where to go or what do do when i got off of the ship. i didn't know how to speak English, how to interact with Americans, or how to make any money besides selling some of my silver. i didn't know where to get food or shel;ter. i wasn't planned for this change at all.
  • Shelter and Luck

    Shelter and Luck
    I have finally found a place to stay. A person saw me sitting on the cobblestone road and motioned for me to follow her. I was so glad that she had found me. i am living with her and her family. she has a husband and two kids, a boy an a girl. I also found out that she had immigrated from Russia too, so she could understand me. she said she would teach me how to speak English. Her name was Anastasiya, her kids names are Viktoriya and Anton and her husbands name is Viktor
  • English

    Anastasiya has been teaching me how to speak English. i am having a really hard time learning it, but she says will eventually get it. she has taught me hot to say "hello", "how are you", and "my name is Natalya".
  • winter is on it's way

    winter is on it's way
    Winter is coming soon. the days have been getting colder and colder. we almost don't have enough money to buy each of us a jacket, so i have decided to get a job to help make money for all of us. but before i get a job, i have to learn how to speak more English so that i know what my boss would be saying.
  • chicken pox

    chicken pox
    Viktoriya now has the chicken pox. i am helping the family out with my new job as a seamstress. i sew up holes in people's clothes. Viktoriya has had to stay in bed for about 2 days now. She has just been sleeping and coughing the whole time.we don't have any medicine to help her get better. all we can give her is warm water and telling her she will be okey,even though she probably won't.
  • Viktoriya"s death

    Viktoriya"s death
    Viktoriya has just past away last night. i have bveen comforting Anastasiya the best i can. i heard her crying in the middle of the night and mumbling to herself, but i couldn't wuite catch what she was saying. during every meal, allshe would do s stare at her food, not move or even touch it. i just wish i could do something to make her feel better.
  • leaving day

    leaving day
    i have made enough money to finally afford my own appartment. this is my last night staying with Anastaiya and her family. they have done so many nice things for me and i am grateful that she saw me sitting outside. she is one of the nicest and caring people i have ever known. it almost feels wrong to leave them with viktoriya's death not that long ago. i feel like she has been a mother to me. teaching me English and helping me through my new life in America.
  • lonley days

    lonley days
    it is almost November now. i am living by myself in my appartment with a job. i have just been doing the same thing ever day since i first moved into it. i wake up at the same ime, i get dressed, eat breakfast, go to work, come home,eat dinner, read a book or knit, then go to bed. i have knitted myslef about 3 scarfs because winter is coming soon. i go to the market about twoto three times every week for new food. i have been able to maintain a decent ammoount of money for food and rent.
  • Firing Day

    Firing Day
    i never thought this day would come. i got fired from my job. someone had stolen money from the cash register and they had blamed it on me. so i got fired.i can't stay in my appartment for much longer. i can't afford a lot of important things now. i am most likely going to find another job, but i don't know what yet. i love cooking so i might try to get a job at the market.
  • Winter Has Arrived

    Winter Has Arrived
    i have had a job at the market for about a week now. it isn't the best job, bit if it keeps me in my home then i can live with it. for the past two days it has been snowing, but not sticking much. i have mamaged to stay pretty warm with some of the scarfs i have made.
  • Thanksgiving Dinner

    Thanksgiving Dinner
    Anastasiya and her family has invited me over for thanksgiving dinner. there was a giant turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, biscuts, and butter. it was the best dinner i have had since i came to America. but before we ate, we all had to hold hands and say one thing we were thankful for. when it was my turs I said that i was thankful for their family letting me live with them, teaching me how to speak English, and for not letting me starve on the streets.