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  • The Greatest Day in the History of Humanity

    The day I was born. **(Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.)**
  • My Sister

    My Sister
    This is when my first sibling, Madison, was born.... Enough said.
  • Starting School

    Starting School
    Well, this is an obvious one. And truthfully, I don't even remember too much of my early school career up until Second Grade.
  • Suprise!

    July third is my moms birthday. And, most years, I'm more excited about her birthday than I am about my own. I always try to get the greatest present possible for her. And in 2005, all the ingredients came together for a present I still haven't been able to top. I got my mom tickets to Cedar Point. (It's always been her favorite place in the world.)
  • Twins?!

    This is the day that my little brother ,(Dahne), and sister ,(Kahlan), were born. They were born 3 months early.
  • The Discovery of Music

    The Discovery of Music
    This is not only the day that I began sixth grade and middle school, but it's the day my life essentially began. It's the day I discovered how much I loved music. (Thanks to band class.)
  • Summer Vacation

    Summer Vacation
    After years of being jealous of my cousins going to Florida for ten days every summer, I finally got to go.
  • Conan

    Okay. Idolizing isn't always the best thing. But on this day, there was no other option. November 8, 2010, was the day that CONAN debuted on TBS. My grandma had told me to watch the show, because she like the host. I watched, and decided that Conan O'Brien was the funniest man on earth.
  • Disney World

    Disney World
    On Christmas of 2010, my Aunt Cathy suprised my family and I with a trip to Disney World. We took the trip from July 31, through August 6, 2011.
  • Foreseeing the Future

    The day I will turn eighteen. Thus officially becoming an adult. **(Smile of Satisfaction.)**
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