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  • 576

    Uthman was born into the Umayyad Clan of Mecca

  • 576

    Uthman was born in Ta'if

  • Oct 14, 611

    After a discussion with his friend Abu Bakr, Uthman decided to convert to Islam.

  • Oct 14, 611

    Because of his conversion to Islam, Uthman's wives deserted him, and he sometimes divorced them

  • Oct 14, 614

    Uthman and his wife Ruqayya migrated to Abyssinia (modern Ethiopia) in 614

  • Oct 14, 616

    After two years the news had spread among the Muslims in Abyssinia that the Quraysh of Mecca had accepted Islam, and that persuaded Uthman, and some other Muslims to return

  • Oct 14, 622

    In 622, Uthman and his wife migrated to Medina

  • Oct 14, 632

    Uthman had a very close relationship with Abu Bakr, and it was thanks to him that Uthman converted to islam.

  • Oct 14, 634

    Uthman and Umar were friends, and while Umar,s reign, Uthman was his adivsor

  • Oct 14, 644

    Uthman was a Caliph from 644-656

  • Oct 14, 644

    During the reign of Uthman, people became for prosperous and invested their money in the making of buildings

  • Oct 14, 644

    Uthman is best known for producing multiple copies of the text of the Qur'an.

  • Oct 14, 656

    Couple rebels snuck into the house of Uthman and tried to kill him. Uthman's wife tried to protect him, but she got her fingers chopped of and was pushed aside. The rebels struck blows at his head. Uthman's widows came running and screamed, and the guards

  • Uthman was born around 579A.D.

  • In March of 628, Muhammad set out for Mecca to perform the ritual pilgrimage of Umra. The Quraysh denied the Muslims to enter the city. Muhammad camped outside Mecca, and sent Uthman to meet the leaders of Quraysh and negotiate Muslim entry into the city

  • The Quraysh made Uthman stay longer in Mecca than he originally planned and refused to inform the Muslims of his whereabouts. This caused the Muslims to think that the people of Quarysh have killed Uthman.