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Watch Kaylee Grow

By calztm
  • Welcome Kaylee Alexandra Calzone!

    Welcome Kaylee Alexandra Calzone!
    Kaylee was born in Florida Hospital South in Orlando, FL.
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    Kaylee's Birthdays

  • Kaylee Turns One!

    Kaylee Turns One!
    I had a pool party at Aunt Lisa's. All of my family and friends came and I got lots of presents. My favorite was a push toy that helped me walk.
  • Kaylee Turns Two!

    Kaylee Turns Two!
    I had a small party at home with my mom, sister and dad. My gramma and grampa came too. We ate chocolate cake.
  • Kaylee Turns Three!

    Kaylee Turns Three!
    I took a trip for my third birthday. I went to Disney and saw all the princesses. My favorite was Cinderella.
  • Jacuzzi at the Hotel

    Jacuzzi at the Hotel
    We went swimming in the jacuzzi at the hotel. It was so much fun and hot. It was like a little pool but warmer.
  • Kaylee Turns Four!

    Kaylee Turns Four!
    I had my party at the neighborhood church and had a mermaid bouncy house. I bounced and played pinata. I got lots of candy.
  • CRASH!!!

    My sister crashed our golf cart. It went through the church fence. Noone was hurt. She got into trouble.
  • Kaylee Turns Five!

    Kaylee Turns Five!
    I went to Ollie Koalas for my birthday. There was a BIG Koala bear and lots of games. I ate pizza, soda and opened lots of presents.
  • Kaylee Turns Six!

    Kaylee Turns Six!
    I had my birthday at home in the middle of a storm. I did a pinata in the front room and had chocolate cake. My best friend Savannah came with her family and all of my family and friends.
  • Tropical Storm Faye

    Tropical Storm Faye
    We were stranded in the house for my birthday because my neighborhood was all flooded and my mommy couldn't drive her car. We didn't have lights or t.v. The wind was blowing very hard.
  • Kaylee Turns Seven!

    Kaylee Turns Seven!
    We made homemade Tinkerbell pull apart cupcakes. I had two parties. One with my mom and one with my dad.
  • Sleepover

    I had my cousins Christina and Toni sleepover after dinner and we ate popcorn, watched movies and slept in our sleeping bags, It was so much fun!
  • Wasabi

    My mommy took me to eat snowcrab legs and invited my family and friends. I ate a lot of snowcrab. I love snowcrab legs.