Vicki Cordero

  • Born

  • Period: to

    My Development Thus Far

  • Smile

    I was smiling, and cooing at 6 days old under the care of foster parents. I was looked after by forster parents for the first 30 days while the adoptions paperwork was being finalized.
  • First Words

    At around 7-8 months I said my first word, 'dada' for my father's delight. My first language until I entered daycare was Spanish.
  • Stand up and Push

    I was able to stand up with assitance of couches, chairs, parents. And I was able to push my older brother in his Tonka Truck around.
  • First Steps

    I walked at 9 months unassisted
  • Tumbling

    By one year, I was climbing on chairs, couches, and stairs, and jumping off. My parents clamied that they knew I would be active.
  • Switched from left hand to right

    I started out life as a lefty, but since my older brother was a righty, I mimicked him, and began to use my right hand more around age three. I can still write with both hands.
  • Day Care

    At three years old I entered day care and made some of my first friends. This was my first interaction with a large group of children my age or older.
  • Learned Gymnastics

    I was constantly standing on my hands, climbing things, and making common objects a beam, so my parents enrolled me in my first gymnastics program.
  • Moved to New Jersey from Western Massachusetts

    At age 5 my fathers job moved us to New Jersey. We were closer to my extended family in New York, but I left behind my favorite neighbor friend from California.
  • Started Southard Elementary School

    I began kindergarden at age 5 in New Jersey. I could read well for my age, I was quiet and obedient, but always had trouble focusing. I attended Southard School with my best friend Lisa through the 4th grade.
  • First Communion

    I was raised Roman Catholic, and had started Sunday School the prior year. My whole family came to my communion party.
  • First Regional Gymnastics Competition

    I had excelled in gymnastics enough that I was invited to work out with the high school level girls at the gymnastics academy I was enrolled in. This competition was a great moment of pride for me, and I placed first in my age group on the vault, and beam events.
  • Moved back to Massachusetts

    I moved back to MA with my family, and again, left my best friend behind. I didn't fit in in school, because I want ed be one of the guys, and run and play outside instead of experiment with makeup like other girls my age.
  • First Kiss

    I had my first kiss when I was 11, playing manhunt with my neighbors. It was awkward, and the boy and I remained friends afterward, but agreed not to kiss anymore.
  • First Boyfriend

    I had my first boyfriend leaving 8th grade, going into 9th grade. We started dating because he said he was going to kill himself. In my attempt to stop him, I offered to be his girlfriend. He dumped me two weeks after I threw him a birthday party with all of his friends because he had a crush on a senior who had a boyfriend. I was devastated.
  • Sandwich High School

    I attended Sandwich High School in 2003, and graduated in 2007. I played softball, had a radio show, and participated in Art Honors Society. I was self-concious druing these years, but participating in extracurriculars helped with my confidence.
  • High School Sweetheart

    I started dating Jake at 15 and we dated for three years in High School. He was a very nice person and just as weird as I was. I broke up with him at the end of senior year because I wanted to live my life freely, and he was becoming clingy.
  • Discovered I was good at Drawing.

    All throughout high school, I knew I was better at drawing than most people. I felt most at home in my Art classes so I took as many as I possible could. I was grounded a lot during these years, for bad grades or breaking my parents rules so I had a lot of time alone to draw. I won many art contests, and had my work dispayed in galleries.
  • First Job

    My friend Katie got me my first job at Stop and Shop, a local grogery store. I started out as a bagger, and ended up as a front end (cashier) supervisor. I worked there from April 2005 to October 2008.
  • Met Current Boyfriend

    The summer of 2007 I met my current boyfriend at Stop and Shop. He was from a neighboring town, so he was intriguing from the start. It's amazing we've come this far, becase at this age, 17-18, we are changing som much in our thinking and physically.
  • Cape Cod Community College

    I entered 4 C's with the thought of pursuing a degree in art therapy. at age 18 I wasn't very serious about school, I was more interesting in having fun, so my grades weren't very good. I went to 4 C's on and off until 2011.
  • Snowboarding Accident

    I fell snowboarding and tore my liver when I was 19. This was a great example of risk behavior because I maxed out my credit card to take the trip, and I didn't take lessons to learn to snowboard. It took about six weeks to heal, so I was couch-locked, and very depressed during this time.
  • Moved to Florida

    I moved to Floriday with my boyfriend, for a new expeirence. We moved in with his brother. I had planned on attending local community college, but couldn't because financial aid was too slow. We lived in Panama City FL for nine months of partying and working before we moved home bcause we were broke.
  • Figuring it Out

    After I moved back from Florida, I coasted along from job to job, was unemployed for awhile, and didn't know what to do with my life from the time I was 20 to about 22.
  • Moved to Seattle

    I moved to Seattleat age 22, away from home again for a new expeirence, and to finish my degree. I was inspired by the nursing programs and overwhelming number of hospitals in the area, so I changed my major to nursing. People aged 22-29 move more than any other age group.
  • Passed CNA Exam

    I passed my CNA exam after having taken a training course in January. This is the first step for me to becoming a nurse. I currently work as a caregiver.
  • Seattle Central Community College

    I attended my first quarter at SCCC at age 22 with the intent of entering the nursing program next year. I am currently taking prerequsite courses.
  • Graduate From Nursing Program

    I hope to have graduated from the RN program, and be attending a BSN program elsewhere.
  • 2036

    I hope to be in a senior position at this point in my life. I will have been working in the field for 20 years, and my creativity will have peaked already.
  • Find a Job in a Hospital

    By this time, at age 22, I will be working in a hospital, not as a caregiver anymore.
  • Acceptance into Nursing Program

    My this time at age 24, I would like to have been accepted into the nursing program at SCCC.
  • Period: to

    My Future, Early and Middle Adulthood

  • Begin working as an RN

    By age 27 I would like to be working as an RN while getting the NP degree.
  • Graduated with an MSN

    I will have graduated with a Masters of Science in Nursing, so I will be able to work as a nurse practitioner.
  • Career

    I would like to be working in Boston, maybe at Brigham and Women's Hospital as a Family Nurse Practitioner.
  • Marriage and Kids

    By age 28, I want to be married, and start a family. I want to have as many children as I can support.
  • Grandkids

    I would like to hear the pitter-patter of little feet again while I can still keep up with grandkids.
  • Retirement

    Hopefully, by the time I'm 65 I'll be able to retire and live life peacefully with my spouse and family.
  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood and Death

  • Volunteering to Keep My Mind Sharp.

    I would like to think that my health hasn't declined too dramatically. That I still have my hair, and a sharp mind at age 75. I know I will stay active in my community, and maybe volunteer at a local animal shelter.
  • Death

    I'm not sure of my biological family history, but my family memeber live to be in their 90's usually. I would like to think I leave behind a positive legacy, and that I was there to support and guide my children and grandchildren as best I could. I hope that towards the end I wasn't a burden for anyone, and that I lived a long full land loving ife with my spouse.