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Valeria Alejandra Soto Velazquez

  • Baby was born!

    Baby was born!
    Nacida en el Hospital Auxilio Mutuo, Hato Rey
  • Victor Alejandro's Graduation

    Victor Alejandro's Graduation
    My older brother graduated form the Class of 2008 from Robinson School
  • My Sixth Grade Graduation

    My Sixth Grade Graduation
    I graduated form sixth grade in Colegio San Antonio, Rio Piedras
  • Victor Alberto's Graduation

    Victor Alberto's Graduation
    Graduated of the Class of 2010 from Colegio Calasanz
  • Trip to Disney

    Trip to Disney
    I spent Christmas, New Year's and Three Kings in Disney with my family
  • Pin Ceremony

    Pin Ceremony
    We got our pin's for passing 8th grade and continuing to 9th.
  • Boston '12

    Boston '12
    I went to Boston with my mother and father and started seeking for universities. The one that caught my attention was BU and MIT.
  • Virginia & Washington '12

    Virginia & Washington '12
    I went to Virginia for a NYLT Leadership Academy and then to Washington to go to museums and tours, etc..
  • Fifteenth Birthday Party

    Fifteenth Birthday Party
    I had a Limo Truck and it was a blast! I invited my friends and celbrated it with my older brother and his friends.
  • Quinceañera

    Finally my big day came! My fifteenth birthday which was celebrated with my family in mass and a special lunch.