Unit 3 Enlightenment Cameron

  • Montesquieu publishes book, On the Spirit of Laws

    Baron De Montesquieu published the book, On the Spirit of Laws, which talks about seperation of powers, abolition of slavery, and the preservation of civil liberties.
  • America declares independence

    America published the Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson, which declares our independence from Britain.
  • French Revolution

    The French revolution started during the meeting of the Estates General. It took ten years, during which France changed from a monarchy of Louis XVI to a virtual dictatorship by Robespierre.
  • Napoleon overthrows the Directory through a coup d’etat

    Napoleon overthrew the Directory with a very sudden seizure of power, known as a coup d'etat.
  • Napoleon crowns himself emperor, begins to create a vast European Empire

    Upon being crowned emperor, Napoleon took the crown from the Pope and put it on his own head, signifying he was more powerful than the church. He then went on to control most of Europe.
  • Haiti wins freedom from France

    in 1804 Haiti became the first and only nation to have a successful result by slaves.
  • Padre Hidalgo calls for Mexican Independence

    Padre Miguel Hidalgo started the fight for Mexican Independence in 1810 when he rang all the bells in his village church and organized 80,000 people in a revolt against the Spanish.
  • Napoleon is defeated at the Battle of Waterloo

    After being defeated and sent to Elba, Napoleon came back into power in France. He had one final battle at Waterloo, which was his downfall. He planned to take out the British and Prussians seperately, but due to his waiting for the ground to dry, the Prussians and the British teamed up together and defeated Napoleon.