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The French Revolution + Napoleon

  • Period: to

    The French Monarchy

  • The Dutch Patriot Revolt

    The Dutch Patriot Revolt
  • Period: to

    The Revolutionary Wave

  • Abbe Sieyes

    Abbe Sieyes
  • Period: to

    Austrian Netherlands' resistance

  • Period: to

    The French Revolution (Moderate Phase)

  • Period: to

    The National Assembley

  • The Estates General opens at Versailles

  • Convening of the Estates General

  • Storming of the Bastile

    Storming of the Bastile
  • Peasant Revolt

  • The Eve of the Revolution

  • Rights of Man and the Citizen

  • The Tricolor

    The Tricolor
    The white of the burbons and the Red and Blue of Paris
  • Period: to

    Monarchy to Republic

  • Period: to

    The Age of Montesquieu

  • Period: to

    National Assembly

  • Louis and Marie-Antoinette attempt to flee in disguise and are captured at Varennes

  • St. Dominque slave revolt

    St. Dominque slave revolt
  • Period: to

    Legislative Assembly

  • Brunswick Manifesto

  • National Convention

  • Creation of the Republic

  • Period: to

    Girondin Rule of National Convention

  • Period: to

    Politics of the National Convention

  • France and rest of Europe at war

  • Period: to

    The Age of Rousseau,

  • Period: to

    National Convention

  • Period: to

    Radical Phase

  • Beheading a King

    Beheading a King
  • Law of General Maximum

  • Law of suspects

    This law was widely drawn that almost anyone not expressing enthusiastic support for the republic could be placed under arrest.
  • Period: to

    Jacobin Rule of National Convention ( The Reign Of Terror)

  • Second partition of Poland; Louis XVI Executed

  • Vendee Revolt

    Vendee Revolt
  • Period: to

    Religous Terror

  • Law of Prarial

  • The Thermidorean Reaction

  • Robespierre Executed

    Robespierre is tried and guillotined.
  • Period: to

    Thermidorian Rule of National Conention

  • French Abolish Slavery

    Robespierre falls
  • Louis XVII dies in Prison

  • Period: to

    The Directory

  • Third partition of Poland; France annexes Austrian Netherlands

  • Period: to

    The Directory

  • Sister republics established in Itallian states and Switzerland

  • Napoleon seizes power

  • Period: to

    The Age of Voltaire/ Napoleon's Empire

  • Period: to


  • French beat the Austrians at Marengo

  • Period: to

    The Napoleanic Wars

  • Period: to

    War between Britain and France

  • Period: to

    Napoleon's Empire

  • Napoleon Crows himself Emperor

    Napoleon Crows himself Emperor
  • Battle of Trafalgar

    Battle of Trafalgar
  • War of the Third Coalition

    War of the Third Coalition
  • Napoleon Forms Confederation of the Rhine

  • Napoleon Releases all French Forces east of the Rhine.

  • Period: to

    War of the Fourth Coalition

  • Napoleon defeated at Battle of the Nations

    Napoleon defeated at Battle of the Nations
  • Allies Enter Paris

  • French Monarchy Restored

    French Monarchy Restored
  • Congress of Vienna

    Congress of Vienna
  • Battle of Waterloo

    Battle of Waterloo
  • Napoleon sent into Exile

    Napoleon sent into Exile