Napoleon Bonaparte - Timeline by Andrew

  • Napoleon Named First Consul

    Napoleo was named First Consul in November, 1799. He seizes power in a COUP D'ETAT
  • Napoleon introduces the Constitution of the Year VIII

    After the coup, Napoleon and his allies legitimized his position by creating the "Constitution of the Year VIII"
  • Napoleon defeats Austrains and regains control of northern Italy

    176.000 French troops defeteaded the Austrains in the Battle of Marengo.
  • Napoleon's CONCORDAT (Agreement with the Pope)

    Napoleon signed this agreement because he did not want the Church and the state to be at war, as they had been in revolutionary times. However, Napoleon managed to keep the state separate from the church, while gaining support from the French Catholics.
  • Napoleon escapes an assassination attempt

  • Napoleon was named Consul for Life

    Napoleon was named Consul for Life in 1802 until he proclaimed himself as Emperor in 1804.
  • Napoleon sells Louisiana to the United States

    France sold the Louisiana territory to the United States. The U.S. paid $233 millions in 2011 dollars ($11,250,000 dollars at that time)
  • Napoleon's new law-code

    Napoleon reformed the French law Code in order to end with the legal structure of the Old Regime
  • Napoleon crowns himself Emperor

    Napoleon wanted to be more than Consul, so in May, 1804 he proclaimed himself as Emperor of France. Even though the proclamation was on May, he was crowned in December. The Pope was at the cermony to give his blessing.
  • Napoleon named as King of Italy

    In March, 1805 Napoleon was named King of Italy and was crowned the 26th of May of the same year.
  • Napoleon beats the Austrians at Ulm

    The French Forces decimated the Austrian army, as they advanced towards the Austrian capital.
  • Napoleon and his army defeat the Austrians and the Russians

    Napoleon and his soldiers defeated the Austrian and Russian forces in the battle of Auterlitz, 10km South-East of Brno (What now is Chezck Republic), as they advance towards the Austrian capital.
    Napoleon takes over Austria and many countries Austria ruled, like the Netherlands and Belgium
  • Prussian forces decimated at Jena and Auerstedt

    French troops defeat Prussian forces at Jena in 1806, after the declaration of war between the two sides.
    A second battle was fought at Auerstadt. The forces lead by Napoleon were victorious again.
  • The French defeat the Russians at Firedland

    Napoleon attacked the Russian troops (who advanced towards France) through Poland.
    Napoleon's army was victorius and the Treaty of Tilsit was agreed to establish peace between France and Russia.
  • Napoleon starts his occupation of Portugal

    In 1807, Napoleon started his occupation of Portugal.
  • Joseph Bonaparte is named King of Spain by his brother, Napoleon.

    After seizing power in Spain, Napoleon names his brother, Joseph, as King of Spain.
  • Napoleon teaches the Austrains a lesson at Wargram

    Napoleon's army defeat the Austrians during his second invasion of Austria.
  • Napoleon's Divorce

    Napoleon divorced his wife, Josephine because she was too old to have children.
  • Napoleon marries Marie-Louise

    Napoleon married Marie-Louise in 1810, after divorcing his first wife.
  • Birth of Napoleon's son

    Napoleon II was born on March, 1811. He was quickly named King of Rome. His mother was Marie-Louise, Napoleon's second wife.
  • Napoleon begins the Russian Campaign

  • Napoleon's army wins against the Russians at Bordino

    Napoleon and his forces win a few battles at the start of his invasion. In this case, he crushed the Russians at Borodino. This was the biggest and bloodiest battle of Napoleon's Wars.
  • The Grand Army suffers heavy losses after finding Moscow empty

    After finding Moscow empty and set on fire by its own people, Napoleon decides to retreat. However, during his retreat his army suffers heavy losses due to cold, hunger and diseases.
  • Napoleon arrives at Paris

    Napoleon returned from his campaign in Russia and arrived at Paris on December, 1812.
  • Napoleon faces defeat at the Battle of the Nations at Leipzig

    Napoleon's army was defeated by the joint forces of Prussia, Russia, Sweden and Austria, at Leipzig.
    This was followed by the invasion of France in 1814.
  • Napoleon is beaten at Paris and is forced to exile to the Isle of Elba

    The French forces were beaten at Paris by the armies of Austria, Russia and Prussia.
    Napoleon had to surrender and go into exile, at Elba.
  • Napoleon retakes control of France and rallies the Army

    Napoleon escapes Elba in March, 1815 and on the 20th of that month, he forces the King to flee . He rallies the French Army and starts the campaign known as "The Hundred Days Campaign".
  • Napoleon fights his last batlle, the Battle of Waterloo

    Napoleon is defeated once again, this time at Waterloo, by the British and the Prussians.
    He is forced into exile, one last time.
  • Napoleon is exiled to Saint Helena

    After his defeat at Waterloo, Bonaparte is exiled to Saint Helena, the place that would be his final resting place.
  • Napoleon's Death

    Napoleon dies (old, tired and alone) in St. Helena, at the age of 51.