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Napoleon Bonaparte

  • Napoleon is Born

    Napoleon is Born
    Napoleon was born on the island of Corsica.
  • Period: to

    Napoleons Life

  • Graduation

    At age 16 he graduated, and joined the artillery as a second lutienant.
  • Ousted British from Toulon

    Ousted British from Toulon
    Napoleon commanded the French troops that ousted the British from Toulon.
  • French Revolution Ended

    French Revolution Ended
  • Austria withdraws from war

    Austria withdraws from war
    Napoleon commanded French troops as a general in an invasion of Italy. He won several battles over Austrians.
  • Destroyed in Egypt

    Destroyed in Egypt
    invaded Egypt because it was a lifeline to British outposts in India. Napoleon quickly defeated the Egyptian army. However, the British fleet, under Admiral Horatio Nelson, destroyed the French fleet in the battle of the Nile
  • Napoleon Returns to France

    Napoleon Returns to France
    Napoleon returns and launched a succsessful coup d'etat.
  • Overthrow

    people were dissatisfied with the Directory. With the help of troops loyal to him, he and two directors overthrew the government in.
  • Lycee School of Education

    Lycee School of Education
    Established by Napoleon as an educational reform.
  • Consul for Life

    Consul for Life
    Napoleon declared himself the soul consul
  • Code Napoleon

    Code Napoleon
    The Napoleonic Code was his greatist acheivement.
  • Empress Josephine

    Empress Josephine
    After crowning himself emperor Napoleon crowns his wife Josephine Empress.
  • Emperor Napoleon

    Emperor Napoleon
    Napoleon crowned himself emperor at the age of thirty five. He then ended up creating a set of laws after making peace with the Catholic church known as the Napoleonic Codes.
  • King of Italy

    King of Italy
    Crowned at Milan Cathedral with the Irony Crown of Lombardy. He created eighteen Marshals of the Empire from amonst his top generals, to secure the alligance of his army.
  • Period: to

    Height of his Powers

  • The Emperors Downfall

    The Emperors Downfall
    led over 500,000 soldiers into Russia, who turned around burning their crops and houses leading France deeper and deeper into Russia.
  • Retreat!

    Napoleon won the war in Moscow but had no food or shelter to feed his army and ordered a retreat. Fewer than 100,000 escaped Russia in the end,
  • Captured

    The allies of Russia captured Paris as the French troops made their way out of Russia.
  • The Continetial System

    The Continetial System
    Napoleon blocked all British ports and didn't let any of Europe trade with them. This ultimately failed and took a larger toll on the French economy.
  • You just got Exiled

    You just got Exiled
    After return Napoleon abdicated and was exiled to the Island of Elba off the coast of Italy.
  • The reign of Napoleon continues

    The reign of Napoleon continues
    In 1814, Louis XVIII issued a constitution that provided for equality under the law for all citizens, an elected legislature, and religious freedom. He also kept the Napoleonic Code. When Louis XVIII became king, many émigrés returned to France and demanded revenge on supporters of the French Revolution. Napoleon took advantage of the resulting disturbances to return to Paris.
  • Exiled... Again!

    Exiled... Again!
    Napoleon was exiled again this time to the Island of St. Helena
  • Before the Revolution

    Before the Revolution
    After Napoleon lost power the most powerful leaders in Europe met to try to restore order. In other words, to make things the way they were before the French Revolution.
  • Battle at Waterloo

    Battle at Waterloo
    A British Prussian army led by the duke of Wellington defeated the French at Waterloo
  • After Effects

    After Effects
    After Napoleon lost power in 1815, the most powerful leaders in Europe met to try to restore order. In other words, to make things the way they were before the French Revolution. This was called the Congress of Vienna. Britain was a much more democratic country than those of the Holy Alliance. But it preferred stability in Europe over more revolutions.
  • 100 Days

    100 Days
    Napoleon came back and proclaimed himself emperor again. Before he could fully rebuild his army the Europeans attacked.
  • After Effects

    After Effects
    Revolutions broke out in Latin America because Spain was no longer strong enough to control its territory. The most famous revolutionary was Simón Bolivar.
  • Dead.... X(

    Dead.... X(
    Napoleon died of stomach cancer in St. Helena.
  • After-Effects

    Revolutions broke out in several countries. The Netherlands split into two countries Belgium and Holland.
  • After Effects

    After Effects
    Revolutions sprang up in several places, the France king lost power and was replaced by president Louis Napoleon.
  • The Unification of Italy

    The Unification of Italy
    Prior to 1860 Italy was made up of many small states, some controlled by Austria or France. By 1871 modern Italy was united.
  • The Unification of Germany

    The Unification of Germany
    Germany was divided into small states, the largest and most powerful in Prussia. It was able to gain strength through industrializing faster than other countries.