French Revolution and Napoleon Bonaparte

  • Jean-Paul Marat was born.

    Jean-Paul Marat was born.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte is born.

    Napoleon Bonaparte is born.
  • The Old Order

    The Old Order
    In the 1770s, the social and polytical system of France, the Old Regime, remained in place. Under this system, the people of France were divided into three large social classes, or estates.
  • Sanked deeply into debt.

    Sanked deeply into debt.
    During the 1770s and 1780s, France's government sank deeply into debt.
  • Economic Troubles and Bad Weather Causes Widespread Crop Failures

    Economic Troubles and Bad Weather Causes Widespread Crop Failures
    By the 1780s, France's once prosperous economy was in decline. Bad weather in the 1780s caused widspread crop failures, resulting in a severe shortage of grain.
  • Napoleon finished school.

    Napoleon finished school.
    At the age age of 16, Napoleon finished school and became a lietenant in the artillery.
  • Price of Bread Doubled

    Price of Bread Doubled
    The price of bread doubled so many people faced starvation.
  • Loss of American Territoriees

  • Estates General

    Estates General
    The meeting, the first in 175 years, was held on May 5, 1789, at Versailles.
  • Tennis Court Oath

    Tennis Court Oath
    The Third Estate delegates found themselves locked out of their meeting rooms. They broke down a door to an indoor tennis court, pledging to stay until they had drawn up new constitution.
  • Storming the Bastille

    Storming the Bastille
    A mob searching for gunpowder and arms stormed the Bastille.
  • National Assembly

    National Assembly
    Third Estate delegates voted to establish the National Assembly, in effect proclaiming the end of the absolute monarchy and the beginning of the representative government.
  • The Assembly Reforms France

    The Assembly Reforms France
    Throughtout the night, nobelmen made grand speeches. declaring their love of liberty and equality.
  • Thousands of Woman Rioted

    Thousands of Woman Rioted
    Thousands of Parisian women rioted over the rising price of bread.
  • Divisions Develop

    By 1791, the delegates had made significant changes in France's government and society.
  • Louis Tries to Escape

    Louis Tries to Escape
    The royal family tries to escape from France to the Austrian Netherlands.
  • A Limited Monarchy

    The National Assembly completed the new constitution, which Louis reluctantly approved.
  • National Convection

  • Legislative Assembly responded by declarin war.

  • France at War

    Prussian forces were advancing to Paris.
  • Men and Woman invade the Tuileries.

    Men and Woman invade the Tuileries.
    About 20,000 men and women invade the tuileries, the palace where the royal famaly was staying.
  • Jacobin leader, Maximilien Robespierre, slowly gained power.

    Jacobin leader, Maximilien Robespierre, slowly gained power.
  • King Louis XVI was killed on the guillotine.

    King Louis XVI was killed on the guillotine.
  • Robespierre as leader.

    Robespierre as leader.
    Robespierre became the leader of the Committe of Publi Safety. For the next year, he governed France virtually as a dictator, and the period of his rule became known as the Reign of Terror.
  • Jean-Paul Marat was killed.

    Jean-Paul Marat was killed.
  • Marie Antoinette is killed in the guillotine.

    Marie Antoinette is killed in the guillotine.
  • End of the Terror

    Fearing for their own safety, some members of the National Convention turned on Robespierre. They demanded his arrest and execution.
  • End of the Terror

    End of the Terror
    The Reing of Terror, the radical phase of the French Revolution, ended, when Robespierre went to the guillotine.
  • Hero of the Hour

    Hero of the Hour
    Whe royalist rebels marched on the National Convention, a government official told Napoleon to defend the delegates. Napoleon and his gunners greeted the thousands of royalist whith a cannonade. Whithin minutes, the attafled in panic and confusion. Napoleon Bonaparte ecame the hero of the hour and was hailed throughtout Paris as the savior of French Republi.
  • Napoleon as leader.

    Napoleon as leader.
    The directory apointed Napoleon to lead a French army against the forces of Austria and the Kingdom of Sardina.
  • Directory had lost control of the political situation

  • France still at war.

    Britain, Austria, and Russia joined forces whith one goal in mind, to drive Napoleon from power.
  • Napoleon takes action.

    Napoleon takes action.
    Troops under his command surrounded the national legislature and drove out most of its members.
  • Napoleon Rules France

    Napoleon Rules France
    Desperate for strong leadership, the people voted overwhelmingly in favor of the contitucion. This gave all real power to Napoleon as first consul.
  • Napoleon decides to take back the colony.

    He wants to restore its productive sugar industry. However, the french forces were devastated by disease. And the rebels proved to be fierce fighters.
  • Peacetime

    Europe was in peacetime for the first time in 10 years , Napoleon was free to focus his energies on restoring order in France.
  • Napoleon sold the Louisiana territory to the United States.

  • Napoleon Crowned as Emperor

    Napoleon Crowned as Emperor
    Napoleon decided to make himself emperor, and the french voters supported him.
  • Napoleon Crowned himself.

    Napoleon Crowned himself.
    As the thousands watched, the new emperor took the crown from the pope an placed it on his own head. With this gesture, Napoleon signaled that he was more powerful than the Church, which had traditionally crowned the rulers of France.
  • The Battle of Trafalgar.

    The Battle of Trafalgar.
  • The continetal system

    Napoleon set up a blockade forcible closing ports to precent all trade and communication between Great Britain and other European Nations.
  • The Peninsula War

  • The Invasion of Russia

    Napoleon most disastrous mistake.
  • Napoleon Marched to Russia.

  • Battle of Borodino

  • Napoleon and his army went back home with bad news.

  • Napoleon suffer defeat.

    He faced the allied armies of the European powers outside the German city of Leipzig.
  • Congres of Vienna

  • Napoleon gives up his throne.

    Napoleon gives up his throne.
  • Allied armies were pushing steadily towar paris.

  • Holly Alliance

    Holly Alliance
  • Napoleon scapes from Elba.

    Napoleon scapes from Elba.
    Within days in France, Napoleon was back as emperor.
  • Napoleon Dies.

    Napoleon Dies.