Napoleon 11

Napoleon Dynamite

By 1029906
  • exposition 1

    exposition 1
    Napoleon gets on the bus and a kid asks him what hes going to do today and napoleon says whatever I want gosh! Then he puts his toy figure out the window
  • exposrition 2

    exposrition 2
    Napoleon performs in the happy hands group in front of a class.
  • exposition 3

    exposition 3
    Napoleon doesn't feel good and calls his brother and asked if he can get picked up but his brother said no.
  • expositon 4

    expositon 4
    Napoleon is walking through the hall and is introduced to pedro by the school principle.
  • exposition 5

    Napoleon and Pedro go out after school to see Pedros bike and then go and do a little jump with a cinderblock and a piece of wood
  • exposition 6

    Napoleon Hears that his grandma got hurt on a date in the dunes and that his uncle Rico is coming to baby sit him and his brother.
  • exposition 7

    Napoleon is at his house and a weird girl is at the door asking if he wants to buy lanyards she made and he very awkwardly stands there, she drops the box and runs away Napopleon takes the box and goes inside.
  • exposition 8

    Napoleon goes to lunch with pedro and asked for his tots and puts his tots in his pocket.
  • exposition 9

    Napoleon is in class and is eating his tots and a guy asks him for his tots and napoleon said no so the kid smashed his tots.
  • exposition 10

    Napoleon is at lunch with pedro and he points at the girl who dropped thelanyards off at is house and she waves at them.
  • rising action 11

    Pedro tells Napoleon that he likes Summer and how he will ask her to the dance.
  • rising action 12

    rising action 12
    Pedro drops a cake off at her house and he leaves a note for her to give back to him.
  • rising action 13

    Napoleon finds who he wants to take to the dance.
  • rising action 14

    Napoleons uncle and brother are going around selling plastic containers for food.
  • Rising action 15

    Pedro is not at school and Napoleon gets a note from Summer's friend and it says no.
  • rising action 16

    Napoleon figures out a way to ask Summer's friend to the dance by drawing a picture and at the same time his uncle Rico is working on a deal with her mom, and says embarrising things about napoleon that aren't true to try to make a sell.
  • Climax 17

    Pedro decides that hes going to run for office and try to be come the class president.
  • rising action 18

    Napoleon drew a picture for the girl he asking to the dance and then ask. Her mom got the note and gave it to her and she doesnt want to go with him.
  • climax 19

    Pedro asks the awkward girl to the dance and she said yes her name is Deb
  • rising action 20

    Uncle Rico and Napoleon's brother go to Deb to get I.D's to make themselves look more proffesional than they use to for selling tupperwear
  • rising action 21

    rising action 21
    Pedro gets his capaign posters going and Napoleon gives him the lanyards to pass out when he says vote for Pedro to people at school.
  • rising action 22

    Napoleon sees a nerd getting beat up by a jock and after the jock leaves he tells him if he votes for Pedro he will not get beat up and have protection.
  • rising action 23

    The jock tries to take the nerds bike after school and Pedros cousins come up in there low rider and the kid runs away and leaves the kid alone.
  • climax 24

    The girl Napoleon asked to the dance is forced by her mom to go to the school dance with him but she doesn't like it.
  • rising action 25

    Napoleon goes suit shopping with Pedro and he picks out a girl suit.
  • rising action 26

    Napoleon goes with his ucle Rico to a sale so he can pick up his date for the school dance but he gets mad and leaves Rico and runs to try to get to her house then Pedro's cousins came and picked him up to take him to his dates house.
  • climax 27

    Napoleon goes to the dance with her and goes to the bathroom and she leaves when he goes and then he goes to hangout with Pedro and Deb.
  • climax 28

    Napoleon's brother gets his girl friend from the internet to take the bus out to visit him and he thought she was white with blonde hair but she comes out of the bus and is black and her name is Lafawanda.
  • rising action 29

    Napoleon gets a dance mix tape from his brothers girl friend because he was dancing earlier and was still sweaty .
  • rising action 30

    Napoleon's uncle Rico is obssed with his high school football career and always wants to go back and he bought a time machien off the internet to go back and it doesn't work out at all.
  • rising action 1

    Napoleon's uncle Rico is trying to get girls to get boob jobs and tells Deb that Napoleon told him to give her a flyer so she doesn't want to be friends with him or talk to him.
  • rising action 2

    rising action 2
    Napoleon is at school and the president speeches are that day and Pedro didn't have a performance. So Napoleon dances in front of the whole school for Pedro.
  • climax 3

    climax 3
    Napoleon dancing has a standing ovation because he has sweet dance moves!
  • falling action 4

    falling action 4
    Deb forgives Napoleon at the tether ball pole and palys a game with him.
  • falling action 5

    falling action 5
    Napoleons brother goes on the bus with Lafawanduh and leaves.
  • falling action 6

    Napoleon's Uncle gets kicked out of Napoleons grandmas house.
  • falling action 7

    Napoleon is happy that Rico leaved because Rico was not nice to him at all.
  • falling action 8

    falling action 8
    Uncle Rico meets a girl that walks up to him while he is filming his throwing.
  • falling action 9

    Napoleon's grandma pets her alpaca and feeds it.
  • falling action

    Napoleon goes back to living his normal day to day life