Tyler's Time Line

Timeline created by Trfeldman
  • BABY

    From stories I've heard, I was a happy baby always smiling always happy. As a child, I was hitting my head on everything, the floor, the wall, my bedpost, the dinner table and pretty much anything else that was within my head rage.
  • Childhood

    In my childhood, I enjoyed the simple things. Such as playing sports, going to Royals game, attending school with my friends, building giant star war lego sets and watching movies with my family.
  • Early Middle School Years

    Early Middle School Years
    In 6th and early seventh grade, my life was filled with the ignorant bliss that filled most children. Halloween was still relevant, and girls still had cooties. Sports were still a big part of my life, basketball and baseball were my favorite.
  • Eighth Grade

    Eighth Grade
    In Eighth grade, I had an eye-opening experience, one of my good friends had been diagnosed with bone cancer. This was one of the first major difficulty that I experienced. Also, this was the first year I had to study and work somewhat hard at school. Before that, I was at the top of the class in math, however, I got my first B that year, which didn't go over well with my parents. I also played basketball for my middle and did high jump for the track.
  • Moving Schools

    Moving Schools
    I moved to Southwest because my friend group at Pleasant ridge wasn't spectacular and my school had an entire underground study drug gang. I simply didn't enjoy that certain class of children,
  • Freshman Year

    Freshman Year
    I made a lot of new friends and new experiences during freshman year. I went to my first dance and first highschool football game. I enjoyed my new friend group a lot more than my old friends at Blue Valley West. I played basketball for the school and did debate. I also destroyed my Mcl at a trampoline park.
  • Early Sophomore Year

    Early Sophomore Year
    At the beginning of my sophomore year, I was enjoying life, all of my friends genuinely liked each other, my grades were doing really well. I went to homecoming again and had an even better time. I had my first kiss which is neat and went to worlds of fun for the first time.
  • Late Sophomore year

    Late Sophomore year
    This time period was probably the worse of my life. It started with me getting cut from the basketball team. Next, it was my grandpa dying, sending my mom into a depressive spiral. After this, my grades started to slowly slip from As and Bs to Bs and Ds. And on March 22nd I lost one of my good friends to cancer. After this life simply had no meaning, sports, family, friends, school, weights none of it mattered to me anymore. I felt like a human shell. Empty, vapid, lifeless.
  • How have life events shaped me

    How have life events shaped me
    Well for starters I don't really look on the positive side too often, one because I have bad anxiety and two because past events that have molded me. However, I am not a bleak person; I would say I am a well versed, realistic human being. Due to me being a super happy child, so some of that carried over into my older self. Participating in sports throughout my childhood has made me energetic and competitive.
  • Part2

    If Gavin didn't die when he did or at all, I would be a lot more positive, I don't think my future is super concrete, I'm an unpredictable person. But I really want to work with genes when I grow up and that has been a constant for the past couple of years so we will see where that takes me.