2013 clip art

Tyler P.

By ghe5
  • New years

    My first all nighter, I got to see the big ball drop in New York Time Square on tv at 12:00am.
  • My dad's b-day!!!

    We were at my grandparents house eating a double chocolate ice cream cake, with wipped cream!!! It was good!
  • my verry happy b-day!

    woooo!!! My 10th birthday I Igot my I pod touch and we had a cocolate fudge brownie cake. we hade a fudgie good time!!
  • A new addition

    I got my 12week old lab puppy and named him Crosby. He was very loving. Best dog ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • it's the 4th of july! and raining :{

    It was very rainy so there were no fireworks. I tried to find other entertainment, until I gave up and went to bed.
  • mom's b-day

    Can't forget mom's birthday at my grandparents house with a plain cake for once!
  • dog dies :[[[[[[[[[

    It was was very sad but unfortunately my little puupy died due to a heart disease.
  • ironman jon!

    Dad crosses the finish line of the lake placid N.Y iron man with a time of 12:30considering he had to swim 2.1 miles bike 112 miles and run a full marathon! that's a great time!!!!!
  • last but not least

    We celebrationit a our house sicse it was raining. My friend and I directed games for the little ones. Yes i'm the one talking!