Tyler Gibson period 8

  • My birthdate

    I was born in the Brandon hospital, I was born a week early, I was 6.5 pounds.
  • Period: to

    Tyler Gibson

  • Mom and dad divorced

    My mom left when i was only a few months old leaving my dad with two three month olds to take care of while he had to go to work in tampa.
  • New mom

    Dawn Bradbury married my dad and i got three new brothers and 1 sister
  • My first trip to Penn to visit family

    i got to see my family for the first time
  • first day of school

    My first day of school, Crystal lake elemeterary
  • Camp Gilead first time

    My first time to Camp Gilead, a christian camp where i was saved.
  • Niagara Falls

    i went to Niagara falls and it was amazingly beutiful!
  • Aunt Kim gets married

    while i was in new york i went to my Aunts wedding
  • Aunt Marva dies

    at 8 am today my aunt marva dies i hadnt see her in 5 years
  • Pennsilvainia

    I fell at the picnic and gouged a hole in my knee
  • pennsilvaina for my birthday

    we got to stay in a hotel that used to be a mansion, and got to go to see new river gorge