Traditional and New Media Exposure (Zyron Jamero)

Timeline created by BernersLee123
  • Radio

    My mother always saying that since I was a baby it's my hobby to listening to radio.
  • Television

    Since I'm a kid every morning I always watching a funny Cartoons like Tom and Jerry.
  • Telephone

    When I'm staying on my aunt house because of my parents work. I'm always using their telephone to call my parents.
  • Newspaper

    My grandfather always reading a newspaper and he always letting me play the Sudoku.
  • MP3

    On my 6th birthday my parent gifted me a MP3 to listen some music.
  • DVD Player

    DVD Player
    When my parents bought a DVD player. I always buying some cartoon CD for it.
  • Computer

    Since I enter high school with my friends we visit some computer cafe to play some games.
  • Laptop and Printer

    Laptop and Printer
    My parent bought it for our school activities that need to be pass on printed.
  • Smart Phone

    Smart Phone
    On my 11th birthday my parent gifted me a smart phone to use on school.
  • Social Media

    Social Media
    When I had my first phone I always use some social media to communicate to my friends and to know the latest news.