Top Ten Events

  • Revolutionary War

    The Revolutionary War showed Britian how strong we were. It told many people they have a say. It said things do not have to stay in a certain order, that the order could be changed.
  • Writing of the Constitution

    This document keeps enough order so that we stay as one nation. It gives people something to live by. This country can run efficiently because the Constitution give basic rules that everyone follows.
  • Civil War

    The Civil War may have destoyed many lives but I feel the out come of the war made us much stronger. Without slavery dividing our views we can look to the future and work together. This war allowed us to solve a huge problem and become one nation.
  • WWI

    Once again a war has shown how strong we are. Many men left their lives so save the ones back home and that bravery needs to be honored. WWI made our security much higher and we became a safty first country.
  • Great Depression

    This event shead light on how hard you need to work to stay out of a rut. This also tells how much we depend on other countries and how they depend on us. I think we learned greater repect for all countries, even the small ones.
  • WWII

    WWII shaped how we think of people around us. Makes us be glad for who we have. It really shows that you can't descriminate people because someone could come along and take it farther. It also tells me to stay on my side of the line, don't try to take over and things will be alright.
  • The Assassination of JFK

    This eventreally startled many americans. For the most part JFK was a loved president. He could have done great things for this country but that chance was cut shot.
  • Apollo 11 Landing

    I think the Apollo mission gave people something to believe in. It opened up the U.S. to many jobs in the sience field. Not to mention the countless kids who would dream about being an astronaut and setting high goals for themselves.
  • Twin Towers

    This tramatic time for America lead many together to try and help the families that lost a loved one. It just shows how caring people can be even if they don't know you. I feel this is part of being an American.
  • 1st African American President

    I feel this is a leap forward beacuse of segregated. It truly shows how much we have grown. Not to mention the ture equality it displays.