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Elizabeth & Tom

  • Their first date...

    Their first date...
    Elizabeth & Tom meet 1/2 way at JC Cove in Freeport. She wore a green denim jacket and white blouse with a scarf. He wore a blue Nautica shirt.
  • Period: to

    From start to well, the next step.

    We are really excited to make you part of the start to our life together... Well, it isn't the start, it's like a new start. The start happened here. Here are a few stories you might have heard or haven't heard about us.
  • Me and my minion!

    Me and my minion!
    The Starke family has vacations every year to Virginia Beach. This a photo of one of the Incredible Me minions. We never went to see the movie. She did get me the DVD. It was awesome.
  • Their first concert - John Mayer, Jones Beach

    Their first concert - John Mayer, Jones Beach
    1) Vultures
    2) Clarity
    3) Why Georgia
    4) Heartbreak Warfare -Dave Matthews Band Cover
    5) Ain't No Sunshine (Bill Withers Cover)
    6) Heartbreak Warfare
    7) Perfectly Lonely
    8) Covered in Rain
    9) Gravity
    10) Who Says *into 11
    11) Empire State of Mind
    12) Waiting on the World to Change
    13) Do You Know Me
    14) Raspberry Beret -Prince Cover
    15) Oh Sherrie
    17) Half of my Heart
    18) Don't Stop Believin' -Journey Cover
    19) Your Body is a Wonderland
    20) In Your Atmosphere
    21) Edge of Desire
  • Central Park/NYC/Empire State Building Visit with the Guida family in NYC

    Central Park/NYC/Empire State Building Visit with the Guida family in NYC
    I thought it was a good chance for her to meet some of the "FAMILY"... lol. Perhaps it was too soon, but chances to share family like this don't come every day and I needed to share this with her. We went to St. Patrick's Cathedral, Trump Towers, Central Park and to the top of the Empire State building with the Loucks family, the Guida family and Maria Bettua. It really was a beautiful day.
  • Tanger Outlets

    Tanger Outlets
    I wanted to show her what I did. We went to dinner at Miller's Ale House, then went for a walk in Tanger's Outlet center to show her the work my company did at the outlet center. (we made the stone for the walls and the stone for the planter she's standing on) We stopped on Via Roma - the street in Napoli where my Mother's family is from. We had a very fun time. The picture is priceless to me.
  • Haloween 2010 - Friends go for a walk in Caumsett State Park

    Haloween 2010 - Friends go for a walk in Caumsett State Park
    We had taken a break from dating, but I wanted to take for to the park for a walk as "friends". Yeah - right, FRIENDS. Like that ever happens...
  • Zoe Breaks a leg...

    Zoe Breaks a leg...
    On a final run through Jerry's yard, Thanksgiving weekend 2011, Zoe stumbled and ended up breaking her leg. I dind't realize it until the ferrry ride home. Liz helped me find a vet for Zoe that night who would see her immediately and stayed up all night in the busy emergency office while Zoe was looked at. Zoe ate her cast 3 days later. Zoe is fine and loves to run and play still.
  • New York City Christmas outting

    New York City Christmas outting
    FAO SCHWARTZWhen we met, we went to the city when we could - now we save for weddings and work our butts off. We hope to return to this love of ours - New York City - one day. On a particular night we met for an evening out. Starting at Dylan's Candy Bar, walking all over and stopping in at FAO Schwartz for my first time, I took this photo watching the LEGO Santa goose my girlfriend. BAD SANTA! BAD, BAD SANTA!!
  • Moustache Monday's at Pancho's

    Moustache Monday's at Pancho's
    Wear a moustache, get a free dessert! A date at a local mexican restaurant in Oceanside, NY.
  • Kat & Ed's Engagement party cupcake...

    Kat & Ed's Engagement party cupcake...
    You didn't see the photos of the little cupcakes, but this ginormous cupcake was made by Elizabeth along with the chocolate butterflies from SCRATCH... It was tasty. Very tasty. Yes, that is a dinner plate the cupcake is on.
  • Tom's Birthday weekend 2011...

    Tom's Birthday weekend 2011...
    EATALYMaria Bettua was in NYC , giving presentations to people a week before Tom's Birthday. Tom and Liz went to see her for a walk through the FASHION district... seeking wedding dress for Jerry's wedding. They ended up going to about 50 BEAD SHOPS looking at baubles while having lunch at EATALY - Mario Battali's Italian Market in the Flatiron District. It was an awesome day, capped off by a night time stop at Bryant Park's fountain.
  • Easter Dinner 2011

    Easter Dinner 2011
    Elizabeth made some Ribbon cookies with her grandmother and cousin. They were AWESOME. Unbelievable. It was at this point that I realized that I was in the midst of an exceptional baker, someone beyond duncan hines, cupcakes or any simple old cakepan cook. This is one of the most difficult cookies to make - lots of rolling, time and well, people simply don't make them because they are a pain in the... well. She did. They tasted awesome.
  • Tom gets out of the Boston Hospital! First Stop, Mike's Pastries!

    Tom gets out of the Boston Hospital! First Stop, Mike's Pastries!
    Jerry's Bachelor party was a great time. Fishing and fun. Afterwards, it wasn't quite what I expected and incurred a week stay overlooking Fenway park from my HOSPITAL BED while healing from a very serious skin infection in my face! (this happened before the trip - I would have gone to the doc - but the boat was booked, hence the hospital) Elizabeth came to the rescue, dropped her things and came to Boston to be by my side while I healed up. Seriously - a great time I will never forget.
  • Mt. Sinai to Pt. Jefferson Run with Starke Naked

    Mt. Sinai to Pt. Jefferson Run with Starke Naked
    On this day, the Starke family took everyone out for a boat ride from Mount Siani into Port Jefferson for a little bit of Frozen Yogurt. It was a fun outting. We saw a gorgeous sunset that night and had a fun time on the boat together. Yes. I spilled yogurt on my shirt.
  • Free Slurpee Day for Zoe!

    Free Slurpee Day for Zoe!
    We can't forget our dog... Zoe! Here she is in the Jeep having her free 7-11 Slurpee on July 11, 2012!
  • They go to the wedding of Melissa & Jerry Bettua

    They go to the wedding of Melissa & Jerry Bettua
  • Tom meets Derrick Coleman!!!

    Tom meets Derrick Coleman!!!
    The only reason for this entry is because I am an S.U. fan. While at the annual Rutger's game my colleague invited me to, I spotted this towering figure from across the stadium. He was wearing a 'cuse sweater. I knew instantly it was D.C. I chased him down - overjoyed like a 10 year old kid catching Santa leave the bicycle under the Christmas tree. I reminded him of the time we met in 6th (1987) grade at St. Margaret's - he said he didn't remember, but he would definitely remember this one!
  • A Day in Greenport, NY

    A Day in Greenport, NY
    We love this little town found on our many trips off of Long Island through Orient Point. One of the last little villages on Long Island is named Greenport. We love this place. It's quaint, fun, full of neat art jewelry shops, galleries and eateries. It's just a neat place to visit. On the way home that night, we ran into a couple taking photos of the beautiful sunset. We exchanged phones to take pics. This was the result of our great exchange!
  • New Year's Visit to Mystic, CT

    New Year's Visit to Mystic, CT
    Getting together over the Holidays was tough this year. We met up with Dad (Bettua), Melissa and Jerry Bettua on January 5 in Mystic, CT for a little lunch and some outting time. This was a great place to meet up about 1/2 way between us in Long Island and Jerry and Melissa in CT.
  • We go see Grandma & Taylor in CT.

    We go see Grandma & Taylor in CT.
    We went to Connecticut, to meet Taylor Loucks for the first time. After a great day and dinner with family at the (Grandparents)Loucks home, we went to see (Taylor's Great) Grandma at her place where we all had a little fun together. It was a beautiful day.
  • Daytona Day - 2012

    Daytona Day - 2012
    Daytona Day is the race day, opening the Sprint Cup series every year. The Starke family has a day to get family together and enjoy one of the great american past times - hanging out with family, eating good food and snacks and watching the race of course! GO DENNY HAMLIN! FED EX!! (Yeah Jerry, I am a follower of Denny - two reasons - one is his first name - the same as my high school late night hangout, the second is he works for the company you do... lol)
  • Engaged on the Train - nothing like Snakes on a Plane

    Engaged on the Train - nothing like Snakes on a Plane
    The Christmas gift from Ron and Nancy StarkeOn a trip into the city, the right moment presented itself to Tom and he fumbled for the ring in his pocket, which he knew was there, but was afraid it somehow mysteriously disappeared... Luckily... Moments later, he had a happily convulsing Elizabeth in his arms with a shiny new ring on her finger.
  • A family reunion of sorts...

    A family reunion of sorts...
    On March 11, 2012, at Aunt Silvana's house, the Viva's, Loucks', Bettuas and Coppoolas got together. It was the first time many got to meet Taylor, it was the first time the Viva family visited the Loucks home and the first time since I lived in Ross Park - Syracuse, NY that I recall us all breaking bread for no damn good reason except to enjoy each other's company. Nonna and Grandma sat and watched their families together all grown up and not grown up at all, all at the same time.
  • Grand Opening - Thundedrbikes LI

    Grand Opening - Thundedrbikes LI
    Thunderbikes LIhad a Grand opening celebration. We both were in attendance, but so busy between family and helping out, we didn't get any photos together. Here is a photo with my stunt double Ron Starke Sr. His hair is computer edited in all my stunts so as to not give away the fact that he has tons of hair and I am bald as a baby's bottom. My family came from CT, MA and NY. Liz had her family all there from Long Island. Fun was had by all. Even the Bikers.
  • The Engagement Party

    The Engagement Party
    We had a great time at the Starke house for our engagement - where everyone pitched in. Backyard, family and friends. Friends and family travelled in from out of town to be with us to celebrate the festivities to come. It was perfect... The rain had scared us, but a sunny day came to save one of the best events of the summer.
  • Old Field Point Lighthouse

    Old Field Point Lighthouse
    Old Field Point Lighthouse was where Elizabeth and I shared one of those great Long Island summer days taking some quick shots to remember some moments.
  • ZOE!

    Yep. Our dog. She is here enjoying her free Slurpee on 7/11 from 7/11 between 7 AM and 11 PM... (that's when they are free every year). DELICIOUS. She had to make an appearance. We went to get ours and Zoe got the flavor we didn't like. I don't remember what it was, but Zoe loved it.
  • Yankees Vs. BlueJays

    Yankees Vs. BlueJays
    We went to a Yankee game today... On the way there with Mom & Dad Starke, Elizabeth received a phone call from Sarah - her long time friend. "Liz, I know it's a long shot, but are you going to the game today?" About 1.5 hours later, this photo was taken in Yankee Hall at Yankee Stadium. It was a great day. The Yankees won and Nick Swisher played a hell of a game - we had some good seats and Elizabeth was excited to watch him do his best.
  • Terryville FD Field Day

    Terryville FD Field Day
    Terryville Fire Department CarnivalElizabeth and I go to the Field Days in Terryville. It was fun! I tried my first deep fried Oreo. PASS. It ended with us sitting in the Parking Lot of THUNDERBIKES LI - her father's Bike Shop - with perhaps the closest view I've ever had to a local fireworks show. What a great night.
  • Ronald & Domenica Starke Get Married

    Ronald & Domenica Starke Get Married
    We partied till the breaka breaka dawn with family and friends. It was a great time with the lovely couple and tons of people who we were lucky enough to spend the day with. It was truly special and secretly, between us, a preview of the good times to come. We were so happy to see Ronald and Domenica start their journey together. Here is a candid shot of Elizabeth down in Port Jefferson. I'm on the other side of the camera... :)
  • Bryant Park Christmas

    Bryant Park Christmas
    Elizabeth and I stop in one of my two favorite parks in New York City. Christmas in Bryant Park is where it's at. Great pic this year!
  • Me at 1:51 AM making my last update to this timeline... but I might just keep it going... :)

    Me at 1:51 AM making my last update to this timeline... but I might just keep it going... :)
    Listening to Ironically, Bach's Canata BVW 147 "Herz un mund un tat un Lieben" or "Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring"... It's a song that popped up from my top 100 Classical Songs that I bought from iTunes. It really is beautiful. Whoa. I hope we use this one in the wedding. I know you've all heard it. Rather IRONIC!! :) See you at the wedding!
  • Wedding Day (Starke/Bettua Nuptual Ceremony - Sound Beach, NY)

    Wedding Day (Starke/Bettua Nuptual Ceremony - Sound Beach, NY)
    Be here, or well, be at some other place without the coolest gathering of 2013.