Big Production

  • Tumblr Created!

    Tumblr Created!
    Our tumblr (www.slipperywhenwetmedia.tumblr.com) was created today and we'd cast 2 actors to star in our Small, we has also prepared props and costumes for them, Chloe had also written a script for it.
  • Period: to

    Production Timeline

    This timeline shows our journey through the productions we've made this year, focusing mainly on our Big production, it will chart each stage of the production from pre to post-production.
    • Ashley
  • Small is Finished!!

    This is our finished Small we made, it's called Russian Roulette, I've attached a link to the video in this post.
  • Small Overview

    To edit our Small we used Final Cut Pro and mainly had no problems, our only problems were: 1) Rendering our clips and credits as none of us had used the program before and 2) Sound - Finding music and balancing audio of dialogue and music.
  • Small done and dusted! Start on Big!

    Small done and dusted! Start on Big!
    We've finished our Small and have started our Big, we've started researching a range of different film openings consisting of just over 2 minutes. The openings we looked at were: 1) The Shining: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgCejsyS0t8 2) The Machinist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6PIVMtmUjk 3) Mullholland Drive: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jl7Ji5aMcQg 4) No Country For Old Men: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U44o6hnvMmg
    As you can see I've attached a link so you can watch each opening.
  • Key Features to a Film Opening

    Key Features to a Film Opening
    Here we've outlined key features the a film opening, we've taken these key features from various film openings we've watched!
  • Plot and Genre Established!

    A breakthrough!! We've today come up with the plot and genre of our film, we'd decided to do an action film and our opening will be based around a man being chased by a group of men, this chase will involve parkour.
  • Costume Ideas

    Costume Ideas
    We're slowly piecing together our Big and today we've discussed costume ideas! We've decided to use suits to dress our runners but I've raised a concern about the cost as suits aren't cheap but we'll see what happens! I suggested we could just dress the men in smart white shirt and black trousers which would be more cost effective and still look smart and cool!
  • Parkour Research (Parkour in Films)

    This is a look at Parkour in films I've linked a couple of clips!
    Parkour in Films: 1) District 13 2) Casino Royale
  • Location - CHECK!

    Location - CHECK!
    We've decided where we will set our film opening, it will be set in Weston Zoyland Airfield, we think this looks like a great place to shoot our film! Attached is a picture of the outside and inside of the location.
  • Production Meeting

    Here we recorded a Production Meeting in which we discussed aspects and brainstormed ideas for our opening!
  • Parkour Videos on YouTube

    I looked at two Free-Running videos to which I've added links to here, they were the Tempest Free-Running academy promotion and an amateur Assassins Creed video which were both great, the parkour and shots are particularly good!
  • Credit Sequence Analysis

    Here's a video I made analysing a number of credit sequences!
  • Big Plot Draft

    Our Big follows an as of yet unnamed character as he tries to survive an endless number of attempts to kill him by an evil organisation. Having lived a normal life up until now the main character will have to fight off enemies from the future and prevent their plans to gain control of the world.
  • Job Roles

    Job Roles
    Here is a list of the job roles each of us has been nominated to do!
  • Location Recce Complete!

    Location Recce Complete!
    Today Chris completed the location recce highlighting no major problems and getting a couple of excellent photos! Here is just one of the images!
  • Big Pitch and Feedback!

    Here's the video link to our Big Pitch and our Feedback
  • Risk Assessment - DONE!

    Today me and Chris completed the Risk Assessment of our location!
  • Opening Credits: Sound and Titles Analysis

    Today we looked at Catch Me If You Can and analysed two aspects of Sound and Titles, this gave us an insight into how they work and how we can replicate the success of this sequence.

    Today we booked our equipment for the weekend of 1st and 2nd December and we will return it on 3rd December,
    We've hired a camera, tripod and fig-rig.
  • Casting Details

    We had 8 applicants for our opening with it being a mix of male and females but we could only cast 1 due to cost, her name is Roslyn Riley, we are extremely pleased to be able to have her on board.
  • Script, Storyboard and Shot List are ready!

    Chloe has created ascript, storyboard and shot list
    I think she's done a great job!
  • Shoot Schedule!

    Shoot Schedule!
    Here's our schedule for our shoot!
  • A huge setback!

    We had originally planned to shoot our opening on Sunday 2nd December but at 8.55pm on Saturday 1st December the Free-Runners we'd cast in our film had to cancel because of illness but with it being such late notice we could not recast so we plan to shoot next weekend on either 8th December or 9th December! Hopefully we can get the filming done then!
  • Casting Deja Vu!

    Today we again struggled with a casting problem with the Free-Runners from a different group pulling out due to having no people available which they didn't know at the time of agreeing.
    We then tried to contact Jacob, our Free-Running contact from next week but at such late notice they couldn't come and shoot.
    In an urgent group meeting that night we all came to the decision that me and Chris should be in our film.
  • Shooting Complete!

    Today we started the shooting with me and Chris acting alongside Roslyn, our Free-Running ability is limited but I don't see this being too much of a problem as we can just run.
    Roslyn and our location turned out to be HUGE assets to our production and in the end it all went very well!
    We now need to edit our film!
  • Into The Edit Suite!

    Today we transferred all of our footage onto the Apple Mac's so we could start editing, at the end of the day me and Chloe had 2 free hours so we tried to get through a load of the visual aspect, piecing it all together and I felt we've done well.
  • Screening

    Today the screening of our opening will take place, we've planned who will say what and let's hope it goes well!
  • Questionnaire First Look!

    Today we got the chance to have a look at our Questionnair and for the most part our feedback was good, we had some constructive criticism from people that weren't so keen on our opening but it all allows us to improve.
    Overall we can be very pleased with the screening and the feedback we received!
  • Big is Finished!

    Big is Finished!
    Today we finished our Big, in the time since the last event on the timeline we have been converting our feedback into graphs to allow us to look at the feedback more accesibly, we also completed each part of our evaluation and so this is the end of our Big! Thanks for looking,
    Slippery When Wet Productions