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Bar-F1, Austin

  • Arch Grants Executive Summary Submission

    Arch Grants Executive Summary Submission
  • Period: to

    Business Plan Development

    The business plan will never be completely finished, but we will work through 4 versions to put Bar-F1 into the best possible position when we start doing business.
  • Period: to

    Website Development

    Our webspace is crucial to our success, we will work through 4 versions to get the site perfect.
  • Period: to

    Company Video Development

    This video is the most imporantant marketing tool, and will go through 4 versions till we have it perfect.
  • Period: to

    Presentation Development

    We will work through 4 verisons of our presentation to get it just right for investers.
  • Company Video V.1

    Company Video V.1
    Our first company video will not be available to the public.
  • Website V.1

    Website V.1
    Wire frames for the site are drawn up, but the site is not constructed at this point in time.
  • Bar-F1 LLC Formation

    Bar-F1 LLC Formation
    Bar-F1 LLC is the ficticious name we are doing business under. The LLC that is registered with the State of Missouri is filed under the name: Sustainable Infrastructure Consulting LLC
  • Race Track Gambling License

    Race Track Gambling License
    Application of a Race Track Gambling License
  • Company Video V.2

    Company Video V.2
    This video will effectively present the full capability of the Remote-Operated Scaled Vehicle Racing Simulation System. An introduction to Bar-F1 Austin will be included in this video.
  • Website V.2

    Website V.2
    This site will contain; the demonstration video, this timeline, our presentation slides, and our business plan.
  • Presentation V.2

    Presentation V.2
    In the V.2 of our presentation we will include important information about the V.2 demonstration video, website, timeline, and business plan.
  • Business Plan V.2

    Business Plan V.2
    Our V.2 Business Plan will feature updated sections including; executive summary, investment summary, management team, financial projections, marketing strategy, and operations.
  • Business Plan Due for Arch Grant

    Business Plan Due for Arch Grant
    If we make it to the semi-final round, we will recieve the criteria for a 15 page business plan.
  • Company Video V.3

    Company Video V.3
    Company Video V.3 will have; a professional company introduction, technology demonstration, operations summary, financial projections, investment analysis, and a motivational send off.
  • Website V.3

    Website V.3
    Website V.3 will contain updated V.3 videos, presentations, and business plan. It will also look more professional, and be more versital.
  • Presentation V.3

    Presentation V.3
    Our V.3 Presentation will include all updated videos, and business plan refinements.
  • Business Plan V.3

    Business Plan V.3
    Our V.3 Business Plan additions will focused on working out the details associated with the investment analysis, and financial projections
  • Company Video V.4

    Company Video V.4
    Company Video V.4 will be our production version, and contain our best work.
  • Website V.4

    Website V.4
    Website V.4 is be our best work
  • Presentation V.4

    Presentation V.4
    Presentation V.4 will exhibit our best work
  • Business Plan V.4

    Business Plan V.4
    Business Plan V.4 will be our best work
  • Arch Grant Awarded

    Arch Grant Awarded
  • Deposit on Restaurant Space

    162 West 6th Street Austin Texas, Agent: Kasey Beasly 512-441-1062
    7500 Sq Ft
    35per Sq Ft Tripple Net
    750 Opperating Costs
  • Blueprints V.1

    We will get bids from several firms and choose the best value for the grant money spent designing the interior of Bar-F1.
  • Alcohol License Application

    Alcohol License Application
    We will use grant funds to start the Alcohol License application process.
  • Texas Business License Application

    Texas Business License Application
    Business Licences application is filled out and sent to the appropriate athorities.
  • Period: to

    Interior Design Development

    Bar-F1 will be the most innovative restaurant in Austin, the interior design of the restaurant will center around the elevated floors and simulation booths.
  • Period: to

    Staff Development

    Management, and hourly wage employee positions will be filled within this time.
  • Period: to

    Mobile Application Development

    We will get bids and hire the firm that offers the most value. We will start will just android and iOS platform mobile application. The app main function is reservations, and notifications.
  • Period: to

    Smart Menu Development

    The Smart Menu, is our food and drink menu that integrates with our digital POS system, Culinary Software, and can be use by our customers through the touchscreen interfaces on the tables and bars. This will be a custom software build.
  • Mobile App V.1

    Construction of our Mobile Application will begin. Features will include: 1.Smart Menu Integration 2.Make a Reservation 3.My Mini GP 3.Calendar 4.Customer Feedback 5.Specials 6.F1 Updates
  • Smart Menu V1.

    Smart Menu V1.
    The construction of our Smart Menu begins. The Smart Menu will feature: Revel POS integration, Microsoft Surface Interface Integration, and ChefTec Integration.
  • Blueprints V.2

    Blueprints V.2 will be a good first edition to how the restaurant will look.
  • Mobile Application V.2

    Our mobile application will be more then half completed at this point.
  • Smart Menu V.2

    Smart Menu V.2
    Our Smart Menu V.2 will be more then half completed by this point.
  • Investment Funds Arrive

    Investment Funds Arrive
    Total of 2.7 Million, 5 Investments of $540,000 each.
  • Finalized Blueprints

    Blueprints are signed off by the appropriate professionals as ready for construction.
  • Construction Begins

    Construction Begins
    Funding, and planning stages are completed.
  • Period: to

    Interior Contruction

    First the track and glass floor is installed, then the bar, dining room, and kitchen is customized
  • Period: to

    Staff Training

    All staff positions are filled and our training program begins.
  • Mobile Application V.3

    Mobile Application goes live to the platform app stores we choose.
  • Smart Menu V.3

    Smart Menu V.3
    Smart Menu V.3 is tested and works everytime.
  • Jamison Electric Delivers Track and Simulator Equipment

    Delivery and Installation of the Remote-Operated Scaled Vehicle Simlulator is executed.
  • Period: to

    Interior Setup

    Install Equipment, Stock Kitchen, Move-in furnature
  • Alcohol License

    Alcohol License
    Alcohol License arrives
  • Construction Complete

    Construction Complete
    Everything is built and all equipment is installed and the facility is inspected.
  • Soft Opening

    Everything is stocked, installed. moved in, and ready for business
  • Grand Opening

    Grand Opening
    We open our door for business to the general public!