The Hutong

  • Exploration - Meet Nai Nai

    Exploration - Meet Nai Nai
    Mark & Stacey exploring Hutongs - Mark seeking venue for tea house to start with Celestina.
  • 1st Purchase - Pizza Oven

    1st Purchase - Pizza Oven
    Of course we need to test it out with out first pizza party. It was a bargain buy at Beijing's second hand furniture market.and is still going strong.
  • 1st media & TV cameras

    Travel Show - mad rush to get the renovations finished
  • 1st Cooking Class

    1st Cooking Class
    Peruvian Cooking with Sulai
  • Let's do it!!

    Let's do it!!
    Lease signed, time to renovate.
  • What is the Hutong!

    What is the Hutong!
    Mmm, good question ... a Creative Space. At this stage we have no idea what The Hutong will be, but we know that we want a nice open space - a blank canvas. We ask the contractor "Is it possible to knock down these walls.?" We return 2 hours later & they're down!! That must mean the answer is YES :)
  • Pitchfork standoff

  • Stacey moves in

    Stacey moves in
    When The Hutong first opened Stacey lived amongst the kaos. Her bedroom never really looked this tidy, this shot was taken by China's home beautiful magazine
  • 1st Logo

    1st Logo
    Does the silouhette look familiar?
  • Tango Workshop

    Tango Workshop
    First workshop to ever run at The Hutong
  • Doors are open!

    Doors are open!
    The first ever Hutong Open House, we invite Beijingers to come check us out and enjoy free workshops
  • BMW - First Corporate Event

  • 1st Tea Workshop

    1st Tea Workshop
    Huge thanks to Celestina and Cat who furnished our tea house and Celestina for running our first tea workshops. We lost count of the many magical hous we spent tasting the latest pickings. The Tea Journeycontinue sas Mark is now bringing tea to Oz
  • Painting classes

    Painting classes
    Stacey ran a series of painting classes and kicked off our Creative Pursuits programs
  • 1st Hook N Cook

    1st Hook N Cook
    Hook n Cookstarted when Stacey first invited a few friends to The Hutong creative kitchen for a dinner party .. little did her guests know they had to cook their own dinner.
  • Oz Olympic Swimming Team Breakfast

    Giant cereal containers and life size cut outs of Olympic swimmers were seen around The Hutong for months after
  • First Education Program

    BCIS Host Country Week
  • Straight bamboo Clinic

    Stacey's bedroom became Alex Tan's clinic
  • Josh Kernan & Danni Zheng

    Josh Kernan & Danni Zheng
    This Dynamic Duo join the team after a surprise interview process with Stacey & Mark. Josh is now a partner in the business and as manager of our Hutong Education programs ihas grown this area of the Hutong way beyond our wildest dreams.
  • Dumpling Class

  • Life Drawing

    Life Drawing
    A huge thanks to Jason Fitz, who donated the easels and equipment to start our life drawing club. We had a series of fabulous people particpate and run this club
  • Tang Ayi

    Tang Ayi
    Tang Ayi has moved ranks from chief dish washer to head chef and cooks the most delicious Sichuan food you could imagine. Why not choose to have some authentic chinese cuisene for your next event and enjoy the delights of The Hutongcatering service
  • Yunnan Bike Ride

    Yunnan Bike Ride
    Mark Vinnie & Jen went exploring Yunnan and Yunnan Bike Ride. This trip is still one of The Hutongs favs and runs 2 public trips per year and numerous private adn school groups. Heres some photos from our 2015 trip Yunnan 2015 Bike Trip
  • C52

    C52 Chgallenge 52 cuisines in 52 weeks
  • Morgan O'Hara

    Morgan O'Hara
    Communications and Marketing
  • Registered Business Licence

  • BOC Company Acct

  • BCIS Camping Trip

  • Theatrical Walking Tours

  • Fapiao Machine

  • Wendy & Echo Yunnan

  • Google Calendar

    Replace Sophia's little black book
  • New website & newsletter

  • AEA Program

  • Staff Retreat GW

    First Staff Retreat
  • 1st Offiste Schhols Program

    BCIS Rickshaw HOu Hai organised by Jess
  • Morgan becomes GM

    Morgan becomes GM
  • Sophia Nutritionist Certificate

  • 1st Business Trip Devt

  • Joel 1st Catering

  • Kitchen Renovation

  • Nike Event


  • Sophias !st US trip

  • Corp Retreat Shanli

    Dutch Embassy
  • Recipe Organisation

    Format & Filing for receipes introduced
  • !st Multi day Program International Group

    ICEF Rugby + Fundraiser
  • 1st handbook

  • Erin Lee Henshaw

    Erin Lee Henshaw
    Seeking Challenge wherever she goes and bringing good to the world, Erin joined the hutong as Charity event organiser and is resposible for some of The Hutongs most memorable events, amny of which still run today such as Pies and Ales and chifan for charity
  • Ningxia Bike Ride

  • Xian Trip

  • Hutong Office

  • Cookie Monster Charity Bake Off

    Cookie Monster Charity Bake Off
    1 Cheerleader of The Hutong Kristen LumKristen Lum kicked off the first Cookie Monster Charity Bake Off#
  • YCIS Grade 5 class

    Took class to venue - Aussie bloke with the curly hair
  • Via Ferata Team Building

  • Adult Program with ladies in Inner Mongolia

  • Light Project

  • Think N Drink

    Think N Drink
  • Terrace Renovation

  • Handbook Standardisation

  • Wedding Party

  • Maliandao Tour

    Leading the first Maliandoa
  • Yahoo Program

    Corporate Retreat
  • Mr Shen


  • Ist Fujian School Trip

  • largest School Exchange

  • Great Wall HnC

    Great Wall HnC
    Biggest Hook N Cook with Dutch EmbassyGreat Wall HnC Dutch Embassy

  • Tian Xian Yu

    !st full time program
  • Jeffrey Core Values Song

  • ACF Fin Dept 28 Half Woman

  • We chat posts

  • Corporate Calligraphy Workshop

  • CNY Dumpling Psarty

  • 1st Tea Art

    Edu group
  • First Summer camp

  • Harvest Festival

  • Inner Mongolia Corporate Retreat

    German Chamber I
  • Restructure - onsite/ offsite

  • 1st Nansha Arts

    1st Chinese School
  • First Royal Family to visit the Hutong

    Dutch King Queen and 3 Princesses for private event
  • Shanghai Programing

  • Hanoi Rsearch Trip

    1st Non China program
  • Go Game HK

    Go Game HK
    The Hutong team test out our new productGo Game in Hong Kong
  • Staff Retreat Hong Kong

    Staff Retreat Hong Kong
  • Year 2 Multi day program

  • Annette Baking Class

  • Credit Card machine

  • Fashion Activity for Day Programs

  • Reorganinse Departments

  • Corporate Retreats

    Corporate clients data base
  • contract with tourist sights

  • Winter Fayre Committee

  • Shandong Program

  • Staff Retreat in Sth East Asia

  • Hutong 10 Year Reunion Bash

    Stay tuned - we're plannina big one!!