Social studies,from then to now

  • Our first two goals

    Our first two goals
    On the first lesson we talked about goals, we described what our first trimester goals would be and what our yearly goals would be,we then wrote down what our goals were on a long sheet of paper and they later got hung up on the CLEVELOVE wall.
  • Period: to

    Past to present

  • Objectives

    On this day in history we studied the objectives of why we study social studies,why is it important, how will it help you and when will you use social studies and after we studied the objectives,we set our goals for social studies.
  • The 5w's of history

    The 5w's of history
    Later on we learned about the 5W's of history,which is who,what,where,when,why and sometimes how,we then learned about two things called historical empathy,and historical perspective.Historical empathy is the ability to identify someone else's feelings, and historical perspective is a particular evaluation of a situation or facts.
  • C.H.A.N.G.E.S

    After the study of objectives we learned the BIG 7,which is an acronym well know by the name of Mr.Hallowell, and that acronym is C.H.A.N.G.E.S which stands for civics,history,anthropology,economics,and sociology and psychology.
  • A few words

    A few words
    On this glorious day we learned about a few words commonality,diversity,conflict and cooperation,continuity and change,individualism and interdependence,and interactions within different enviorments, later we then wrote the definitions of the words,or phrases.
  • 5 themes of Geography

    5 themes of Geography
    On this day of history we studied the 5 themes of geography,which are location-where?,place-what is it like there,human-enviormental interactions,who lives there,what do they do?,movement-how did they get there?,products ideas,communication,we also learned some vital vocab, such as absolute location,latitude,longitude,relative location,physical features,human features,and region.
  • 4 continents

    4 continents
    On this day in history we learned about 4 different continents,South America,which is the planets 4th largest continent and it includes 12 independent countries,Asia is the 2nd largest continent,the Nile river is contained there,they have 14% of most people,and 54 individual countries,Oceania is the smallest continent,it used to be called Australia,it contains the fewest countries,and sadly has more SHEEP than people! Baaaaaaa!,and lastly Antartica is 8.9% of earth's land and is 98% solid ice!!!
  • 5 regions

    5 regions
    On this day in history we just talked about 5 names the 5 regions, The Northeast,The Southeast,The Midwest,The Southwest,and The West.
  • First Americans

    First Americans
    Most groups have beliefs about where they came from,and only if you were Native american did you have relatives in America long ago,10,000 years ago!For thousands of years did the natives have the american continent to themselves,and the europeans didn't begin to show until a little over 500 years ago,scientists today are still studying the few written things that the first americans left behind.
  • How the natives are adapting to their enviornments

    How the natives are adapting to their enviornments
    Thousands of years later,thei ndigenous spread across both the North and South America.The physical surroundings included land,water,animals,plants,and climate.The indigenous peoples survived by changing their style of living to suit each enviornment,climate,and it's natural resources.Eventually overtime the cultures emerged and natives started developing new cultures,they left using artifacts behind.
  • Christopher Columbus

    Christopher Columbus
    On August 3,1942, Christopher Columbus set sail on the Santa Maria,after 33 days at sea Christopher and his crew finally see land,which was October 12th,1492.He landed on a small island called San Salvador,he claims the island for Spain,and refers to natives as indians.Later,Columbus made 4 trips to the Carribean,each time finding more and more islands,and also finding the continent of South America,and every time he found a new land he claimed it for Spain and he died believing he found Asia!
  • Slavery Appears

    Slavery Appears
    On this day in history we discussed how slavery began to appear,and belive it or not ,the death of the native americans introduced the appearance of african slaves to the Americas.In the late 1400s,european explorers in West Africa were trading guns and other goods for slaves captured by africans.In the 1500s,european slave traders began shipping slaves to the Carribean for sale.
  • Trade

    Eventually people started to trade,and trade is when you buy or sell things within a country or between countries,and some common things they started to trade where crude oil,coffee,natural gas,gold,silver,etc.BUT,there was 1 BIG EXCEPTION... slaves had to come into play they had to be traded and sold,11,600,000 africans were transported to the Triangle trade,and the population of Ohio was 11,544,951!!!
  • Why did the trade begin?and why africans?

    Why did the trade begin?and why africans?
    The trade began 1450-1870,and in 1650 the slavery trade increased dramatically ,it peaked in 1775,and it decreased in the 1800s.Why africans were picked,well,because they attempted slavery first with natives,second with indentured servants,which are poor europeans,so they turned to african americans.
  • Inca Empire

    Inca Empire
    On this day in history we discussed the Inca empire and the inca empire ruler,Atahualpa who was captured by conquistador Fransico Pizarro.Fransico made a promise to Atahualpa that they would release him if he gave them gold,he did,he filled three rooms with gold and silver,but they still killed him and Pizarro took over the Inca empire. In Tenochtitlan with the help of Indians who hated their Aztec ruler and smallpox,Cort'ez took over Tenochtitlan in 1521.
  • Inca Empire,continued

    Inca Empire,continued
    There was an 80 day siege(attack),and 240,000 Aztecs died!,and 100 spanish soldiers died.The spanish took down Tenochtitlan and used the stones to build Mexico City,and the conquistadors later found gold and silver in central South America,that they had already conquered.
  • Spanish Conquistadors

    Spanish Conquistadors
    On this day in history we talked about how Spain sent conquistadors across the Atlantic,a conquistador is a spanish soldier that explores things,their mission is to conquer territories to create an empire of riches for Spain. In the Aztec empire, conquistador Cort'ez and his men reach the aztec Tenochtitlan, when they arrived the aztecs were shocked,because they had never seen men dressed in armor and had horses,some of the aztecs even mistaked Cort'ez for an aztec god named Quetzacoalt!
  • Juan Ponce De Leo'n

    Juan Ponce De Leo'n
    Juan Ponce De Leo'n,was a man whom sailed with Columbus,and made his fortune off of finding gold on the island of Puerto Rico.Even though Ponce had wealth,he wanted more!He had heard indian rumors about "the fountain of youth" it was said that it made old people young again. Ponce made it his mission to find it,he later landed on a peninsula(an area of land almost completely surrounded by water)and named it La Florida "flowery". 8 years later he returned with 200 men to make a spanish colony.
  • His death

    His death
    Juan Ponce de Leo'n clearly forgot that there were natives already living on the island,and they aren't going to just give over the land that easily,so the natives tried to drive off the invaders with poison arrows,and sadly Ponce De Leo'n got hit in the stomach by one of them.
  • "The seven cities of Cibola"

    "The seven cities of Cibola"
    On this day in history we learned about "the seven citites of cibola",which was a rumor said that these cities were rich and the houses and streets with gold and jewelry,the spanish was convinced that it was somewhere in North America. The story spread like wildfire in Florida,present Texas,and New Mexico. As the conquistadors explored the new territories they claimed areas for Spain,by 1600,the Spanish had present day Texas,New Mexico,Arizona,and California.
  • The settlers

    The settlers
    In 1598, the spanish took 400 settlers and 7,000 animals from Mexico to New Mexico,and the journey took over half a year! When the spanish first arrived the Pueblo Indians welcomed them,but that nice feeling when the spanish made the indians their slaves.
  • Pedro Menedez de Aviles

    Pedro Menedez de Aviles
    On this day in history we studied a little bit about a man named Pedro Menedez de Aviles,whom in 1565,was sent to Florida to protect it from outsiders(the french and english) In order to protect florida he built a fort by the name of Saint Augustine,which is the oldest permanent settlement founded by europeans in the U.S.
  • Federal Government cases

    Federal Government cases
    On this day in history we learned about two different federal court cases named Mapp vs.Ohio,where a woman named Dollree Mapp was suspected of holding a bomb suspect in her house,so a search warrant came into her house without a warrant,but she held pornography in her house which was illegal at the time,and New Jersey vs.TLO was about a teenage girl that was caught smoking in the bathroom by the principal,so the principal decided to look through al her things,and she found drugs!
  • The Ordinance of 1787

    The Ordinance of 1787
    On this day in history we learned about the ordinance of 1787 which stated that no fewer than three or more than 5 states would be formed,admission to the union would be available when the number of free ihabitants reached 60,000,education be encouraged,and civil rigths and liberties guarenteed.
  • Preamble

    On this day in history we learned about the preamble,which states, "We the people of the United States,in order to form a more perfect union,etablish justice,ensure domestic tranquility,provide for the common defense,promote the general welfare,and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity,do or dain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
  • The N.A.A.C.P and other groups

    The N.A.A.C.P and other groups
    On this day in history we learned about four different groups. First the NAACP which is the national association for the advancment of colored people,and this group was all about solving legal cases for civil rights. C.O.R.E is the congress of racial equality,and then there was the last group S.C.L.C which was Martin Luther King's group,it was more so with elderly people than young and that group was all about peaceful protest.
  • Who ran the colonies?

    Who ran the colonies?
    On this day of history we learned about keeping peace and order in the time of the 13 colonies. At the time many of the olonies were ruled by the king, King Henery VIII,most of the colonies were self governing,and some were given governors by the king of england. The general assembly played a good role in this too,BUT the governor was still more important than the general assembly.
  • Civil Rights Movement

    Civil Rights Movement
    On this day of history we learned about the civil rights movement,and for beginner's civil rights means a fight for freedom and equality.The people involved in the movement were black people and white people,elderly,disabled,women, other minorities,and homosexuals. The civil rights was the start of equality is what happened,but what was supposed to be peaceful protests turned into nothing but violence,and death.