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amazing race

  • To the Phillipines

    To the Phillipines
    im going to have to board the quatar airline plane to the phillipines. im going to have to make two stops because the phillipines is pretty far. the stops will include New York, and Doha then to manila, phillipines. its going to be a 22hours and 30 minutes.
  • Period: to

    amazing race

    leaving miami beach to go to the philipines
  • The Phillipines

    The Phillipines
    i arrived at the phillipines jan 6. first thing i do is admire the setting, because it looks like a asian NewYork. the trip was 2000
  • Rizal Park

    Rizal Park
    i took a taxi to Rizal Park also known as Luneta Park or colloquially Luneta, is a historical urban park located along Roxas Boulevard, City of Manila, Philippines, adjacent to the old walled city of Intramuros. the taxi costs 68 euros.The execution of national hero José Rizal on December 30, 1896, started the 1896 Philippine Revolution against the Kingdom of Spain. The area was renamed Rizal Park in his honor, and the monument contains his remains.
    our team will honor him with 5 min silence.
  • The san Augustin Church Praying challenge

    The san Augustin Church Praying challenge
    San Agustin Church is a Roman Catholic church under the auspices of The Order of St. Augustine, located inside the historic walled city of Intramuros in Manila. my team wil have to pray in the church for 20 minutes.
  • Taxi ride to church

    Taxi ride to church
    my team ill have to go on a taxi ride to San Augustin Church. it will cost 90 euros
  • Taxi ride to rizal

    Taxi ride to rizal
    our team is riding to rizal park, the most famous monument in the phillipines.
  • Leaving the Philippines

    Leaving the Philippines
    our team is leaving the phillipines to go to muaritania.the trip is 12 hours so we slept for a good 8 hours.
  • Leaving mauritania

    Leaving mauritania
    we pack our stuff and leave the hotel to the airport.
  • Mauritania!!!

    we arrived at muaritania, and the first thinbg we do is get a taxi to a hotel. the taxi ride was 120. the hotel is called hotel halima, and it costs 118 american dollars. the flight was 1318 dollars.
  • The mauritanian Sacrificial Ceremony CHALLENGE

    The mauritanian Sacrificial Ceremony CHALLENGE
    People are expected to slaughter an animal according to the number of wives and the wealth of the husband. we bought raw meat at a local market and challenged ourselves to slice it in half. the meat was 3dollars
  • Caste Challenge

    Caste Challenge
    our team walked to a market place and we each pretended to be in different caste systems.
  • The National Museum of Mauritania

    The National Museum of Mauritania
    We took a taxi to the museum of mauritania, and we saw war items hunting weaponry and famous shards and rocks. the taxi was 50 dollars.
  • Brazil

    we arrived in brazil and immediatley loved the locals.
  • Carnival challenge

    Carnival challenge
    for our challenge in brazil, we bought carnival outfits and dance like what a brazilian dancer would dance like. who ever broke character would lose. the costumes were 300 dollars.
  • Brazilian cuisine

    Brazilian cuisine
    The Brazilians are known for there exotic cuisine, and deserts. our team went to a resteraunt and we had rice and beans with special concotions. we spent 70 dollars for lunch.
  • Leaving Brazil

    Leaving Brazil
    we are departing from brazil to canada
  • Cristo the Redentor

    Cristo the Redentor
    Tirelessly watching over the craziness of Rio de Janeiro, the Cristo has stood since 1931 redeeming the city and its inhabitants from the top of Corcovado Mountain. The famous monument, called Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) was designed to celbrate the 100 years of Brazil’s independence from Portugal from 1822–1922.
  • Arrival at Canada

    Arrival at Canada
    We arrived at canada on jan 9. what surprised me is that it looks like the usa. the trip was 1954 dollars.
  • The Fairmont Banff Springs

    The Fairmont Banff Springs
    we looked for a hotel and found The Fairmont Banff Springs, and rested there for 4 hours. the hotel room was 254 per night.
  • Tomb of the Unknown shoulder CHALLENGE

    Tomb of the Unknown shoulder CHALLENGE
    we took a train to the Unknown Soldiers Tomb and we mourned him. we decided to give him a identity. we named him Johnny and Tim. the train ride was 20 dollars.
  • Leaving Canada

    Leaving Canada
    We are departing from canada to barbados
  • Centennial Flame

    Centennial Flame
    we took a train from alberta to ottawa, ontario, canada and visited the centennial flame. it was one of the most famous canadian monuments because it commemerates canadas 100th anniversary as a confederation. the train ride was 20 dollars.
  • Leaving Barbados

    Leaving Barbados
    We are taking a taxi to the Airport of barbados whick cost 60 dollars. we are going back home to america.
  • Cenotaph the Obelisk monument

    Cenotaph the Obelisk monument
    Obelisk monument commemorates the Barbadians who lost their lives in the two World Wars. we took a taxi ride to the monument and mourned the soldiers with a moment of silence. the taxi ride was 20 dollar.
  • Barbados

    We have arrived and i was astonished about how beautyful it looked. it look like a resort island. the flight was 1717 dollars.
  • The 3W's monument

    The 3W's monument
    A few miles north of the cenotaph is the 3W's monument. This monument honours 3 great Barbados and West Indian cricketers - Sir Frank Worrell, Sir Clyde Walcott and Sir Everton Weekes. we all took a taxi ride for 50 dollars there, and were siked about the structure and the difficulty it was to probably make that monument.

    A unique cooking utensil called a "cou-cou stick is used to cook cou-cou. A cou-cou stick is made of wood, and has a long, flat rectangular shape like a 1-foot-long cricket bat. our challenge is to eat a foriegn dish with a utensil no one has ever heard or used in america.the dish was 30 each which is 60.
  • Arrival!!!!

    We have arrived back home on sundy ready to share the adventures we have encountered througout various countries.