Dsc 0319

Katie and Connor

  • First time we met

    First time we met
    Connor came over to the house with Niel and his Weber buddies. They came to the house for Sunday dinner. We never talked to each other. ha!
  • Period: to

    Katie and Connor's history

    The first time we met until we got married.
  • Entering the MTC on the same day

    Entering the MTC on the same day
    Connor and I entered the MTC on the same day. Niel drove Connor to the MTC because Connor flew in from Arizona.
  • Psuedo date

    Psuedo date
    I was supposed to go on a date with Connor, but ended up setting him up with one of my friends.
  • 1st date

    1st date
    Niel set us up on this date. We made dinner and played reverse charades. Connor and I hardly talked to each other, but it was enough to go on another date.
  • 2nd date

    Connor asked me to go ice skating and didn't even hold my hand. What the heck? We had some good conversations because we were one-on-one and found that we could have fun together. It was right after Connor's birthday and I bought him a cupcake!
  • 3rd date

    3rd date
    Connor and I watched the Christmas Devotional together. We held hands for the first time during the devotional while Matthew and Emma were sleeping. hehe Connor and I played music together afterwards and came up with the a band name that has stuck; ConKatie.
  • 4th date

    4th date
    Connor and I went to Temple Square for our 4th date. We had dinner at Connor's apartment and then rode the Frontrunner to Temple Square. We walked around and looked at the lights. A random guy saw us sitting on a bench and took a photo of us. When we were saying goodnight, we kissed for the first time at the Frontrunner station. Boom baby!!!
  • 5th date

    5th date
    Connor came over to Ben and Michelle's for dinner. He got to know Ben and Michelle and the kids. Since it was close to Christmas, we reenacted The Nativity and filmed it.
  • 6th date

    6th date
    We went on a date to do baptisms at the Payson Temple. Connor baptized me for his family names. The temple workers mistook me for Connor's sister and wife. ha!
  • We officially started dating

    After Connor left for AZ for Christmas break, I called him (after a good chat with Niel) and we decided to become official. We talked almost everyday over Christmas break.
  • Trip home from AZ

    Trip home from AZ
    Connor invited me to come to AZ at the end of Christmas break to ride back to Utah with him. I met his parents and spent some time with them before we headed back to Utah. We realized that we could spend long amounts of time together and not get sick of each other. ;)
  • Surprise date

    Surprise date
    After my night class, I jumped on the Frontrunner and went to see Connor. I was really missing him and decided to do something crazy. We got to spend a couple hours together and then I stayed the night at Ben and Michelle's. I rode back to Provo in the morning. I told Connor that I loved him that night!!!! :)
  • 3 day weekend.

    3 day weekend.
    Connor came down and spent the 3 day weekend in Provo. Connor told me that he knew he loves me (Jan 15). We also started talking about marriage this weekend (Jan 16) and told each other that we wanted to marry each other. :)
  • Visits

    After church, we did visits to some members of my ward together. It was neat to feel like a missionary with Connor.
  • Valentines Day

    Valentines Day
    We celebrated our first valentines day together. Connor gave me a picture frame of some of our memorable photos. It was very sweet!
  • Doing sealings

    Doing sealings
    Connor and I did sealings together for the first time in the Odgen temple. The temple workers thought we were married and when they found out that we weren't told us that we were in the right place to fix that. haha!
  • Volunteering at the MTC

    Volunteering at the MTC
    Connor and I volunteered at the MTC by letting the missionaries teach us a lesson. We were ourselves and it turned out to be a very neat experience.
  • Matthew and Emma's wedding

    Matthew and Emma's wedding
    Connor's parents were in town and came to Matthew and Emma's wedding.
  • Ring shopping

    Connor and I went ring shopping and had the jeweler start designing the engagement ring.
  • General Conference

    General Conference
    Connor and I attended the Sunday Afternoon Session of General Conference.
  • Called the Temple

    Connor and I called the temple and set our wedding date for Aug. 6 at 1 p.m in the Payson Temple! Wohooo!
  • Pre-engagements

    Mom took pre-engagements for us in the backyard.
  • Connor asks me to be his forever! :)

    Connor asks me to be his forever! :)
    After finishing my finals, I drove down to Ogden to spend the day with Connor. He took me on a walk to MTC park and proposed at "Love Hill". His friend, Janelle, took photos for us.
  • Engagements

    We took engagement photos in Salt Lake City by the same guy who took our photo on Temple Square four months previous.
  • Connor Leaves for Arizona

    Connor Leaves for Arizona
    Connor left for Arizona for the summer. He had some summer classes to take at a community college as well as studying for his Optometry Admissions Test. The picture shows that KateLyn didn't want him to leave.
  • KateLyn Travels to Arizona

    KateLyn Travels to Arizona
    KateLyn flew down to Arizona to spend a couple of days with Connor and his family. He had one of his cousins get married that weekend so KateLyn was able to meet all of his family on his mother's side.
  • Bridals and ENFO Fest.

    Bridals and ENFO Fest.
    Connor flew up to Utah. Bridal photos were taken at the Payson Temple. Then we traveled up to Dutch John, outside of Vernal, to attend the ENFO Fest Nielsen Family reunion. We went river rafting and had a great time just spending time with the family. We also began looking for apartments over this weekend.
  • St. George Meet Up

    St. George Meet Up
    Connor's cousin was getting married in St. George, so we thought it would be a great excuse for us to see each other again! KateLyn got to meet most of Connor's family on his father's side.