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AP Human Geography Semester 1 Amazing Race Project

  • Beginning of Mark and Mindy's Amazing Race

    Beginning of Mark and Mindy's Amazing Race
    Biography: Journal Entry #1 Mark and Mindy's Amazing Race begins!
    Mark: Mindy and I arrived early to embark on the week's adventure. At the airport terminal we were handed our tickets and challange's instructions. Too bad, first stop is the cold north, Cananda.
  • First Stop

    First Stop
    Miami to Toronto Air Canada Flight Cost: $362 x2 = $ 724 Fl 3 H/ 15 M TRAVEL TIME (From Airport) 30 M/ each way TRAVEL DISTANCE 19 Miles/ each way TRAVEL COST $38 ACTIVITY TIME 2 H TOTAL TIME IN TORONTO 6 H/ 15 M TOTAL COST FROM MIAMI $762
  • Arrival In Canada

    Arrival In Canada
    The Challengers flew Air Canada Flight 2483 from Miami, Florida to Toronto, Canada. Upon arrival they took a taxi to the St. Lawrence Food Market. The challenge for the contestants was to gather ingredients for a traditional Canadian dish, the poutine. Typically eaten in the winter it is meant for warming the body in the harsh cold, consisting of French fries, cheese curls, and brown gravy it is extremely popular amongst other provinces as well.
  • Arrival In Canada 2

    Arrival In Canada 2
    The high popularity and fat content may prove to be MALADAPTATION (a trait that is more detrimental than beneficial) after all it is fried and very salty
    This maybe a harder challenge than the contestants think because of the LINGUISTIC DIVERSITY(the differences between people who speak different languages.) amongst the vendors. After all Canada is a BILINGUAL(speaking with two national languages) country plus a different English dialect
  • Toronto, Canada to Koror, Palau

    Toronto, Canada to Koror, Palau
    Plane from Toronto, Canada to Korror, Palua on West Jet Airline Flight #9352 departs from gate.
    Nonstop flight time: 30 Hours
    Price- $1071 x2/ $2142
  • MAP Miami to Toronto

    MAP Miami to Toronto
    Journal Entry:
    Mindy: Wow! Canadians are the nicest people, in the airport one kind lady offered to give me some syrup.
    Mark:It's a developing hip country that is growing yet has very strong FOLK CULTURE and distinct CULTURE TRAITS.
  • Period: to

    Amazing Race

  • Arrival in Korror, Palua

    Arrival in Korror, Palua
    12:30pm flight arrives at gate. Mark and Mindy will take a charter boat from the Koror International Airport to the beautiful Ngardok Nature Reserve as it does rest extremely close to the EQUATOR (the axis of rotation and perpendicular to the prime meridian) a 23 mile or 35 minute ride to meet with indigenous Palauan tribes.
  • Arrival In Palau

    Arrival In Palau
    These tribes have sustained a culture in the Island for over 500 years. Part of the natives success is having a strong CULTURAL ECOLOGY (the interactions between a culture and its environment) being completely reliant on the Island and not outside resources .
  • Palauan Challange 2

    Palauan Challange 2
    Palauans have learned how to dive for local marine life to consume proteins and use the lush jungle vegetation for medecines and utilities. For the contestant’s challenge they will need to collect the coconut palm’s long leafs to then use to weave a basket following the instruction of a native.
  • Palau Challange 3

    Palau Challange 3
    These baskets are so finely crafted they have been COMMODIFIED (the process in which something is given monetary value) by tourists that some Natives have developed steady incomes.
  • Koror, Palau to New Delhi, India

    Koror, Palau to New Delhi, India
    5;45pm Palau to New Delhi 17 hours 5:45pm Delta Flight #158 with one connecting Flight #3027 Air India
  • MAP of Koro to New Delhi

    MAP of Koro to New Delhi
    Journal entry:
    Mindy: Palau is breath taking, the lush green and deep, sparkling blue, all tie in with the rich CULTURE and vibrant FOLK CULTURE and TRADITION that is still today embraced. Even though POPULAR CULTURE may sway those in bigger cities most of Palau is still sticking to their roots.
    Mark: Palau is nice, but I prefered Canada.
  • India Challange 1

    India Challange 1
    Mark and Mindy will arrive in New Delhi, India at 7:45am and buckle up for a 2 hour (97 mile) drive from the New Delhi Airport to Vrindavan, India to participate in a holi festival. Holi is the HINDU (hinduism a religion from the vedic belief started in the Indus river valley) retelling of Krishna’s prank on Radha in which the young and jealous Krishna colors Radha’s face out of jealousy, however, it is now celebrated for more reasons than that.
  • India Challange 2

    India Challange 2
    The origin of the holiday are still unsure so much CULTURAL ADAPTATION (new generations adapting customs of past peoples) that the meaning is almost lost. It is a celebration of spring, forgiveness as Radha ultimately forgave Krishna, and love because it shows the admiration of lovers toward one another’s beauty. To complete the challenge the duo must be invited to share the joy by throwing and receiving everyone of the traditional colors(silver, green, yellow, blue, black and red)
  • India Challange 3

    India Challange 3
    Contestants must also sip Bhang a drink made with cannabis leaves for the euphoric feeling to enhance the celebrations. Then with the designated sober taxi driver make it safe
    Holi is the perfect mixture of party and inner truth that across the world countries have ACCULTURATED (modifying a group by borrowing traits from another group) the celebration into their annual spring festival.
  • India Recap

    India Recap
    Air Fare: $2,798
    Taxi Expenses: 97 x2 = $194
    Total Cost: 2,604 + $194 = $2,798
    Total Time in India : 7 Hours
  • New Delhi, India to Marrakesh, Morocco

    New Delhi, India to Marrakesh, Morocco
    3pm Departure from New Delhi International Airport to Marrakesh, Morocco. Flying Lufthansa Airlines flight #761 with one stop for a 16 Hours flight.
    Cost: $614 x2 = $12,028
  • New Delhi to Marrakech

    New Delhi to Marrakech
    Mindy: Ooh im so excited! Ive never been to Morocco. I hear that its inovative yet very cultural. Mark just wants some good food and a fun adventure!
    Mark: It's true I do love adventure, but not as much as Mindy.
    New Delhi was a place that you will never forget because it is like in some places, time had stood still;frozen. The culture is so rich and the advancement of technology is so great they almost balnce each other out, except for the poverty and overpopulation holding India back.
  • Morocco Challenge

    Morocco Challenge
    Journal Entry :
    Mindy: We get to the camel farm and we see a bunch of men in Thobes(it is a TRADITIONAL garb in the RELIOGION of ISLAM ). The taxi cost $60+tip=$70,it took us an hour to get there.
    Mark: The men give us intructions on how to be safe and what to do. It's like riding a horse but lumpy!
  • Mark and Mindy in Wonderland

    Mark and Mindy in Wonderland
    Journal Entry :
    Mindy: The market was a magical place with bright colors and stuff hanging from every nook and cranny.
    Mark: We headed over this one particularly interesting looking stand that had a whole back coutyard where they dyed traditional Moroccan clothes for themselves and tourists.
    Mindy: We were so immersed in the culture and we felt like true Moroccans, we spent 3 hours in the market!
  • MAP of Marrakesh to Madrid

    MAP of Marrakesh to Madrid
    Mindy: I'm so looking forward to Spain, I've never been to Europe and now im living my dream!
    Mark: I'm the smile on her face when she arrives at the airport is all that I am waiting for, and all I care to see.
    Mindy:Morocco was a total travelers paradise, and it was definitly an experience that will be hard to beat.
  • Morocco Challange

    Morocco Challange
    7am Scheduled arrival to Marrakesh, Morocco.
    Journal entry :
    Mark: Mindy and I landed in Marrakesh and we are now taking a taxi to the next challenge.
    Mindy: We are going camel racing! The challenge is: Race the camels around the dessert track while wearing a fez(a traditional Moroccan hat), it is part of the FOLK CULTURE. If the hat falls off we have to start over again.
  • Camels of fire!!! (like chariots of fire....work with me)

    Camels of fire!!! (like chariots of fire....work with me)
    Journal Entry:
    Mindy: The Fezes we bought in the airport for $20
    held up great in the race. We finished with in a hour and with enough time to go to a market. Our flight to spain was only going to be tomorrow in the evening.
    Mark: The taxi ride took another hour, $70. We got to the markt and we stood there with our mouths dropped almost to the floor!
  • Hotel sweet hotel

    Hotel sweet hotel
    Journel entry :
    Mark:It took us only 20 minutes to get to the hotel by taxi,30$. We settled in at hotel Le Meridien N'Fis, $111 a night.
    Mindy: We looked back at some of the photos we had taken today and try and relax after such an exhasting day.
  • Recap of Morocco

    Recap of Morocco
    Expenses total: $311
    total time spent in Morocco:26 hours
  • The challenge

    The challenge
    Journal entry:
    Mark: We arrive at the airport and head for the taxis where they take us to a place called San Sebastian de los Reyes. Taxi took half an hour,$40.The challenge there is to run around the court yard with the other villigars in the TRADITIONAL of running of the bulls. The tradition is CULTURAL ECOLOGY because they have to iscolate and capture hundreds of wild bulls from their natural habitat every year. Then we must find the tapas place and eat 12 tapas under 2 minutes.
  • Tapas Galore

    Tapas Galore
    Journal entry: After the challenge we decide that we could still use a few more tapas, so we order another 2 sangrias watch the bulls run in the distance and eat 2 more orders of tapas.
  • MAP of Spain

    MAP of Spain
    Mindy: Every time me and Mark go traveling to a different place, we both memorize a map of all the cities and familiarize our selves with the area so that we get the most out of the trip. This is the map I studied.
    Mark: To be honest I don't really remember where anything is!
  • Arriving in Spain

    Arriving in Spain
    Journal Entry:
    Mindy: We wake up at 9, of course,late for our flight from Marrakesh to Madrid at 10am. Ryanair flight 7753 2 hrs and 10mins, cost=$207.71
    We land at 12:10.
    We take a taxi to the airport which takes 20 minutes costing 30$.

    Journal entry:
    Mindy: The villagers and us start to run as soon as the gun fires off. We run as fast as we can. We find the tapas place and immediatly order 12 different tapas and two Sangrias(a TRADITIONAL spanish wine and fruit drink which has also become a part of POPULAR CULTURE). We finish all 12 tapas in under 2 minutes.
  • Food coma sets in

    Food coma sets in
    Journal entry:
    Mark: We take a taxi back to our hotel costing 40$ and 30 minutes. We check our bags in and then go straight to bed. Urban Hotel GL Madrid 5 stars
  • Recap of Spain

    Recap of Spain
    total cost=$444
    total time spent in Spain=10 hours
  • Good not morning!

    Good not morning!
    Journal entry:
    We wake up at 10pm because our flight is at 11. It takes another 30 minutes to get to the airport,and $40.
    We get to the airport board Iberia flight 7001 to Miami, 9 hours and 45 minutes, cost=$604.
  • MAP Spain to Miami

    MAP Spain to Miami
    Map of Spain to Miami
  • Good bye Spain!

    Good bye Spain!
    Journal entry:
    Mindy: I really don't want to go but I know that all good things must come to an end.
    Mark: The flight is 9 hours and 45 minutes!
    Mindy: At least we will be able to sleep on te plane.
  • Back home.

    Back home.
    Journal entry:
    Mark: It is now 8:45 in Miami and I am already exhausted.
    Mindy: Wow! Its so great to be home! Now that we are back in Miami me and Mark sit down and look at all the amazing pictures we have taken.
  • Toronto

    Mindy's photo of Canada
  • Koror

    Marks photo of Palau
  • New Delhi

    New Delhi
    Mindy's photo of India
  • Marrakesh

  • Madrid

    Mark's photo of Spain