The Customer Service Journey S/S12

  • Our Team

    Our Team
    We pride ourselves in customer loyalty and work extremely hard to deliver that special service to every person. As a new store we are able to set the bar in all areas of service and strive to be the very best that we can be.
  • Our Customer - The Jewish Community

    Our Customer - The Jewish Community
    We have a very large Jewish community in Brent Cross and the relationship we have built with this customer has helped us to predict changes to trade due to any holidays, celebrations or traditions that may take place throughout the year. We really value this customer’s feed back and continue to look at ways to build on this relationship since we have found it so influential to our trading.
  • Our Customer - The Affluent Customer

    Our Customer - The Affluent Customer
    There are many affluent customers in this area as well. It is here that our “special pieces” are requested. This customer is looking for unique style but wanting to invest in quality and our knowledge of the product really allows us to connect with them. This is the category where we find a lot of our return customers coming from and have started a “little black book” to make sure we keep this customer up-to-date with all this Whistles.
  • Our Customer - The Local Mums

    Our Customer - The Local Mums
    During the weekday we find mums shopping with their babies. We strive to make this an enjoyable process for the normally “stressed out mum” and do any thing to help. Pushing prams around the shop and cooing babies to sleep is not out of the norm from what you will see from our girls. Also fast, efficient and knowledgeable service is key here as we are usually on borrowed time (babies napping) with this customer. Again we will try anything to make the shopping experience that little bit easier.
  • Weekly Info - Week 1

    Weekly Info - Week 1
    ATV: £64
    Conversion: 5%
    Top 3 Categories: Knitwear, Accessories, Tops
  • Period: to

    Week 1

  • New In - Week 1

    New In - Week 1
    Wild Meadow Print Pleat Skirt: Great fit, will suit all shapes and sizes. Print is great, can be worn now with black tights and ankle boots. Also going to be a great summer piece with tanned wedges.
  • New In - Week 1

    New In - Week 1
    Seam Back Tee: Great basic, the colour is cute and wearable with most things. Thicker material too last seasons seam back tee.
  • New Visuals

    New Visuals
    Our style of customer service is one that consistently goes above and beyond the customer’s expectations. We have the opportunity, as a new store, to build a reputation from scratch. Starting first and foremost with our high shop floor standards we are able to inspire our customer through visual merchandising and silent service. To complement our high store standards our customers receive a very tailored and personal style of service.
  • New In - Week 1

    New In - Week 1
    Clover Print Jumpsuit: Great fit, the waistband is a nice feature to the jumpsuit. The zip was quite stiff but after a few uses should loosen up.
  • Style Challenge

    Style Challenge
    Lauren Raglan is a newly qualified lawyer who has an interview with a major firm in the city. Without pushing the boundaries too far she wants to show that lawyers can be smart, well presented but also stylish! Her interview is at 4pm from which she is heading to Embankment for a couple of wind down drinks by the Thames. Tailoring is a must, but remember she doesn't want to look like your typical conservative legal advisor so Whistles is the ideal place.

    A customer commented today on how sensational we all looked in the New Seasons product.
  • Weekly Info- Week 2

    Weekly Info- Week 2
    ATV: £75.26
    Conversion: 6%
    Top 3 Categories: Knitwear, Jersey & Smart Dress
  • Period: to

    Week 2

  • New In - Week 2

    New In - Week 2
    Bow Shell Top: Great piece that can be paired with a nice pair of skinny jeans. Quite a summery piece due to no sleeves, however can be dressed with a blazer for a more 'wear now' look.
  • Style Challenge - Week 2

    Style Challenge - Week 2
    Poppy Leatherback, an artist from Edinburgh, is visiting London for the weekend. She has organised a showcase of her new work in a gallery in Central London. The exhibition starts at 7pm and she needs an outfit that will show her artistic nature, but also present her in a manner which means she will be taken serious by potential dealers.
  • Weekly Info - Week 3

    Weekly Info - Week 3
    ATV: £79.58
    Conversion: 6%
    Top 3 Categories: Smart Dress, Knitwear & Accessories
  • Period: to

    Week 3

  • New In - Week 3

    New In - Week 3
    Viviene Blouse: This is a reall great fit and a nice colour. Teamed up with the lace shorts makes it a wearable piece for both day and night.
  • New In - Week 3

    New In - Week 3
    Josa Tiered Lace Dress: Loved, Loved, Loved
    This a really nice fit. The tiered effect adds just that much more to the lace. This piece is a much younger version compared to the victoria lace dress.
  • Style Challenge - Week 3

    Style Challenge - Week 3
    Pippa Spot works in central London for the HR department of a well renowned fashion company. Sadly, she has to work on her birthday so she needs an outfit that will portray her elegant and creative style at work but which also will easily convert to an evening outfit she could wear for her birthday bash as she does not want to carry two outfits. Please help her in her time of need.

    This is the first day for our part - time supervisor
  • Weekly Info - Week 4

    Weekly Info - Week 4
    ATV: £75.64 Conversion: 6% Top 3 Categories: Smart Dress, Knitwear and Casual dress
  • Period: to

    Week 4

  • New In - Week 4

    New In - Week 4
    Jacquard Suit:

    This is a great 2 piece, however i had to go down a size in the jacket. The trousers were a good shape but the waist was abit big.
  • New In - Week 4

    New In - Week 4
    Dree Leather Jacket:
    True to size and the arm length is good. The jacket looks great open or closed, and is a classic biker style. It is a great price at £295 for a quality staple piece.

    Our staff meeting consists of 100% attendance where we discuss and address matters of service, awareness, product, and peak trade. It is important that the team are aware of all types of customers and as we are learning every day who that is our meetings are a great way to discuss the best ways to assist them in their shopping experience.
  • Weekly Info - Week 5

    Weekly Info - Week 5
    ATV: £72.14 Conversion: 6% Top 3: Smart Dress, Knitwear & Accessories
  • Style Challenge - Week 4

    Style Challenge - Week 4
    Laura Johnson, Manager at Whistles is going to the fashion central of Whistles known as HEAD OFFICE for the SS12 Brand Day, where style is the only rule of the game. Laura needs an outfit that is simply chic but at the same time represents the brand. She wants to avoid fashion clashes as there will be other managers there and from experience she knows popular pieces and prints ALWAYS make more thatnone appearance during the day. And the winner is ....
  • Period: to

    Week 5


    This is the day our new part - time sales consultant starts
  • New In - Week 5

    New In - Week 5
    Wisteria Print
    This outfit is really on trend for S/S 12, i could imagine it would look especially great on tall people with long legs. Its a fun yet comfy piece.
  • Style Challenge - Week 5

    Style Challenge - Week 5
    Kitty Dree is a LCF student and her favourite time of year has finally come around! It's London Fashion Week.Catwalks will be inspiring the aspiring designers and motivating their most creative and sensational collections yet. Kitty has a backstage pass and intends to speak to any one who will listen to her for advice on how she can stand out from the rest of her competition. What better way to make sure she's not forgotten and show her designer flare than to dress herself in Whistles SS12!
  • Weekly Info - Week 6

    Weekly Info - Week 6
    ATV: 78.57 Conversion: 7% Top 3: Smart Dress, Knitwear & Accessories
  • Period: to

    Week 6


    Laura our store manager recieved a customer compliment today regarding her service during a mail order. The customer was really happy and said how quick, proffesional and lovely Laura was on the phone. Our style of customer service is one that consistently goes above and beyond the customer’s expectations.To complement our shop floor service we ensure that our customers receive a very tailored and personal style of service across the phone as well.
  • New In - Week 6

    New In - Week 6
    Lyla Embroidery Top:

    Really preety top, great fit however it is very see through. Would need to pair with a cami underneath. Great summery piece.
  • New In - Week 6

    New In - Week 6
    Lottie Skirt:
    The skirt was very comfortable and fell nicely. The length is good, not too short or long. Dry Clean Only.
  • Style Challenge - Week 6

    Style Challenge - Week 6
    It is Sarah Sigfrinius' birthday this week and she is partying it up in none other than Liverpool to mark the occasion! Where else to achieve the perfect blend of sassy, sophisticated and glamorous for her big night out than Whistles? The drink will be flowing so think practical and flattering. Remember Liverpudlian women dress to impress so Sarah needs to upstage and show them exactly what London does to the ambitious, working woman!
  • Weekly Info - Week 7

    Weekly Info - Week 7
    Atv £72.00
    Top 3 categories: Smart Dress, Knitwear & Tops
    Productivity £85.13
  • New In - Week 7

    New In - Week 7
    Wild Flower Print Dress:
    100% silk. Such a great summery piece. Shape flattering for all. Hand wash only
  • Period: to

    Week 7

  • New In - Week 7

    New In - Week 7
    Wren Suit -
    We have the new Wren suit in the pink (jacket and trousers) and its has made the shop floor look nice and fresh for winter. The jacket is a great shape and fits really well, the two pieces together would be great for a summer wedding and the colours will really install some colour into customers wardrobes.
  • Style Challenge - Week 7

    Style Challenge - Week 7
    With highs of 18 °C this week its officially time to get into Spring/Summer Uniform! Its about time that our wardrobes got a bit of a revamp and with us all in fresh colourful uniform not only will we feel confident with high spirits on the shop floor, but we'll have those pieces flying out the window! Let's see some potential outfits that incorporate the beautiful prints and stunning colours.
  • New In - Week 8

    New In - Week 8
    S/S has really hit down and we are now offering customers a selection of sunglases. The grazia event has really encouraged customers to buy and alot of interest has already been generated around the sunglasses range.
  • Weekly Info - Week 8

    Weekly Info - Week 8
    Atv £60 Conversion 6% Top 3 Categories Smart Dress, Jersey & Knitwear
  • Period: to

    Week 8


    Our goal is to build relationships and we have discovered that our customer responds brilliantly to our natural and genuine approach. We also ensure that returning customers have their loyalty rewarded by us with a phone call the day before sales and promotions to give them the pick of the crop, so to speak. Of course we do not pressure customers into this extra service, but offer it to them at an appropriate point when we feel they would enjoy a more VIP relationship with us.
  • Style Challenge - Week 8

    Style Challenge - Week 8
    Rawaa Elagra Supervisor at Whistles is celebrating her birthday this Thursday and has plans to head down to Brighton beach during the weekend to celebrate, luckily for her the weather is amazing and is due to remain like this for the next two weeks ahead. She is planning to spend Saturday at a very popular beach party near Brighton Pier and needs an outfit that screams its my birthday and i'll party hard if i want to. Bear in mind that she will be outdoors and needs something stylish yet fun.
  • New In - Week 9

    New In - Week 9
    Nelly Crepe Jacket - Great, easy to wear jacket. Looks good over skinny bottoms but would also add colour to an evening dress. 100% viscose, Dry Clean Only
  • Period: to

    Week 9

  • Weekly Info - Week 9

    Weekly Info - Week 9
    ATV: £51 Productivity: £68.98 Top 3 Categories: Knitwear, Smart Dress & Top

    A customer complimented us today, she commented on how exceptional our service was at Brent Cross and the quick and efficient service we offer in store. Yet again another happy customer!
  • New In - Week 9

    New In - Week 9
    Ellie Drape Front Dress: This dress is a great colour and the waistband makes the dress really flattering for all shapes and sizes. The neckline may be abit low for some of our customer. Dry Clean Only.
  • Style Challenge - Week 9

    Style Challenge - Week 9
    With Kate Middleton commencing the jubilee tour with the royals, it has come to my attention through various sources (Heat, Now, Closer etc.) that she has been spotted one to many times in competing brand and nemesis LK Bennett. Although its great that Kate is embracing the high street, we definitely think its time to reel her back in with our fabulous collection. Let's see a couple of outfit choices fit for a queen, literally.
  • Weekly Info - Week 10

    Weekly Info - Week 10
    Atv £53.43 Productivity £101.11 Top 3 Categories: Knitwear, Smart Dress & Jersey
  • Style Challenge - Week 10

    Style Challenge - Week 10
    With May approaching it is none other than the beggining of the party season in Marbella. Suzie Tencel is hitting the opening parties and is looking for a 'day into night and early hours of the morning' look. She'll be sipping, sun-bathing, lounging during the day with no time to change before she moves on to the beach parties and clubs in none other than party capital Puerto Banus. With our swimwear in store we should have no problem with getting exactly what she needs!
  • Period: to

    Week 10

  • New In - Week 10

    New In - Week 10
    Petal Spot Swimsuit:
    Great alternative to the bikinis that we have to offer, really comfortable fit and true to size. Handwash in cool water. Lzzie Roll Up Jean: These are a fantastic summer jean that we can team up with both our casual jersey and our smart tops. These are 98% cotton and 2% elastene so not alot of stretch.
  • Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes...

    Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes...
    Weeks 10 and 11 have been focused on shoes whether its Whistles own brand (yes our own shoes finally!) or Gardenia. It is a shoe festival across our solus stores. Now what we have all been waiting for (and I personally think that its the Whistles Gods answering our prayers) WHISTLES SHOES!!!
  • Weekly Info - Week 11

    Weekly Info - Week 11
    ATV: £50.40 Conversion:7% Top 3 Categories: Jersey, Smart Dress & Jackets
  • Period: to

    Week 11

  • February Mystery Shop Results

    February Mystery Shop Results
    We had 2 visits over the period of February with a combined result of 93%. We were ranked number 1 for ladies only fashion, also cumulatively no.1 for the same category. Comments included: 'I came in looking for a gift for a friend, and was greeted upon entering the store. I was the asked if I needed any help, and was asked about my budget. I was then shown a scarf and then some jewellery. I decided to have a think about it and was bid a friendly thank you and goodbye.'
  • Odeal Sandal

    Odeal Sandal
    The Odeal sandal has come to us in a tan and orange which we can easily place with bags that you could team them up with. They have also come in a black orange and silver which incorporates block colour beautifully in one sandal and they are both flats! All we have to say about them is that they are all the SS/12 trends in one accessory and the whistles woman cannot ask for anything more than that.
  • Amelie Sandal

    Amelie Sandal
    The Amelie sandal which is whistles gift to the heel phobic. The heel is a strong square that it is not too far off the ground which means that it can be an all day shoe. The strappy tan sandal is every bit as good as the Sam Edelman, 100% leather (as all our shoes and accessories are), it comes with a spare heel in the box and are at the fraction of the price making them accessible to all.
  • DRAPERS COMPLIMENT - 'With great product and service to the fore, this store is a hard act to follow.'

    DRAPERS COMPLIMENT - 'With great product and service to the fore, this store is a hard act to follow.'
    We recieved a great piece in Drapers last week being voted no1 out of female brands in Brent Cross.

    Customer experience was rated 10/10;
    "Whistles’ windows are some of the most appealing in the shopping centre. Well lit, with bright on-trend product in the window but at the same time not blocking the rest of the store, which is clearly visible. Staff were helpful and as soon as an item was picked up it was placed in the fitting room, so browsing could continue."
  • Weekly Info - Week 12

    Weekly Info - Week 12
    ATV: £59 Conversion: 7% Top 3 Categories: Jersey, Jacket & Smart Dress
  • Period: to

    Week 12

  • New in - Week 12

    New in - Week 12
    Drape Front Dress: This is going to be a popular piece i think as the summer draws closer, the lining is slightly tight however it is a great fit on the waist.
  • New In - Week 12

    New In - Week 12
    Snake Jersey Top: This a great light jersey that can be teamed with a pair of jeans or a pleated skirt. Machine Washable
  • Weekly Info - Week 13

    Weekly Info - Week 13
    Atv: £62.96 Conversion: 7.5% Top 3 Categories: Smart Dress, Jersey & Casual Dress
  • Period: to

    Week 13

  • Week 13 - Style Challenge

    Week 13 - Style Challenge
    Sylvia, like the rest of us has over indulged this Easter and has booked herself a week away at a famous retreat in Australia. This particular 'boot camp' is a celeb hotspot and even though Sylvia wants to kick start her Summer body routine and exercise vigorously, she can't help but feel that she needs to look fabulous! Our lounge wear is perfect for that long journey and can simultaneously be used for working out/relaxing in between gruelling sessions.

    Nathy's had a lovely customer compliment today from a lady who went out of her way to tell Laura, the manager, that Nathy's gave her the most genuine smile she had ever had from any shop.

    Organic Fruit Box has been sent to us today by Head Office as part of the 'We Think You're Great' scheme as a thank you and well done to the Brent Cross team on our Drapers Mystery Shop results. Well Done Girls!!

    We recieved an email today from Head Office regarding Holly, one of our sales consultants. “She spent so much time with me and nothing was too much trouble. She kept fetching me sizes and really went above and beyond, meaning that I left with quite a few bags! She’s an asset to the company and really deserves some praise for her efforts.”
  • New In - Week 13

    New In - Week 13
    Phoebe Linnen Jacket & Phoebe Linen Trouser: I love this suit, I love it that much I have bought it as uniform. There is no stretch in the trouser therefore I have gone a size up.
  • New In - Week 13

    New In - Week 13
    Angel Sequin Jumper: This is a comfortable wearable piece, I can imagine that this will be great for layering. 65% Cotton 35% Silk – Hand Wash Only
  • Weekly Info - Week 14

    Weekly Info - Week 14
    Atv £73
    Conversion 7%
    Top 3 Categories: Knitwear, Jersey & Smart Dress
  • Period: to

    Week 14

  • New In - Week 14

    New In - Week 14
    Fia Aztec Dress: I love this print, I can imagine its going to be very popular as the weather begins to warm up. The back of the dress gapes and looks a bit mumsey.
  • New In - Week 14

    New In - Week 14
    Gemma Stripe Maxi Dress: Oi Vey ….. This is an odd shape when on, I would definitely recommend to team this up with a belt. This is a size 8, however customers could get away with a size smaller. Its a shame that this is not maxi length.
  • Style Challenge - Week 14

    Style Challenge - Week 14
    Lisa has been invited to a big British royal themed garden party on the day of the Golden Jubilee. Although there are still a couple of weeks to go, she wants to prepare an outfit fit for a princess. So, she needs an outfit that will be appropriate for the theme of royalty, the Spring sunshine and of course, something she can party in!
    Good luck!
  • Weekly Info - Week 15

    Weekly Info - Week 15
    ATV £66.79 Conversion 8% Top 3 Categories: Smart Dress, Jersey & Knitwear
  • Period: to

    Week 15

  • Style Challenge - Week 15

    Style Challenge - Week 15
    So this Saturday is the BGT final! And our dear customer Amanda Holden is in search for an outfit to upstage her co-judge Alesha Dixon. Its battle of the best outfit this Saturday and when Amanda shines, so will Whistles. This outfit will appear in every fashion and gossip magazine and must be top of the 'what to wear' list and NOT in sight of any 'what not to wear' list! Happy fashion styling!
  • New In - Week 15

    New In - Week 15
    Yellow Justine Trouser: Love the colour of this piece, they are true to size. Its a shame that the pockets are quite visible, as you can see the lining due to the tight fit of them.
  • New In - Week 15

    New In - Week 15
    Lottie Pleat Skirt Neutral: This is a great shape and a great fit. The only problem with this shkirt is it is quite transparent. dark tops are visible from underneath which is a shame.

    On Friday a customer commented on how great Becki's service was whilst she was in the fitting room. She left the store after spending a whopping £750, including the Nelly Crepe Jacket, Wren Tailored Jacket and 3 x Seam Back Tees. The customer was so greatful for the honest and friendly service she said that she would soon be back to spend some more. Well Done Becki!
  • Weekly Info - Week 16

    Weekly Info - Week 16
    ATV: £64 Conversion: 8% Top 3 Categories: Jersey, Smart Dress &Tops
  • Style Challenge - Week 16

    Style Challenge - Week 16
    Whistles Brent Cross is recreating Made in Chelsea and country living, and getting themselves to a Polo game this weekend. Key word: PREPPY. Dress accordingly, the weather could be May in its glory and sunshine or May in its downpour and gloom. We have so much product for this style challenge so I want to see some fabulous creations! Millie Mackintosh and Louise Thomson eat your hearts out...
  • Period: to

    Week 16

  • New In - Week 16

    New In - Week 16
    Border Stripe Dress: Small fit, but lovely shape and perfect fit. Good length for anyone not wishing to expose too much leg! Quite expensive at £195 though, despite it being silk.
  • New In - Week 16

    New In - Week 16
    Border Stripe Top and Skirt: Designed to be worn together. When top is tucked in the overall look is stunning and very flattering. When left untucked (as styled on the web), very unflattering, creating extra volume on the hips. Top looks good with denim as a smart casual piece.
  • Weekly Info - Week 17

    Weekly Info - Week 17
    ATV: £73.67 Conversion 8% Highest Sale: £505 Ruby
  • Style Challenge - Week 17

    Style Challenge - Week 17
    Congratulations on your new job Holly! Style challenge this week is in honour of your new position as assistant stylist on numerous glamorous photo shoots in the near future. This week Rita Ora is being styled for a new video! She is fresh on the scene, alternative and so very stylish. It might be a challenge to achieve Rita's edge in Whistles clothing but lets see what we can do, after all we need to show how adaptable as a brand we are. Think 'street', think urban. Good luck!
  • Period: to

    Week 17

  • New In - Week 17

    New In - Week 17
    Blake Silk Trousers: These trousers are amazing!!!! Great fit and length and Victoria is desperate for them as her uniform piece! £125 100% silk
  • New In - Week 17

    New In - Week 17
    Washed Silk Jumpsuit: Loving the shape and its so easy to wear. The washed silk effect makes is really wearable and the belt is a good fit. True to size
  • Weekly Info - Week 18

    Weekly Info - Week 18
    ATV: £62.47 Conversion: 10% Top Categories: Smart Dress, Casual Dress & Jersey
  • Period: to

    Week 18

  • New In - Week 18

    New In - Week 18
    Bella Painted Animal Print Dress: Great fit, really flattering on the waist and hips. Perfect length, just above the knee which makes the dress quite young. Customers love that this style has sleeves.
  • New In - Week 18

    New In - Week 18
    Prudence Blouse: 100% silk in a very feminine colour which is an alternative to our ivory that is a basic. The colour gives this blouse an extra edge and again is a very on trend colour.
  • Alice & Becki

    Alice & Becki
    Becki is our Supervisor who has worked for Whistles for 2 years 6 Months. Alice is our Sales Consultant who has worked for Whistles for 3 months.
  • Laura & Ruby

    Laura & Ruby
    Laura is our Store Manager who has worked for Whistles for 5 years Ruby is our Sales Consultant who has worked for Whistles for 10 months
  • Sabrina & Nathys

    Sabrina & Nathys
    Sabrina is our Sales Consultant who has worked for Whistles for 10 months Nathys is our Sales Consultant who has worked for Whistles for 11 months.
  • Rawaa and Natasha

    Rawaa and Natasha
    Rawaa is our Supervisor and has worked for Whistles for 3 months Natasha is our Sales Consultant and has worked for Whsitles for 10 months
  • Sarah & Holly

    Sarah & Holly
    Sarah is our Assistant Manager who has worked for Whistles for 11 months Holly is our Sales Consultant who has worked for Whistles for 12 months