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G321 Production

  • Deadlines

    Today we wrote down the deadlines so we can stay on target.
  • Period: to

    Foundation Production Portfolio

  • Group Discussions

    Group Discussions
    We chose our groups and discussed which genre of film we would be working on, we chose Film Noir.
  • LA Confidential

    LA Confidential
    Overview of LA ConfidentialWe started to analyse LA Confidential in class to help us widen our knowledge of conventions of LA Noir.
  • Email for Location

    Email for Location
    I emailed Wynyard Hall for permission to use their grounds for our filming.
  • Initial Ideas

    Initial Ideas
    Hair and makeup tutorialWe developed characters and a storyline.
  • Individual analysis of opening screen shots

    Individual analysis of opening screen shots
    Bronte: Kiss Me Deadly
    Alice: Touch of Evil
    Hannah: Sunset Boulevard
    Rachel: Dead On Arrival (D.O.A)
  • Location arrangement and individual analysis

    Location arrangement and individual analysis
    As we didn't get a reply from Wynyard Hall we contacted The Historic Quay, we also continued on the Individual Analysis.
  • 9 Shot Analysis

    9 Shot Analysis
    Today we finished off the individual analysis and started the 9 screen analysis, we looked at the cinematography and the composition of shots in an opening sequence.
  • Ttitle Sequence Prezi

    Ttitle Sequence Prezi
    We each analysed a different opening sequence and made a prezi timeline talking about the typical film noir conventions which were included
  • Catch Up

    Catch Up
    Today we had a catch up lesson to finish up on different bits of work that needed completing- we then had a progress check to see we were all up to date.
  • Catch Up 2

    Catch Up 2
    We carried on with individual work to catch up in the areas we haven't finished.
  • Catch Up 3

    Catch Up 3
    Today again we are doing individual work to catch up on the bits we are personally behind on.
  • Synopsis

    We cleared up the storyline, making a spider diagram and a paragraph describing the situation. We also decided on the name 'Shades Of Grey'
  • Script and Storyboard

    Script and Storyboard
    Today is the last lesson before we start filming next week in the holidays so we need to organise what we are doing.
  • Filming

    Today we filmed at the Historic Quay, we were there from 12 till 4. We filmed different types of camera shots and tried to keep within the typical conventions of a film noir.
  • Uploading

    we uploaded our filming and photos to the computers ready to edit.
  • Group Discussion

    Group Discussion
    We decided that we needed to film some more of the femme fatale and the criminal together to help the audience understand the plot, this will be filmed on the 24th.
  • Individual Work

    Individual Work
    Today we are carrying on with our own work in the hope to have it all finished so we can film tomorrow and then get to work on editing.
  • Filming

    We are filming an extra scene to show the relationship between the femme fatale and the criminal, we are doing this in college but in the old part of the building so it still fits in with the 1940s theme.
  • Production Logo

    Production Logo
    We have decided to call our company Shout Productions, we have made a company logo and edited it so it is unique.
  • Rough Cut

    Rough Cut
    Today was the deadline for the rough cut, we had to edit the clips together and present them as neatly as possible even though we are re-filming for better quality shots tomorrow.
  • Voiceover script

    Voiceover script
    Today the voiceover script was finished and we started to piece the rough cut together.
  • Rough Cut

    Rough Cut
    Today we finished the rough cut and put the storyboard on our blogs.
  • Class Evaluation

    Class Evaluation
    The whole class sat down and watched each other's rough cuts, we gave each group constructive criticisms and told them what we though was good. We got our own feedback back and will work on it when editing next week.
  • Final Cut

    Final Cut
    Today we started work on the final cut, we edited it so the scenes flowed and added a soundtrack.
  • Sound Editing

    Sound Editing
    Today we added the voiceover and sountrack and continued editing our final cut.
  • Editing

    Today we carried on editing the final cut, we are close to finishing it now so it is just final precise details.
  • Finishing Off

    Finishing Off
    Today we tried to finish off as much as possible so we aren't rushing too much next week for the deadline- we finished the voice over and started working on the soundtrack and transitions.
  • Last Minute Changes

    Last Minute Changes
    Today we perfected our opening sequence by changing the soundtrack and adding the titles.
  • Final Adjustments

    Final Adjustments
    Today we made the very last changes to ensure we have produced it to the highest standard we can. We used livetype to create our title 'Shades of Grey' and we added ambient and incidental sound from youtube. We also made the flashbacks lighter and the rest of the scenes darker to make the flashbacks look obviously hazy and dreamy and the other scenes to look like it is at night.
  • Evaluation

    This week we are working on thse questions:
    -In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
    -How does your media product represent particular social groups?
    -What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
  • Evaluation Part 2

    Evaluation Part 2
    Next week we will be working on these questions:
    -Who would be the audience for your media product?
    -How did you attract/address your audience?
    -What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
    -Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?