210 Watford Road - False Claims

  • Purchase of Property

    Purchase of Property
    Completion of the property and recieved the Keys
  • Period: to

    No issues with Neighbours

    When we purchased the property, leading up to the 25th Sep 2011, we thought things were fine - as we had been very friendly with the neighbours and had invited them on at least 4 occassion to my house and allowed them through the property
  • JAC Associates - Discuss extension Requirements

    JAC Associates - Discuss extension Requirements
    Tony Jackson visit home to discuss requirements of the extension with onsuite toilet, and small infill extension ot the kitchen.
  • Submitted Planning Permission

    Submitted Planning Permission
    Submitted Planning permision for Proposed single storey side conversion of existing garage into habitable room with a small infill to the kitchen. Details : 29/06/2011 / Ref : 11/1693
  • Consultation Letter sent by council - no objections recieved

    Consultation letters sent out to 5 properties, no objections recieved.
  • Planning Permission Recieved

    Planning Permission Recieved
    Full planning permission recieved - no issues 1st time round
  • 1st Day of Build Demolition Work

    1st Day of Build Demolition Work
    First day of build, builders have started to remove garage roof and gut the insides in preparation for Building work
  • Fence Panel is removed - Neighbours start to behave very unreasonably

    During the course of the day the later part, excavation was being done hence a second fence and post needed to be moved temporarily to allow excavation without damaging the fence. Seeing as we had removed the first fence and agreed it will go in immediately afterwards (earlier that morning), we didnt feel the second fence would be a problem considering we were trying to preserve it and it would only be temporary. This was simply as communication issue misunderstanding
  • Harrassing Builder - Trying to get them to stop work

    Harrassing Builder - Trying to get them to stop work
    They keep harassing builder to stop work, the builder explains he is simply working on plans that have been passed by planning and we have inspected by building control every step of the way. Neighbour climbs on thier own roof and keeps intimidating workers from working by heckling them from above.On occasions tresspassing on my property with no permission from myself or my wife. Harrassment throughout the day trying to stop builders from working, tresspass on my property no permission sought
  • Tried to resolve issue by taking Moderator (Habib Qamar)

    I and my good friend Habib Qamar (School governer, and helps in various charities) visited the neighbours house to talk about it and see how we can move forward and resolve this. As Mr Habib Qamar was in a School governers meeting till late and I was at work till late myself, the intention was never to meet the neighbours late that night, but the continuing harrasment was upsetting the builder and further spoiling relations with me and the neighbours. Needed to talk and find way forward.
  • Harrassment Continues

    Arrived at house to see neighbours were engaged in animated discussions with builder, I intervened tried to speak to them - they were being unreasonable in thier demands. Both parties walked away, and nothing was resolved
  • LR1 - First Solictor Letter

    1st letter was sent, we did not recieve it. I have not seen it.
  • LR2 - Letter from Cogent Law

    Asking us to stop works and allow party wall surveyors, and they are preparing for an injunction. By this time the external structure was complete. As the build was only a garage conversion with a small infill to the kitchen, this was not major works thus only took 3-4 weeks to complete.
  • Police are called after argument

    Police are called after argument
    Leading up to this day continual harrassment and various officials being called to the house, environmental officers etc number of times. Argument ensues between Mrs Dattani and my wife, other people get involved words are exchanged. Police is called - no one is charged a mention of a solictor letter sent to us on the 18th Oct 2013, which we have not seen neither recieved.
  • LS1 - Letter sent by my Surveyor (Monir Arimoku)

    Letter Includes (Remedy Items) New independent wall has been built not affecting the 3rd party wall
    We have not overstepped boundary
    We have all necessary Planning and Building Approvals
    No Works are continuing that affect the boundary line
    Send us any breaches that you feel have taken place and in order to not spoil neighbourly relations, we will look towards a resolution
  • PC1 - Cogent Law (David) calls Surveyor (RIC Global Brickgate - Mr Arimoku)

    Suveyor agrees date to meet neighbours (Mr and Mrs Dattani's) to inspect damage, they specifically requested that I am not present. Also agreed that planning permission drawings will be sent, sent of all planning permission drawings as requested by special delivery to Cogent Law.
  • PC2 - Surveyor(RIC Global Brickgate - Mr Arimoku) & Cogent Law agreed to meet (13th-19th Nov 2011 )

    The solictor and Mr Arimoku agreed, to meet at site (208 Watford Road) to discuss the alleged damages that were claimed I caused, neighbour did not want me to be there - unreasonable considering I cannot defend what is being said or i'm being accussed of but nevertheless to keep the peace I agreed.
  • My Surveyor (RIC Global Brickgate - Mr Arimoku) Inspection (1 hour)

    My Surveyor (RIC Global Brickgate - Mr Arimoku) Inspection (1 hour)
    Mr Arimoiku went to Mr and Mrs Dattani's house (208 Watford) to inspect the alleged damages and spoke to them for an hour, they showed him around and stated the damage he took pictures of the damage which was very minimal, they offered photos and CCTV footage.
  • LR3 - Letter sent to (RIC Global Brickgate - Mr Arimoku)

    Misplaced letter, but from the followup written by Mr Arimoku referring to this letters. The Dattanis during inspection stated that they had photos and footage that shows before work, when mr Arimoku requested this - Cogent law are now saying there is no footage, seems that Mr and Mrs Dattani were being untruthful.
  • LR4 - Cogent to RICS (RIC Global Brickgate - Mr Arimoku

    We are working outside normal working hours, further attempts to sabotage any work that is being done to the property.
  • LS3 - Mr Arimoku to Cogent (Asking for before Photos)

    Asked for before photos to be able to make a recomendation
    Exageraration of the facts
    We asked to absorb half of Mr Arimoku's Costs for a revisit
    We asked for them to forward the pictures and footage the neighbours (Mr and Mrs Dattani's) said they have
    We have asked that the rear Boundary barb wire issue is addressed as this is a danger to my kids
    I offered to help pay towards cost of fence, even though the fence is not my responsibility as we would both benefit from this
  • Environment Officers Notice (General) - More Harrassment

    Environment Officers Notice (General) - More Harrassment
    Notice left on the front of the property, talking about enforcement if the noise is not curbed.I called and spoke to Steven Inch as Ketan (Environment Officer) who left the message was out on site visits, I want to know the procedure for neighbours who are harrasing neighbours and using police and environmental officers as thier vechile for prolonged harrasment, based on lies.
  • PC3 - Phone call recieved from Cogent (David) - Blocked Drain Allegation

    New allegation made by Mr and Mrs Dattanis about blocked drains
  • LR5 - Cogent Law to RIC Global Brickgate - Mr Arimoku

    Do not have this letter, was not cced on it.
  • LS4 - Mr Arimoku to Cogent Law (Cogent Suggesting another surveyor)

    Cogent Law suggesting thier clients poor english and hence communication issues ( Not true) as Mr Dattani speaks perfect english,
    Delay tactics accusation
    Monir makes email correspondance suggestion (Speed things up)
    That your client has tried to communicate without success and this has been further reinforced by our company’s difficulty incommunicating with our client (Lie)
    We suggested remedy any damage that remains outstanding
    Also suggestion of face to face meeting to resolve difference
  • EMR1 - Cogent to Mr Arimoku (They are seeking an expert)

    EMR1 - Cogent to Mr Arimoku (They are seeking an expert)
    Blocked front Rain Water drains and vague report from Dyno Rod
    Tresspass allegation, as part of our extension is on the clients felt (Not true)
    Cogent Law has stated that they are looking to Instruct of an expert on behalf of thier client (Mr and Mrs Dattani's)
    Schedule of remedial works to be prepared
  • PL1 - Personal Letter sent by me directly to Neighbours- lets resolve

    PL1 - Personal Letter sent by me directly to Neighbours- lets resolve
    Sent to personal letter to Mr and Mrs Dattani, to resolve this amicably as this was getting neither of us anywhere and we will be neighbours in the future.Left contact details email and mobile phone number in letter to call me. They received both these letters as they were signed for, have proof
  • PL2 - Second set of letters sent - no response to first

    PL2 - Second set of letters sent - no response to first
    Once again asking that we should resolve amicably and move forwards. These letters were not accepted by Dattani's they refused them and these were returned back to myself. Once again, just do not want to communicate or talk
  • EMR2 - Cogent sent letter to me directly (Do not contact our clients)

    Cogent Law have asked me not to contact Mr and Mrs Dattani and the all communications should be directed through them. Reason given not to contact, is because the police have advised them not to. Police would not stop 2 neighbours from trying to resolve thier issues, effectively thier solictors are saying do not resolve your issues ammicably.
  • EMS1 - Personal Letter to Cogent Law (Not wanting to resolve Amicably)

    Explained in letter to Cogent Law, that I am trying to resolve these matters in an amicable way but your client does not want to resolve this amicably. This is only possible with dialogue and both parties showing a sincere intention and willingness to want to resolve their issues in a pragmatic way and move forward, which I clearly am and have been throughout. Not Opening Line of communication
  • LS5 - Mr Arimoku to Cogent (Fwd us your Expert Report)

    Mr Arimoku answered in rebuttal to points raised by cogent, still trying to resolve by offering to repair brickwork.
    Face to Face meeting suggested again
    Offered to carry out repairs - despite our letter showing the damage was already present prior to any works we had done.
    Asked to see report as they stated in EMR1 that they are now proceeding with an expert report
  • EMR3 - Cogent to (RIC Global Brickgate) - Mr Arimoku

    Process of finalise clients expert report - and require depth foundations.
  • LS6 - (RIC Global Brickgate) - Mr Arimoku to Cogent Letter (We don

    Letter was not sent to me, but sent but Mr Arikmoku.
  • LS6 - Mr Arimoku to Cogent (Fully complaint with Building Regs)

    Response stating that we have fully complied with Building regulations, and to provide report at the earliest opportunity. Fully compliant with Building Regulations
    Should your consultant find any evidence to the contrary, we would be grateful for him to include it in his report.
    It may be more productive for your consultant to issue his report at the earliest opportunity for our inspection and response
  • LR6 - Cogent to Me (Practice Direction Pre Conduct Document)

    Requesting Plans for Depth Foundations
    The gardner in error cut some of the hedge, trimmed from top in front driveway of both neighbours and forms boundary line Allegations hedge has been cut on 3 occasions (not true) Requested
    Plans for Depth Foundations
  • LR7 - Cogent to Me (83 Page Expert Report)

    83 page report, mostly irrelevant pics and lots of emphasis on third party wall not being met. With some other items that we have allegedly damaged.
    Given 7 days to respond to Expert Report.
  • LS7 - (RIC Global Brickgate) - Mr Arimoku to Cogent (7 days not Adequate to respond)

    In response to Andrew Billinhgams report (Expert Report) and Cogent Law requesting 7 days for a response. Requesting 3 months for our report to be drawn up as we need find and instruct a structural engineer to inspect if there is any structural damage as this was never mentioned or seen before, despite Mr Arimoku (Surveyor) had already been on site - Mr and Mrs Dattani never mentioned this before. Expert report was very vague and suggested it was good practice.
  • LR8 - Cogent to Me (Not prepared to give us 3 months)

    They are not prepared to give 3 months and are only suggesting 1 month to get back to them.
    We have not provided depth foundations and are in breach of pre-action conduct protocol and the delay in Mr Dattanis expert surveyor providing report was due to me deliberately withholding information
    28 Days given for our expert structural engineer to go and compile his report
  • LR9 - Cogent to me (Flood Damage - front drains)

    LR9 - Cogent to me (Flood Damage - front drains)
    Once again exgartation about flood damage is affecting their garage, their drains are blocked as result of shared pipework and me building over our rainwater gullies. No pictures of flooding given, very grainy pics of gutter that looks delapidated like other parts of the property. Some mildue on walls inside house, no indication of where are how are the 2 connected. Complaining that their drains are blocked as a result of blockage on our side because of shared pipework yet our flows freely.
  • EMS7 - Mr Arimoku to Cogent - Rebuttal Letter to Report

    EMS7 - Mr Arimoku to Cogent - Rebuttal Letter to Report
    11 Page letter, Asking that their expert clarifies where the cracks are and prove that the cracks are of a structral nature as the expert report is very vague on it - considering underpinning is being suggested and that structure has been comprimised. We have mentioned we will remedy the smaller items, to resolve the issue but not accepting liability. Even though no schedule of works has been produced from thier side, just a collection of random points.
  • Rainwater Drains Cleared by instructiong London Drains (I paid)

    After chasing them several times, considering they mentioned it was urgent I paid to have the drains cleared. The engineer had discovered that some large beech stones had blocked the gully that were deliberately placed inside on neighbours side. Shown to Mrs dattani with solictor present and she became agitated. This has all been documented and drains have been cleared.
  • EMS12 - Mr Arimoku to Cogent (Drains are cleared)

    Courtesy email from Mr Arimoku, informing Cogent Law that drains have been cleared
  • EMS13 - Mr Arimoku to Cogent (Mr Arimoku Travelling Courtesy email)

    Mr Arimoku will be travelling - courtesy email to inform cogent that all correspondance is directed to emails
  • LR10 - Cogent Law to Myself (Respond to our questions shortly)

    Acknowldgement that they Cogent Law will get back to us, after their expert has got back to them and expect us to pick up the charge.
    Forwarded to Mr Biliingham for further comments
    Fees to answer these questions have to be met by me
    Cogent asked to provide Mr Billingham with an estimate that wil be forwarded to me
    They will return to use as soon as they are in a position to do so
    We are now waiting for Cogent Law to provide further clarification about the cracks.
  • LR11 - Cogent to Myself and Mr Arimoku (They want to proceed to court - asking to esnure names are correct)

    Expert has not commented yet, they will let us know. Drawings have been asked for, threatened with court again .
    They have not received any response from Mr Billingham, if and when we let you know
    We have in breach of pre-action conduct - been instructed to issue proceedings
    Asking for correct indenties of me and wife
    Asked for solictor details to send court papers to or will send directly to home address
    Disclosure of requested documents done no later then 4pm on the 9th Feb 2013
  • LS9 - Mr Arimoku to Cogent Law (We need confirmation about structural damage from your Expert)

    Emphasised need expert opinion to comment, will claim for costs if they go to court without them.
    I enclosed Structural Drawings
    We commented no revisions or recommendations were made with regards to underpinning by council at any stage of the build
    Construction work was signed of at every stage
    Andrew Billingham has to identify the structural cracks so our structural engineer can inspect them
    If your client proceeds to court we will seek costs against them
  • LR12 - Court Summons

    LR12 - Court Summons
    Watford County Court Claim Form
    Enclosed orginal Andrew Billingham Report (LR7),
    in Claim section Particulars of Claim - (attached)(to follow)
    They have not quatified the costs, or put a schedule of works together.