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G324 Advanced Portfolio

  • Poppy's Opie

    Poppy's Opie
    I created an Opie inspired by the Blur Ablum cover, I did this during A2 progression to develop my skills in Photoshop ready for the creation of a digipak when creating my A2 coursework.
  • Danial's Opie Task

    Danial's Opie Task
    I Created an Opie which is inspired by the Blur album cover, to develop my skills in Photoshop.
  • Period: to

    Creation of a Music video, Advert and Digipak

  • Pixel Girl

    Pixel Girl
    I was given the task of creating a Pixel Girl, to develop my photoshop skills even further as I played around with the rectangular marquee tool.
  • Lip Sync Task

    Lip Sync Task
    We created a lip sync task of the song Paradise by Coldplay, we did this to develop our skill in Final Cut by learning how to match the audio up with the visual lip sync.
  • Pixel Man Task

    Pixel Man Task
    I was given the task of creating of a Pixel Man, I created this effect by exploring the rectangular marquee tool.
  • Period: to


  • Digipak Analysis

    Digipak Analysis
    I analysised the features of the CD cover of Katy Perry in conjuction with the music video theories e.g. Laura Mulvey's, Stuart Hall,etc. By analysing a CD cover within the genre we have chosen gives me an idea on what needs to be included on the CD cover.
  • Personal Skils Audit

    Personal Skils Audit
    I created a personal skills audit to plan how I will develop my skills at A2 from AS, I will review my progression at the end of A2.
  • Danial's personal Skills Audit

    Danial's personal Skills Audit
    I created a personal skills audit to track my progress and my development of my skills at A2 from AS. At the end of A2 i will review my progress and development.
  • Danial's Digipak Analysis

     Danial's Digipak Analysis
    I analysised the Katy Perry CD cover with using the music video theories I have learned including the Laura Mulvey's theory.
  • Olly Murs Shot Count Task

    Olly Murs Shot Count Task
    I chose to do Olly Murs as my shot count task as this artist fits in with our chosen genre. By doing a shot count task I got an idea on how many shots are needed in a music video.
  • Shot Count Task

    Shot Count Task
    I chose to do the Hooisers - Choices as my shot count task as it fitted in with the genre we want to do with our music video. The purpose of doing a shot count task is to find out how many shots are used in exsisting videos so I have an idea of how many shots are needed when making my music video.
  • 9 Frame Analysis

    9 Frame Analysis
    I chose to do my 9 Frame Analysis on the one that got away by Katy Perry, i analysised the mise en scene of 9 still frames from the music video and comment on how this created meaning for the audience, but also how it links with the theories behind music videos.
  • Danial's Magazine Advert Analysis

    Danial's Magazine Advert Analysis
    I chose to analyisis the magazine advert for coldplay's album Mylo Xyloto, by analysising a magazine advert I have got an idea in what needed in this genre, so I will have an idea when creating our magazine advert for our music video.
  • Magazine Advert Analysis

    Magazine Advert Analysis
    I chose to analysis the magazine advert for Jessie J's album I analysised the features of the advert e.g the colours and the picture in terms of the theories behind music videos. To help me when creating my magazine advert for the digipak.
  • Detailed Music Video Analysis

    Detailed Music Video Analysis
    I chose to 'we are never ever getting back together' by Taylor swift commenting on the use of editing, camera and mise en scene and theories used within the video.
  • Danial's 9 Frame Task

    Danial's 9 Frame Task
    I chose to do Fix you by Coldplay as my 9 Frame task I analysised 9 still frames I chose from the music video commenting on how the mise en scene creates meaning, in realtion to the theories.
  • Permission Request

    Permission Request
    We sent an email and tweeted Epic records to ask for permission to use The man that can't be moved by The Script as this was our chosen song and we informed the record company that we would be only using the song for educational purposes.
  • Lyrics Breakdown

    Lyrics Breakdown
    We took the lyrics from 'The man that can't be moved' and broke them down to the timings on the song on each lyrics. Also under each section we included some of our initial ideas for that section.
  • Danial's Detailed Music Video Analysis

    Danial's Detailed Music Video Analysis
    I chose to analysis Earthquake by Labrinth, I took into account the editing, mise en scene and camera used and linked it to theories.
  • Audience Profile

    Audience Profile
    We created an audience profile fitting in with the genre and the band we had chosen to do i.e The Script. Our audience profile is called Harry Simpson who likes to play the guitar and is inspired by the script and ed sheeran an artist also within this genre.
  • Audience Research Questions

    Audience Research Questions
    We created a set of questions to ask people within our target audience to get an idea into what to put into our music video.
  • Audience Research Questions Answers

    Audience Research Questions Answers
    These are the responses to our questions we asked to our target audience over different media platforms e.g twitter, facebook and blackberry messenger.
  • Initial Ideas

    Initial Ideas
    I displayed our initial ideas on the website, which is like a big notice board, I chose this method of presentation because i could embed videos and pictures aswell. This was a useful tool as I wanted to include youtube videos that I had taken ideas and techinques from e.g Just the way you are by Bruno Mars.
  • Treatment Sheet

    Treatment Sheet
    We created a Treatment Sheet for lighting, Narrative, Locations and editing and what we plan to do in our version of the music video, commenting on the background of the script aswell.
  • Detailed Planning

    Detailed Planning
    These are photos of the detailed planning of how we are going to shoot the music video, including locations and the visual that is going on in that section of the song. I created this detailed planning so I felt confident with what I was shooting when it came to fliming.
  • Treatment Sheet - Costumes, Makeup and Colours

    Treatment Sheet - Costumes, Makeup and Colours
    We also created a treatment sheet for costumes, Makeup and colours we plan to use in our music video, by creating this specific treatment sheet, we will of planned exactly what costumes we are using so we will remember to bring them the day of the shoot.
  • Making of the Record Label Logo

    Making of the Record Label Logo
    This shows how we made our record company logo for P&D records, and how we developed it in photoshop, also this shows our research on how we looked into Parlophone's existing record logo for inspiration and ideas.
  • Call Sheet 1

    Call Sheet 1
    This is our first call sheet for day one of shooting the music video, it tells us the actors and the costumes and the locations needed for that day of the shot, so it keeps the actors organised but also the crew, knowing which actors and shots they need to shoot that day.
  • Call Sheet 2

    Call Sheet 2
    This is our second call sheet for our second day of shooting we have two call sheets as we have two different locations we plan to use in our music video and an outdoor and an indoor location.
  • Storyboard

    This is our storyboard of our music video for the man that can't be moved by the Script, our storyboard shows each shot we plan to use along with what is going on in that shot.
  • Recce Shots

    Recce Shots
    The purpose of taking Recce shots, is to see what locations come out well on camera in terms of lighting and mise en scene. All of our Recce shots turned out well.
  • Shooting Schedule

    Shooting Schedule
    The shooting schedule clearly shows each shot we plan to use and a description of that shot but also the mise en scene used in that shot. The purpose of creating a shooting schedule for our video is to keep us organised when shooting making sure we stick to schedule and include a variety of shots.
  • Day 1 of Shooting

    Day 1 of Shooting
    This was our first day of shooting and it went well, we manage to film most of the outdoor scenes on location and we managed to stick to schedule smoothly. However we need to re film so shots as they didnt turn out well. So we will re film this on the second day of shooting.
  • Day 2 Shooting

    Day 2 Shooting
    Today we shot the rest of the outdoor scenes for the ending of the music video. However we couldn't shoot the indoor scenes we planned to shoot due to unforsceen circumstances with one of our actors. So we will re arrange another date suitable for our actor.
  • Editing

    I imported all the clips and footage in to final cut and sorted the useable shots from the non-useable shots
  • Editing

    I edited the first few shots of the song and rendered this selection.
  • Editing

    I continued to edit from where I finished yesterday then I rendered what I had edited.
  • Editing

    I continued to edit from where I finished yesterday then I rendered what I had edited.
  • Digipak Practise

    Digipak Practise
    Danial chose an image from the internet to practise his skills in Photoshop ready for when he makes the digipak.
  • Editing

    Today I finished editing the first verse of the song and then I rendered it to make sure I didn't lose my progress
  • Editing

    Today I started to edit the first chorus shots and then I rendered the progress I had done.
  • Front cover of Digipak

    Front cover of Digipak
    Danial finished the final version of the Digipak front cover that he plans to use for our final Digipak.
  • Editing

    I carried on from the stage I was at yesterday then I rendered my progression
  • Editing

    I finished the first chorus and some of the second half of the song, I rendered my progression to save my rough cut.
  • Editing

    Today I completed the end section and touched up the beginning section all I need to include now is the third verse which I will edit in once I film it on thursday.
  • Editing

    Today I picked up from were I finished on Monday I could only edit tiny bits as I was waiting to edit the third verse which I am filming with my actress tomorrow once this is filmed I can edit in and publish my first rough cut.
  • Filming the indoor scenes.

    Filming the indoor scenes.
    Today I filmed the indoor scenes with my actress. This shot was previously delayed due to the actress grieving. I can now edit these shots into the edit to create my first cut of the music video.
  • Initial Magazine Advert Practice

    Initial Magazine Advert Practice
    Danial all week has been practicing different effects in photoshop we can use on our Advert. Danial has also be experiment with different images we can use for our 6 pane digipak
  • Photoshoot

    Today I took the Photos of Danial to use on our digipak and magazine advert. The theme I had in mind when taking the photos was ' loneliness' as this is a major theme within our narrative.
  • Rough Cut

    Rough Cut
    Today I uploaded the first rough cut to my blog commenting on what needs improving, which one of the main factor was re organising to film the Tv, in order for the news report to fit on it perfectly.
  • Editing

    I started to sort out the footage and I delete some of the footage from the sequence and replace it with others to make it fit better with our narrative.
  • Editing

    I continued to fine edit from where I left off on Monday and planned to re film the tv on thursday evening. So I booked the camera out for thursday.
  • Magazine advert practice

    Magazine advert practice
    Danial has been developing this image in Photshop for a few days and we have chosen this as our final image for our advert however we are going to change our dimension into portrait as most A4 adverts are portrait not landscape.
  • Re filming

    Re filming
    I chose to re film the TV in order for the new report to fit correctly and look like its actually coming off the TV. Also I chose to film a calander being flick through for the lyrics 'day, month, year'. I plan to edit this footage in tommorrow into the sequence.
  • Editing

    Today I edit the footage I filmed yesterday into the sequence. I embeded the news report onto the re-filmed TV, which fitted better as I filmed it from the exact angle now. Also I edited the calendar into the edit, i sped up each clip so it looked like the calendar was flipping quickly.
  • New Digipak front cover

    New Digipak front cover
    Danial created a new front cover for the front of the digipak with a photo I took from the photoshoot, as we felt this photo was more fitting to our genre, also it looked more advanced and not immature. Danial tried to create the effect that writing is carved into the rock.
  • Editing

    Today I experimented with slow motion on the cup dropping to show more advance skills within my edit. Also I was working towards publishing my second rough cut which I plan to publish on Wednesday. I started to experiment to cutting to thoughbeats.
  • Second Rough Cut

    Second Rough Cut
    Today I uploaded the second rough cut, and made a checklist on what still needs to be done in the edit. One of these tasks includes to create a splitscreen effect.
  • Final Magazine Advert

    Final Magazine Advert
    Today Danial finished the Final Magazine Advert, it included features you would see on an advert advertising a upcoming music album. Danial created this using his skills in Photoshop.
  • Back cover of the digipak

    Back cover of the digipak
    Danial started on the back cover of the digipak, he chose the image from the photoshoot which would suit the best, and he started editing in Photoshop by adding the revelant information to it i.e, the track listings.
  • Lining up the sync and Split Screen

    Lining up the sync and Split Screen
    In this lesson so of my lip sync went out of sync, so using the marker tools in final cut I lined them up again, so the footage was again in sync. Also I made a start on creating the split screen effect in a new sequence ready to drag and drop into the edit.
  • Editing using advance effects

    Editing using advance effects
    Today I put the split screen into our sequence, this effect looked effective as it adds to the narrative we are portraying within our music video.
  • Back Cover of the Digipak

    Back Cover of the Digipak
    Danial today has almost completed creating the back cover of the digipak in Photoshop, he just needs to check his spellings and add it to the rest of the digipak.
  • Final Back Cover

    Final Back Cover
    Today Danial finished the back cover of the Digipak in Photoshop he checked his spellings then uploaded it to the blog and added it to the outline of the digipak Danial still needs to create an inside cover, the extra cover and the CD. Then Finally put it all together.
  • Final Inside Cover

    Final Inside Cover
    Danial chose the orginal front cover image to use as our inside panel and to stretch it over the three panels to emphaise the meaning of the image, he then added this to outline of the digipak.
  • Final extra Cover of Digipak

    Final extra Cover of Digipak
    Danial chose one of the images from the photoshoot as the image for the extra panel in the digipak he manipulated the image in Photoshop to crete the desired effect he wanted then he added the outline of the final Digipak
  • Rough Cut 3

    Rough Cut 3
    Today I finished the third Rough Cut of our music video, from the previous cut I have add adavance effects like the split screen and the old film effect. In my final cut I going to try and attempt smoothing out the jerky cuts.
  • CD Practice

    CD Practice
    Danial today practiced how he should design the cd for our Digipak he will finish the final one before the deadline. He took the inspiration the Script CD design of bold colours.
  • Final Cut of Music Video

    Today I finished the final cut of our music video, I Smoothen the shots out as best as I could, I uploaded it to youtube and embedded it on my blog.
  • Final Digipak

    Final Digipak
    Danial uploaded the Final Digipak to the blog and printed it off. To mock up an image of what it would look like.