• CUTE! is founded! :D

    CUTE! is founded! :D
    Bryant Irawan, a high school student and youth activist, founded CUTE! in order to provide his fellow peers with volunteering experience and to teach members and friends the importance of being active citizens. CUTE! started as a group of close friends, but has quickly become an important source of youth volunteering. During our first week as an organization, we recieved more than 7000 hits and recieved two awards for our website. Thank you to everyone who made this organization possible.
  • Aids Walk 08

    Aids Walk 08
    Aids Walk was our first official event and it was a great chance for all of our members to bond and get to know each other. Afterwards, we stopped by Beverly Center to eat lunch and shop.
  • Surprise Thanksgiving Event

    Surprise Thanksgiving Event
    Luckily, CUTE! was established right before the Holiday season. After a few weeks of fundraising and partnerships, we were able to plan and create many Thanksgiving and Christmas events. Our first Holiday event was purchasing four crape myrtle trees from a local gardening store.
  • Afterschool Thanksgiving Tree Drop Off

    Afterschool Thanksgiving Tree Drop Off
    After purchasing the trees, we hand delievered 2 of the 4 the trees to the Hacienda La Puente School District. They later planted them at Sierra Vista Middle School.
  • Christmas Present Shopping/Packing

    Christmas Present Shopping/Packing
    Besides planting trees for Thanksgiving, we also donated Christmas presents to pediatric patients at Methodist Hospital and Huntington Hospital. We gave so many presents, the nurses said that our donations would probably last the entire Holiday season. Before we were able to give the presents away, we needed to wrap them. So it was off to Toys R Us to get everything on the wishlist and then it was back to Bryant's house to wrap.
  • Present Distribution to Methodist and Huntington Hospital

    Present Distribution to Methodist and Huntington Hospital
    We couldn't have even dreamed this day would be possible, but there we were handing bags filled with presents to the nurses. We spent lots of time talking to the nurses and we were happy to realize that we brought more than enough presents for both hospitals.
  • Donation to Hillsides and Arcadia

    Donation to Hillsides and Arcadia
    So after we realized that we had so many presents left, we decided to buy a few more so we had enough to donate to Hillsides Orphanage. We had just enough for every residing orphan from the ages of 7-12 to recieve a toy. Hopefully, they loved it :D We were also able to donate the two remaining crape myrtle trees to the City of Arcadia's Public Works Department. This time, they promised to let us plant it :P
  • CUTE! Donates More Than 10,000 Sheets of Paper to AHS

    CUTE! Donates More Than 10,000 Sheets of Paper to AHS
    With the rest of our Holiday Funds, we were able to donate more than 10,000 sheets of recycled 100% and 30% recycled paper to Arcadia High School. Most of our members are proud students in AHS, so it was an enjoyable experience giving back to the school we love and we know our school really needs copy paper. Great idea members!
  • Preparing 800 Christmas Dinners for Local Families

    Preparing 800 Christmas Dinners for Local Families
    So much food... CUTE! worked with other organizations and individuals to help package 815 complete Christmas dinners which included pasta, entree, vegetables, dessert, and so much more. Each box probably weighed more than 10 pounds! It was amazing to work with other organizations that had similar goals and it was a great way for us to witness the committment and teamwork of older organizations and learn from them.
  • CUTE! Plants Trees on 8th Ave.

    CUTE! Plants Trees on 8th Ave.
    We finally heard back from Arcadia and they told us today was the day to plant our trees. We went out and planted our two lovely trees at a side walk. If you happen to pass by 8th Ave. and see two gorgeous pink flowered trees, you'll know who planted them :) (Sorry Matt for leaving you behind. You had fun afterwards right?)
  • City of Arcadia Thanks CUTE!

    City of Arcadia Thanks CUTE!
    So it was Christmas Eve and in my mailbox, was a thank you letter from the City of Arcadia. It had a pen signature from Tom Tait, the Deputy Public Works Services Director, and it was even printed on fine parchment paper :P You're welcome Arcadia! We'll be there next year too :D
  • Indonesia Media Interviews CUTE!

    Indonesia Media Interviews CUTE!
    CUTE! attracted some attention from Indonesia Media after our Holiday Events. They offered to interview us and feature an article explaining what we do and what we have accomplished so far. This was our first public news appearance. Indonesia Media is the largest Indonesian-Chinese magazine in the world.
  • Will Rogers State Beach Cleanup

    Will Rogers State Beach Cleanup
    CUTE! worked with Heal The Bay to help clean up the beach. At first, I thought this event would be a normal beach cleanup, but Sumo proved me wrong. -_-
  • CUTE! Gets Into 5 Different Newspapers 9 DIfferent Time!

    CUTE! Gets Into 5 Different Newspapers 9 DIfferent Time!
    Just days after our Indonesia Media interview, CUTE! was featured in Arcadia Weekly, Pasadena Independent, Monrovia Weekly, and the Sierra Madre Weekly. We were featured on the newspaper's Jan 29 - Feb 4 issue. We were even able to grab the 2nd to cover page spot! Thank you for all our members' support and hard work during the Holidays.
  • CUTE! Goes International

    CUTE! Goes International
    CUTE! finally was able to start reaching out to other nations. We started with Indonesia and asked our members to research problems and create their own solutions. Then, we asked everyone to vote for their favorite problem/solution and the winner was to create a health brochure explaining about three major health problems in Indonesia. These brochures will be distributed to school children in rural schools via our contact person.
  • Kidspace Museum for Nordstorm Tiles

    Kidspace Museum for Nordstorm Tiles
    The new addition to Santa Anita Mall required hand painted tiles for Nordstorm's kid section. The tiles were painted by children at Kidspace Museum and it was our job to supervise them and help them. We finished our job so fast, we had plenty of time left to have fun and play in the park. We decided to go to Ultrazone to have a laser tag celebration on behalf of Erik's birthday and CUTE!'s success. I had the highest score :D
  • CUTE! Dishes Out More Than 640 Hours

    CUTE! Dishes Out More Than 640 Hours
    Applications for NHS were out and we gave all of our members their volunteer service hours. ICAA, a registered non-profit organization and a partner organization of CUTE!, distributes our hours on behalf of CUTE! We have a 100% active member rate and we have an average 21.3 hours/member. Great work guys!
  • Door to Door Hunting for Trash

    Door to Door Hunting for Trash
    This is 5 SA's first partnered event with CUTE! Club and GEM. Together they went door to door asking for donations of recyclable materials and item donations. In addition club memebers taught local residents to recycle efficiently by giving trash bags to separate recyclable material from trash. The recyclable items will be recycled at local vendors while the items will be donated.
  • Autism Walk

    Autism Walk
    Because our members had tons of fun from our first event, Aids Walk, CUTE! wanted to find another walking event and help donate to find a cure for autism. It was shorter than Aids Walk, but still very fun!
  • Rebuilding Together Pasadena

    Rebuilding Together Pasadena
    At first, we thought we wouldn’t be able to do much stuff because we have no experience with construction. However, for 8 straight hours, we painted the entire exterior trim of the house. It was lots of work and we had to climb roofs and lean over the edge to get some spots, but nobody complained. The whole experience was very exciting and fun, and we all learned a lot.
  • Recycling Door to Door Items

    Recycling Door to Door Items
    We took all the recyclable materials we collected from the Door to Door Trash Collection to the local recycling vendor.
  • Union Station Homeless Service Project

    Union Station Homeless Service Project
    CUTE! Club and STAR worked together to assist member Eric Fornaciari in completeing his Eagle Project. The project consisted of cleaning, preping, and painting 5 large walls of the facilities.
  • Habitat for Humanity

    Habitat for Humanity
    There were many other volunteers there as well, all from different guilds and clubs, as well as individual volunteers who went by themselves. Together, we helped clear out trash and prepared the four houses for interior painting. It was great to know that we had helped accelerate the speed of construction, and at the same time we had lots of fun and learned about the process of building homes.
  • Happy Birthday CUTE!

    Happy Birthday CUTE!
    With only one year under our belt, we have been able to accomplice so much. Lets hope we can be even more productive in the coming years.
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Packaging

    Thanksgiving Dinner Packaging
    At the Ares Hall of the Los Angeles County Arboretum, hundreds of volunteers gathered to help pack various foods in boxes for local families in need for the upcoming holidays. We attended the event and had tons of fun while experiencing warmheartedness at the thought of helping out families in need.
  • Brochure Creation

    Brochure Creation
    After countless hours of grueling research and and writing, we finally finished composing a health brochure suitable for preventing and possibly counteracting Indonesia’s common diseases. We’re too tired to really talk about it, but thanks to everyone who went!
  • Hillside Orphanage Christmas Presents

    Hillside Orphanage Christmas Presents
    After collecting and wrapping countless presents we took them to the Hillside Orphanage and donated them to the children who are less fortunate.
  • Arcadia Public Library Donation

    Arcadia Public Library Donation
    We collected books of all sizes, genres and reading levels. We easily filled the donation bin and donated approximately 100 books.
  • USC Dental Clinic Christmas Donation

    USC Dental Clinic Christmas Donation
    After soliciting donations of gifts, we donated USC Dental Clinic the gifts to USC Dental Clinic. Not only are we proud to say every patient got a gift, but we provided enough gifts to last an estimated two more months!
  • City of Hope Christmas Donation

    City of Hope Christmas Donation
    After we finished wrapping some presents, we headed over to City of Hope’s pediatric section where we donated countless presents to their patients.
  • Remote Villiage Care Package

    Remote Villiage Care Package
    Recently, CUTE! finished its first international project. We’ve been working on this for months and we finally got it done. The project was unbelievably difficult. We sent health brochures that we created as well as toothbrushes to all the kids of a little, remote village in Indonesia. Our members have been researching common diseases in Indonesia and creating a brochure teaching kids the symptoms, treatments, prevention tips, descriptions, etc.
  • Haiti Care Package Prep

    Haiti Care Package Prep
    CUTE! has a hospital – 2 of them… do you? We collected collecting 1000 toothbrushes and toothpaste as well as two large tents that we have intended to be used as makeshift hospitals in Haiti. We donated them to a the Giving Children Hope organization that will take all of out donations to Haiti.
  • Haiti Care Package Donation

    Haiti Care Package Donation
    CUTE! has just finished its largest event ever! We sent 1000 toothbrushes/toothpaste as well as two makeshift hospitals to Haiti. Thank you to Giving Children Hope for helping us make this event possible and to all of our members who thought and created this event. I really think this is a turning point in our organization. I’m so proud of you guys!
  • Meeting With Paul Cheng

    Meeting With Paul Cheng
    With city concil elections in the near future, campaigning is in full effect. We decided to meet with candidate Paul Cheng in his local office. We disscussed his policies and campaign and he told us his general plans if elected into office. Don't forget to vote guys!
  • Campaigning with Paul Cheng

    Campaigning with Paul Cheng
    Obvious something that Paul Cheng stood for really spoke out to us. Within a week of meeting with him we all jumped at the idea to help him campaig. We went to local residents to talk to the owners, hand out flyers, and put up signs.
  • Shoe & Clothes Donation

    Shoe & Clothes Donation
    For several months, CUTE! members gathered their used clothes and shoes to donate for needy families. With the combined effort of the entire club, we were able to gather hundreds of items. Thanks for your donations guys!
  • Santa Anita Relay for Life

    Santa Anita Relay for Life
    Hey guys. Thanks to everyone who went to our last event. It was not only really fun but also touching and for a great cause. Our main job was to set up the luminarias, or lanterns dedicated to those who have battled cancer. We went around the entire course and spaced out the luminarias. After everything was set up and 8:00 rolled around, we lit the luminarias and walked the first laps of the night. It was a really great event and I encourage everyone to go next year.
  • Eisenhower Memorial Park Cleanup

    Eisenhower Memorial Park Cleanup
    This was our first time running this event and I’m sure all of our members will agree that it was a blast. As soon as the park began to empty, we lined up our members and started. We began at the baseball bleachers. From there we worked our way across a seemingly infinite stretch of grass, through the basketball court and playground until finally we reached the other end of the park. Along the way we separated trash from recyclable materials and disposed of them properly.
  • Filming of "What is CUTE!?" Video

    Filming of "What is CUTE!?" Video
    We all got together and created a supprisingly effective make shift filming studio with lights, camera, and alot of action. After all our equipment was all in place, we filmed our individual members. Each members message tied in with the next to fully potray the overal idea of what CUTE! is and why we formed it.
  • "What is CUTE!" video release date

    "What is CUTE!" video release date
    With the completion of our video, the only thing left to do was to release it to the world to see and learn our purpose.