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2013-2014 3rd Grade Memories

By dduray
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    2013-2014 School Year

  • The First Day Of School.

    The first day of school we learned about the ipads. We have 27 ipads in the class room. Thay have about 50 apps. All of them are learning apps. We have our smart stack of books. A smart stack is where we have easy,meadom, and hard. We started to work on our ipads. We started to find out how to use them. They are a big responsibility. We where exited when our ipads came YAY!!!! When our friend came it was exithing one was our friend best friend. it was a awesome day for the first day!
  • Soft Start

    I like soft start because if I'm in a bad mood it will calm me down. Also, I can have some fun before getting to work right away. We use Schoology to get us started. It tells us what to do. During soft start we take our planners out. Our parent had to sign it for the teacher to sign. On Fridays we get our Friday Folders. On Monday during soft start we turn them in. Soft start is soothing because the teacher will play music.
    by Makayla
  • Our Class

    Since the beginning of the year Mrs. Duray does this thing where it's like we are a TEAM. If we treat each other badly then we get a 5 minute penalty. We do this because lots of people in the class like football. In the beginning of the year we had 24 students. Then we got Trinity and Makayla. We needed to treat eachother as a team then. A little later Nicholas moved back to Texas and Eli moved and then came back. By the end of the year we had 26 students. by Maggie
  • Butterflies

    The butterflies are beautiful! We lke them because there life cycle is amazing! When they are a calapitter they can some times have spikes on them. They have scales. Before they are butter flies they go into a chrsalise. They have a life cycle. They have amazing wings.
  • Hatching Chicks

     Hatching Chicks
    Most of the students in our class thought the chicks were cute. Their cute faces actully made them famous! we were on the jeffco school news paper! That didn't matter to us! One chick was diabled. That chick was fighter. First we got the eggs . We didn't know what they were for, but I thought we weren't going to incubate the eggs, but when i found out we were, i blew up! We get to hatch chicks! I miss the chicks so much, and i wish they were still here!
  • rockies

    boom the rockies rit it so far it went out the feild home run i think the rockies are good you should watch them thay have a maskot. DINGER was funny with they are bating and he triked hem sothaycodent hit. and they got mad at dingerand dinger was funny.
  • Buckets Stools

    Buckets Stools
    In are class in stead of real chairs we use buckets instead. we can decorate them in any way we want it exept no violence! we can put books in are buckets stools and note books but not our ipads! we put pillows on are buckets stool so are tush wont hurt. we put blankets under the lid so wewant have to use a crow bar to get the lid open. we can move are buckets any were in the class room. on are buckets stools we can set any way we want to and we can tilt them. we love using are buckets.
  • Butterfly Pavilion

    when we got to the butterfly pavillan the people that work their we got to hold random animals.we got to hold rose the tranchola then we went to butterfly land.when we were in butterfly land we saw all sorts of butterflys like the owl butterfly.then we went to school.
  • Mrs.Duray

    She likes books. Books the she enjoys are fiction. Mrs.Duray loves to eat mac and cheese. Her favorite mac and cheese is on the crock pot. She gave us iPad... They are awesome. And she is good with technical stuff. She is the awesomiest teacher ever!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-] Thats all I learned about Mrs.Duray.! ;-]
  • Math

    W do math equations and way more in our math book. We have had our math books since the beggining of the year. Math is a really fun subject! every number is different. We have multiplication, divition , addition, and subtraction. Theres even problems where you have to crack the code too. To warm up we do pages in our math book or we do a number talk. And the last thing is we story problems. That is all about math. PS. MATH IS AWESOME!!!!!
  • Turky Trot

    Turky Trot
    The turky trot was exiteing. We always run a mile. But it chang because of the snow so we ran 2/3 laps. We run by grades. Theres is first place for boys and girls. We all start slow the medeum then fast then slow. I won and my class mate wone too.The prize for first place was pie we both got pies. We both got pumkin pie. That was a big exsecize!
  • Makaylas Birthday Wish

    Makaylas Birthday Wish
    This year our classmate made a good choice. Her name was Makayla. Makayla had a birthday wish not just any wish a special wish. The wish was to gather can foods for the homeless. She asked us to collect parrisable foods for the homeless. We were sucessful and gatherd 448 cans!!! After we got the can foods we kept track of how many foods came in a day. When it was time Makayla and her mom and mrs.Duray helped deliver the food to the food bank.She had that wish because she knew how it felt.
  • Geology

    Could you imagine a 3rd grader that loves rocks and geology so much that they have a tackle box full of rocks? Thats me! We loved to study geology for many reasons. First we studied erosion. We learned that a simple plant can crack a rock! I also got to share some of my rocks and I taught the class about them. We also learned lots of cool facts. We had so much fun while studying geology in Mrs. Durays 3rd grade class!
  • Music

    In music it is loud. Our Mr. Omota. He is fun sometimes. We learn new song everyday. We learned to play guitars.It is awesome in music music. In music we played bells. we needed to wear gloves so we don`t get it dirty. We sing song a lot in music. We have a lot of fun with Mr. Omota.
  • Spelling City

    Spelling City is an app that we use to help us as spellers. We have to login on our iPads first. There are 8 activities. The first one you have to do is the pre-test. The audio will say the word and sentence. When you finish you show the results to the teacher. When you show the teacher your results she will give you a list and then you have to cut and sort it. After that you have to do the next activity. The last thing you have to is do the final test then you show the teacher.
  • TFK

    Every Friday we get a TFK. It is a non-fiction newspaper. It tells us facts about the current news. It is called a TFK but it means Time for Kids. We put them in a red folder. The pic-collage has notes about something in the TFK. We take a picture of some things in the TFK and then write about it. We are creative when we make it. TFK is a great thing for third graders. by Justin
  • Mike Nelson - Assembly

    Mike Nelson - Assembly
    Mike nelson is cool because he knows the weather and he predicts it as well.Someday i want to go In a tornado and other tremendous weather like a tremendous weather man like Mike Nelson.Do you always do this one job all the time mike nelson 5/28/14
  • Art

    art is about making stuff. And we made a pot with modling clay. It was for mothers day. I LOVE ART A LOT. We can draw when we are finished with our work. Sometimes when we make stuff and we can watch movies and sometimes we make stuff then we destroy it then we make it into a ball. don`t you think art is fun?
  • P.E

    In pe we do all kinds of games. Running games, catching games, thro0wing games, kicking games, and some are just games. Before we do anything else we do our warmups. We do our warmups because we can get morew exercize. In the begenning of the school year we we got assigned seats. We have a fun time but we are tired when we are done. We play so hard we swet like a fat chubby cow. one of our class favorite is sharks and minnows.
  • CORE 5

    CORE 5
    CORE 5 helps me spell because on level 9 they tell you the word you can spell. If you get it wrong they tell you how to spell it. It is cool and helpful. CORE 5 is on the iPads.
  • Ms. Courtnee

    Ms. Courtnee always helped me and everyone. She came with us Mondays, and Wednesdays. She is very smart. She doesn't come often because she goes to college. She wants to be a teacher and teach 3rd grade. She is very helpful because when we are doing something like writing or reading she helps us with the word that we are stuck on. Ms. Courtnee is careful and caring and also nice because she really is smart and caring because she LOVES us so much. by Lizbeth
  • tri-fold

    in our magic school bus writting looked at books we saw that there was notes. we kept reading and we found out what we were going to write about we wrote it in our note books then we went in google and wrote our stores. we printed them and got a try-fold we glooed our storys in a try-fold he glood our storys and pics in the try-fold we wrote our own notes and printed them. we also drew on the try-fold. are family loved them. it was a great creation that was our magic school bus writting.
  • Field trip to the plains conservation center

    Field trip to the plains conservation center
    One day my class and i went to the plains conservation center. At the begging of the trip we had a guid,also we got to do three different events. the first was using a plant called yaka. You can use it as a book mark, rope and even a bracelet! The second event we did was archery. There were two patato sacks with targets on them. Before the final event we had lunch. The final event was to take down then move then put up a te-pee. then we left. i had a great time during the trip to the plains!
  • Field Day

    Field day's fun, active, and awesome. There's lots of fun activities. Some people even played catch with the football throw guys.
  • book reviews

    book reviews
    book rewiews is like reading but we need to read first. When we are done reading we write in are writers notebook. then we put in the ipad. next we do a QR code. Then we print the QR code. after we print the QR code we cut it out. But we make sure it we dont cut the code. Then we put it in a book next you read the book then you test it by scanning it.
  • Black Hawk Helicopter Landing!

    Black Hawk Helicopter Landing!
    Guess what? A black hawk helicopter landed in our shcools soccer field. One of the pilots was our school cop! we were talking about battle buddies we were also talking about how to resist drugs. only the 3-6 graders got to see the helicopter take off the ground. there were people from the air force and the marines. today was a great experience watching and learning about the black hawk helicopter p.s.the black hawk is 64 to 63 feet long
  • iPads

    I like piccolge because it is a good for writeing and we do it for things like tfk. also we use this app called gogle docs thats another one well theres all kinds of whriteing apps we also have are favorite app mines is tinker box.

    How do you comuinacate? How you comuinacate is by going to discripshion and write about some thing. Schoolegy is very fun you learn a lot from it. I think other schools should use it. it is a very good you sores. How you use it is by typing in your school when you find it you click on it. then when you get there put in your number for yourself then it will take you some where then slide from the left to the right. you will see coures then you click on it and your teacher can make a folder in it.