Ecuador 010

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  • Arrive in Ecuador

    Arrive in Ecuador
    We left early morning to the airport and arrived in Quito, Ecuador around 5:30pm. We meet our host family. One of the twins picked us up.
  • Period: to


  • Academia Latinoamerica De Espanol

    Academia Latinoamerica De Espanol
    Our family brought us to the Academia to show us where is was located.
  • A Tour of Quito

    A Tour of Quito
    We traveled through the old town of Quito. We visited the church of San Agustin. The picture is the church of San Francisco. Everything looked like we traveled back in time.
  • Academia Latinoamerica De Espanol

    Academia Latinoamerica De Espanol
    The inside of the school
  • At Home to Rest

    At Home to Rest
    After school we came home to rest. We were adjusting to the altitude. Quito is a little more than 9 thousand feet above sea level.
  • Middle of the World

    Middle of the World
    We traveled to the equator 0'00. We saw the indigenous people who lived in the area and some of their customs. We also saw the effects of the magentic fields. How the water turns depending on which force affects. I couldn't balance the egg but Jen was able too.
  • Virgen de Panecillo

    Virgen de Panecillo
    We traveled to the panecillo after school. we had a free afternoon. The Taxi only gave us 10 minutes to take pictures. It was a wonderful view of the city.
  • Coffee

    Afterwards, we grabbed a cup of coffee at Hasta la vuelta, Senor..
    Great coffee!
  • Mariscal

    We went to Mariscal to unwind from school. There is the famous special 2 for 1 almost everyday.
  • Otavalo

    We went to one of the biggest markets. We bought most of our gifts here. One thing I learned is that Gabby knows how to bargin. We got everything dirt cheap!! It is amazing how everything was made by hand. Everything was well made and beautiful. I will always treasure my Pancho!!!
  • Cuy!!

    After the market i got my chance to try Cuy!!! It was delicious!!! I recommand everyone try it at least once. I know i won't get another chance to try it again until I go back.
  • Cotacahi Cayapas

    Cotacahi Cayapas
    At a National Park, beautiful lake behind us but what does Brockway want to do, ride the endangered bear with my hat! True Cowboy right there.
  • La Basilica del Voto Navional

    La Basilica del Voto Navional
    Free Sunday. We traveled up the Basilica to the top! I was hard since i was sick but i didn't give up!
  • Parque Del Ejido

    Parque Del Ejido
    The park was full of people and little stands like in Otavalo. We bought a coupe things we were missing.
  • Shopping for Art Supplies

    Shopping for Art Supplies
    We went shoppong for supplies for the volunteer project tomorrow.
  • Volunteer Project

    Volunteer Project
    We were with the kids helping them make a scene from the story Angela read to them. I ended up making glasses for the kids out of the pipe cleaners.
  • Casa de la Cultura Museum

    Casa de la Cultura Museum
    It was a wonderful museum. It showed us the history of Ecuador from way back in the day. All the different people who lived there. This picture is an important piece to a ritual. It resembles the sun.
  • Fruit Market

    Fruit Market
    One of the fruit markets in Quito. Everything was super cheap. A lot of different new fruit I've never seen before.
  • Dance Lesson

    We learned Salsa from David. 1,2,3 pa pa pa
  • Cotopaxi

    Proof that we climbed it. This is the highest i've ever been that i've climbed.
  • Cotopaxi

    It wasn't hot a all. The climb looked easy but it was really hard. we climbed about for an hour and half probaly longer.
  • Bosque de Nubes

    Bosque de Nubes
    We went on a hike throught the forest. It was great. I loved every minute of it. It made me feel connected to nature again. We saw a waterfall near the end.
  • Relax

    We were tired after our trip so we just relaxed the next day.
  • Guayasamin Museum

    Guayasamin Museum
    We went to Guayasamin house and saw all the work here did and where he lived. It was amazinf throught the whole trip.
  • Exploring the City with Family

    Exploring the City with Family
    the twins took us out. We got to try empanda de viento
  • Going to Mariscal

    Going to Mariscal
  • Mariscal cont.

    Mariscal cont.
  • Final Volunteer Project

    Final Volunteer Project
  • Cooking at School

    Cooking at School
  • Cooking for My Family

    Cooking for My Family
    I cooked for my famiy before we left. I made them Picadillo. they Loved it so much i gave them the recepie
  • Last Day

    Last Day
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