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Foundation Production Portfolio

  • Genre and Conventions

    We have decided on a film noire genre and the team members are; Aimee Sherry, Jack Crute, Robyn Painter, Jenn Shadforth.
  • Period: to

    Foundation Production Portfolio

  • Audience Conventions of Film Noire

  • History of Film Noire

  • Institutions of Film Noire

  • Initial Ideas of our Production

  • Meeting

  • LA Confordential

    we watched the film LA confodential to get an insite into the flm noir stlye for our own film
  • Robyn's Opening Sequence Analysis

    OF SE7EN
  • Jenn's Opening Sequence Analysis

  • Aimee's Opening Sequence Analysis

  • Jack's Opening Sequence Analysis

  • 1st meeting

    1) Ideas for the story line.
    2) We started the storyboard
    3) Talked about who would be playing the characters
    4) Ideas where to shoot.
  • 9 Screen Grabs on Powerpoint

  • ananlysis of a opening sequence of Momento

  • 2nd Group meeting

    1) The Storyboard, 2) Camera shots, 3) Costumes,
    4) Props,
    5) Settings,
    6) Dates for filming,
    7) Talked about sound.
  • Decided name of our film

  • Rick Assesment

    Identifyed our risks of filming at our location
  • Added Hair & Makeup tutorial

  • Storyboard

    Made a storybard and then uploaded on to computer to put on blogs
  • Completed the Call Sheet

  • Treatment Sheet

  • Added Premilary Task Video

  • Uploaded Storyboard as a Video

  • Preliminary Task

    put on our blog for research
  • Filming Day #1

  • 3rd Meeting

    We had our 3rd meeting and talked about Characters for next part of film, Second location, Times for filming, What we have already filmed, Improvements and Editing
  • Call Sheet #2

    2nd call sheet for our second location
  • Reformating videos

    Made the videos word better so we can add sound
  • Filming #2

    Filmed for the second half of our film.
  • Reformating videos

    Made the videos word better so we can add sound
  • Creating Logo

    we ceated our logo for our film, we called it JJRA
  • Transferring Videos

    put our videos on to a special video server
  • Starting editing our video

    putting the clips togther that we filmed and starting to create our final cut
  • Finding Sounds

    we are now looking for sounds to go on to our final video to add to the effect
  • Added Evaulation Task to Blog

  • Continued to edit Rough Cut

  • Editing the Video

    Continuted editing our video
  • Meeting #4

    we talked about filming some more to add to our film. we decised to film next week; a scene were susan gets interigated
  • Researching Music

    testing different sounds to see what sounds better on our film
  • Adding the titles to our film

  • Adding sounds to our Film

    we used GarageBand to find sounds to put sound effects and music ect on to our film
  • Completed our Rough Cut

    We have finished our rough cut of our film to hand in to our subject tutor, Carl.
  • Hand In Rough Cut

  • Call Sheet #3

    made a 3rd call sheet for our 3rd location
  • Shot list #3

    made a 3rd shot list for our 3rd scene
  • Created Script #3

    created the 3rd script for our 3rd scene
  • Filmed

    we filmed our final part we need for the film making it longer and better
  • Up loading Video

    we uploaded the video to the computer so we can add it to our final cut and edit it into our film
  • Sound

    Actually put the sonds on our final cut
  • Converting Sound

    Converting the film we recorded into sound files for us to use
  • watched the first drafts of videos

    evryone watched each others videos and we took notes on each others videos to try and help others improve
  • Pictures of our notes

    we took pictures of our notes and put them onto a power point to put them onto our blogs
  • Sounds

    found some more sound sthat we need eg breaking glass and a kiss noise
  • Continued editing

    continued editing our video to work towards the final cut
  • Meeting #5

    we had another meeting to talk about some re filming that we are planning to do, and also organisation of our film
  • Screen Grabs

    Started doing our screen grabs
  • Film #4

    We filmed for the 4th time to make our fiim better
  • Meeting #6

    We had another meeting to discusse who will be doing what in our evaluation and how we are going to answer the questions.
  • Editing Film

    finished editing the film
  • evaluation questions

    we started our evaluation questions, we walked on ones as individuals and then worked in pairs, and on one we walked as a group
  • Finished Final Cut

  • Continued Evaluation

  • Completed Questions 4 and 5 Video

    Jack finished the video over half time and uploaded to VIMEO ready to be added to our blogs upon return to college.
  • Filmed Queston #1 Analysis

  • Evauluation Finished

    evaluations are complelte and uploaded to out blog
  • Edited Question #1 Analysis