Colonisation of Australia

  • Jan 1, 1300

    Marco Polo Discovers Australia

    Marco Polo Discovers Australia
    Marco Polo discovers a big unexplored land.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1300 to

    Australian Colonisation Timespan

  • Willem Jansz Discovers WA

    Willem Jansz Discovers WA
    Willem Discovers WA
  • Dirk Hartog Discovers WA

    Dirk Hartog Discovers WA
    Dirk Hartog, a Dutch explorer, sailed to Western Australia.
  • James Cook Discovers Eastern Australia

    James Cook Discovers Eastern Australia
    Captain James Cook lands on the more hospitable east coast of Australia and claims it for Britain.
  • Captain Phillip sats what it's like on the First Fleet

    Captain Phillip sats what it's like on the First Fleet
    I’m Captain Arthur Phillips I have been chosen out the many great sailors to lead the first ever fleet of ships to new found land. I wake up at six in the morning every day, I get to dine on the best cuisine while those thiefs get little water and have to drink it sparingly serves 'em right for stealing! We are half way through our journey and I heard that most of the convicts are getting sick soon they’re going to be dropping like flies and when they do I’ll have dispose of their dead carcasses
  • One of the crew members

    One of the crew members
    I’m one of the crew members and I know how bad the convicts have it but trust me this isn’t much better if you ask me. I have to sleep on a itchy sour milk smelling cot it’s not like the captains nice warm feather mattress. I have to get up at 6 in the morning scrub the deck give convicts there water dispose of the dead bodies and shine the captain’s boots.
  • The convicts wife

    The convicts wife
    I’m the wife of a convict we were struggling as it is I knew that it was wrong when my husband told me he was getting a loaf of bread but buy the time I figured out he was going to steal it he had already left. If only he didn’t steal then he wouldn’t be shipped over to New South Wales. If I knew he was going to steal I would of told him that it was wrong and set him strait!
  • A convict

    A convict
    Life is tough as a convict, I would kill to become a free settler. But there is good news there is a rumour that we will be let out in around seven years I can’t wait until then my family must really be struggling without me. I have always done the farming and I never had the time to teach my wife all those little shortcuts to make life that little bit easier.
  • Arthur Phillip Claims Australia

    Arthur Phillip Claims Australia
    Captain Phillip claims Australia for Britain
  • Australian Gold Rush

    Australian Gold Rush
    The gold rush begins near Bathurst in New South Wales.
  • Victorias PM protests

    Victorias PM protests
    I am the PM of Victoria i’m here to fight for federation. I think that it is a marvellous idea that we become one big country but there’s a few problems, firstly we are the richest state in Australia plus we have great lands and I don’t think we should share that they can get there own money. Also we can not find a place for the Australian capital I think it should be in Melbourne but Sydney think otherwise but don’t worry i’m going to win it in the end.
  • Federation

    The Commonwealth of Australia became a reality. and all states but WA
  • A Federation protest

    A Federation protest
    I am a protester for federation I believe that it will be much better to to become one big country instead of being separated. Firstly I hate having to change trains to go to a different state you should just stay on the same train and don’t get me started on the different track sizes and showing your legal papers it’s just ridiculous. Also if were going to be attacked we the soldiers need a battle formation and each state might have a different idea to us which is why I fight for federation.
  • A man agrees to Federation

    A man agrees to Federation
    I am a 50 year old man with a family and I think that federation is a wonderful idea. It would be much easier for me to carry the luggage when we go see the family for the holidays. And also my cousin is in the army and if Australia becomes one big country the army will become much bigger and much stronger.
  • Queen Victoria agrees

    Queen Victoria agrees
    I am queen Victoria and I think that it is a great idea for Australia to become one big country. I personally think that having different train tracks is nonsense I don’t why they weren’t just one big country in the first place it makes much more sense to me. All the states accept WA have decided to go through with colonisation so i’m going to get the letter back as soon as possible to tell them that I agree to go forward with Federation.
  • WW1

    Australian troops fight in World War 1
  • A soldiers wife

    A soldiers wife
    I’m a soldier’s wife the past week has been hard my husband just left and looking after the kids is harder than it looks especially when I have to look for a job, I got a note from my husband saying that they have arrived at their training ground and its is proving to be quite a challenge for him. In the next letter he has just finished training and is relieved to be finished and that he is off to war.
  • A soldiers child

    A soldiers child
    I’m a child of a soldier my father is off to war and that upsets me because I will miss him definitely if does not come back. My mum exclaimed that right now he is in Egypt for a long training session then he will be off to war to fight against the Germans. The last letter my mum showed me that he was off to war and misses us dearly.
  • A general

    A general
    I’m the general of the Australian army and I am here to make sure that each soldier is pushed to the limit. We have just come over to Egypt and I can tell you that the soldiers will need to put all their previous training to work to pull through. After all the training I think they’re ready for war as I finish up my prep talk my final sentence is I wish you good luck go get them.
  • A soldier

    A soldier
    I’m a ready and trained soldier world war 1. I have been training in the harsh conditions of Egypt right in the middle of the desert where we have been tested for strength agility and accuracy while on a limited amount of water. Here I am ready to leave the battleships the general is just finishing up his prep talk and my friends are making jokes ready to leave the boats drift away as we push off…
  • The Present

    The Present
    Yesterday was past tomorrows the future but today is a gift thats why they call it the present
  • The tech industry

    The tech industry
    I’m in the technology industry and I am here to talk to you about technology in the present and past. First in the past computers were not made until 1946 but the first phone was made in 1876. But in the present we have just made the iphone 6 and 6+ which is one big leap from the iphone 5. Also now we have lot’s of great computers and really quick wifi.
  • The Queen

    The Queen
    I’m Queen Elizabeth and I think the present is running as smooth as a babies bottom. We have lot’s of technology and great fashion. I love doing my duties and it is very fun running England and with Princess Charlotte just being born it’s great, I think that colonising Australia was a great idea.
  • A child from the present

    A child from the present
    I’m a child from the present and I think the present is a great place to live in right now. At schools we don’t use books as much as they used to because my school is privileged to have great technology. And also at home I don’t think that they had flat screen tv’s in the olden days if you ask me.
  • Fashion industry

    Fashion industry
    I’m in the fashion industry here to talk to you about fashion now and in the past, right for men’s and boy’s are Chinos with a t-shirt or along shirt tucked in and bloused out and slicked back hair. For girl’s and women they wear high wasted shorts or skirts with a midriff top. And for women in 1901 were long frilly dresses with tights and lace gloves and the men wore suits.