Austalia old

Australian Colonisation

  • Jan 1, 1300

    Marco Polo discuss a great unexplored southern land (Australia)

    Marco Polo discuss a great unexplored southern land (Australia)
  • Jan 1, 1300

    The Aborigines Have been on this land for over 40,000 years

    The Aborigines Have been on this land for over 40,000 years
    Aborigines are the traditional landowners of australia, they have been on this land for the longest, for over 40,00 years.
  • Jan 1, 1300

    Chinese Fleet

    Chinese Fleet
    At this time the chinese had a good understanding of the land known as Australia, they sighted Australia but decided to ignore it.
  • Period: May 27, 1300 to

    Australian Colonisation

  • Dirk Hartog, a Dutch explorer, sails to Western Australia.

     Dirk Hartog, a Dutch explorer, sails to Western Australia.
    Dirk Hartog was a Ducth explorer, he was the first person to land on Australia from another country.
  • Dutchman Abel Tasman Dicoverd Van Diemans Land

     Dutchman Abel Tasman Dicoverd Van Diemans Land
    Van Diemans Land was the original name used by most Eurpeons for the Island now known as Tasmainia
  • The ships first took off on the First Fleet to Australia

    The ships first took off on the First Fleet to Australia
    11 ships were prepared for the journey to NSW, there were 6 convict transport ships named; The Alexander, the Friend Ship, The Charlotte, The Lady Penbryn, The Prince of Wales and The Scarborough. Then there were 2 Navy ships, the HMS Sirius and the HMS Supply and three ships full of the supplies that they'd needed to start a new colony.
  • Child Convicts Persvective

    Child Convicts Persvective
    I can’t believe British government would waste all this money to bring more than 1500 women, men and children half way across the world because the commited a small crime like stealing some bread because there family was starving to death. I am an 12 year old girl who lived in Britain, I stole a loaf of bread because my mother was dying of starvation, she hadn’t eaten in 2 weeks! The government put me on this boat, i hope that i can make a better life in this new land.
  • Captain Arthur Phillip and the First Fleet arrive in Botney Bay, Sydney

    Captain Arthur Phillip and the First Fleet arrive in Botney Bay, Sydney
    This day is now known as Australia Day, it is a very important day in history as it was the day Australia was founded and colonised by the British and it is also a very sad day for all the Aborigines who lost their families and their land.
  • Woman Convicts Persvective

    Woman Convicts Persvective
    My 6 children are left behind at home with my husband. I didn’t get paid much as a laundry worker so i stole some clothes to sell, we needed the money. I got caught and was sent to jail. My cell was overcrowded with people, we were all tired, weak and hungry. I was sentenced to be sent to a new land called New Holland. There were big ships that came and collected us and we set off. We are now half way there, i am starving, it is so humid here, most of our days are limited, i hope i make it.
  • Captain Arther Phillip Perspective

    Captain Arther Phillip Perspective
    After sailing on long what seemed liked the endlessly blue ocean for 252 days i couldn’t wait to land, to get of this ship.
    We lowered the anchor down, i hopped into the row boat and rowed the final 100 meters to shore. We were finally hear, i can’t believe it i pulled the british flag out of the row boat and jabbed it into the sand.
    “This piece of land now belongs to the British Empire we own it and we run it no one can take it from us."
  • Aboriginal Childs Persvective

    Aboriginal Childs Persvective
    “Mum, mum what is happening, what are these creatures doing to us?”
    I was so horrified these monsters were pulling me away from my family!
    “Help me mum Help!” I screamed with desperation
    “My son, get off him now!” My mother yelled with force.
    The white monsters shouted something back, we couldn’t understand. We were losing, the more my mum tried pull me free from their grasp the more angry the white monsters got. Why are these people invading our land, why are they taking it away from us?
  • Australian Gold Rush started in Bathurest

    Australian Gold Rush started in Bathurest
  • Ares Rock is First Sited by Europeans.

    Ares Rock is First Sited by Europeans.
  • Henry Parks pushes for Australian Ferderaion

    Henry Parks pushes for Australian Ferderaion
    At this time Australia was a continent of 6 colonies run by the British. Henry Parks did not like this idea so he tried to push for all of the colonies to unite together as one to form a country called Australia. Not many people agreed to this idea so it didn't work. Henry Parks died in 1996, a few people liked his idea of forming all of the 6 colonies in to 1 country so they tried it again in 1901, this time it worked.
  • A white woman in society perspective

    A white woman in society perspective
    Finally Australia has become a country not just 6 colonies run by Britain, we have become an independent country under the British commonwealth. I and a lot of other people have been fighting for this ever since Henry Parks introduced the idea and it has finally happened. People who have been against federation are nuts, it is much better because the government can now solve issues together as a team.
    I wonder if women would be allowed to vote in the next few years and be given equal rights?
  • Aboriginal Man Perspective

    Aboriginal Man Perspective
    Why are all these white people parading around, they are taking our land from us. It doesn't matter for us that Australia is one country now the government will still treat us like we don’t belong here, like we are different from everybody, like we are Flora and Fauna, we don’t matter to them. All we want is an apology from the white people for ripping up our family’s. None of the aborigines care what happens with federation, we’re on no ones side, all we want is independence for ourselves.
  • Australian Federation

    Australian Federation
    Before 1901 australia wasn’t a nation, it was 6 separate colonies run by Britain. They were all self governed and all had their own separate things e.g there own army, their own laws and their own railway lines. This caused a lot of problems and people began to think about the benefits of uniting as one nation, under a fedreal government. This day, 1st of Jan 1901 mark the day that this happened, ever since then Australia has been 1 nation.
  • Sir Edmund Barton Persvective

     Sir Edmund Barton Persvective
    I can’t believe that i am the 1st Prime Minster of Australia! I still can’t believe all of the governors decided to form their colonies together to make this country, now it's my job to shape it. My family are so proud of me. I have been a member of the NSW parliament for over 20 years so i was qualified and had the right experience for this job. This day probably marks one of the most important days in Australia’s history. I wonder if my actions will change the future of Australia.
  • Sir Henry Parks Perspective

    Sir Henry Parks Perspective
    I really want Australia to be one country not just 6 colonies. Why doesn't anyone agree with me? I don’t get it, Australia would be a much better place to live if we all lived by the same rules and were governed by one person. I have tried to push for federation before but not many people wanted anything to do with it. Note: Henry Parks died in 1896 5 years before federation. He is known as the “Father of Federation” because he is what started the push to federation.
  • World War 1 started

    World War 1 started
  • ANZAC soldier Perspective

    ANZAC soldier Perspective
    My heart is beating like drum. We have be deadly quiet, not one sound, if an Ottoman Soldier spots us we would be dead.
    We got off the steam boats and rowed the final meters to shore. A spark flew up in the air, immediately the sound of gunshots rang in my ear, i turned around all the men around me lay in the boat, dead, in a pool of there own blood i was so horrified, people were shouting orders , i didn’t know what to do, don't want my life to end, i am only 16.
  • The Landing At Gallipoli By the ANZACs

    The Landing At Gallipoli By the ANZACs
  • Captain Faik Perspective

    Captain Faik Perspective
    The moon just dipped below the sky, it is pitch black, i radio my men to be on alert for any movement from the water. If the ANZAC’s want to attack they will have just 90 minutes of black darkness to land, that is not nearly enough time. “Bang” a spark lit up from the water, the beach lights turned on illuminating the scene, there were row boats everywhere.
    “Fire” I yelled, immediately the water turned into a blood bath, a lot of ANZACs were killed.
  • Woman Perspective

    Woman Perspective
    My husband left to join the army, right now he is fighting in Gallipoli. I am left behind to look after our 12 and 10 year old daughters and our 2 year old son, I have to bring up this family. All the women are left behind to do the men's jobs, this war is taking away Australia’s men. Our family is so poor, we are all starving. Tomorrow I will go look for a job to keep this family going. It’s been 2 weeks since my husband left and i haven’t stopped thinking about him, i just wish he could come.
  • Injured Australian soldier Perspective

    Injured Australian soldier Perspective
    I woke to a very chaotic scene, men lay wounded on stretchers all around me, there were woman shouting orders everywhere, I was sheltered in some kind of tent, what was happening, i tried to retrace my steps but all I could remember was a piercing pain in my calf and men surrounding me, I was really confused. I felt a piercing pain from my arm and leg, from that i knew i had been shot.
  • Melbourne hosts the Olympics

    Melbourne hosts the Olympics
  • Tony Abbot Perspective Today

    Tony Abbot Perspective Today
    I think Australia’s relationship with England is absolutely fantastic, we are well partnered allies who have got each others back. After we helped Britain in World War 1 we have become really close, then we came back and helped them in World War 2. After what we did to earn England’s full trust I think it will last for a while. The 100th anniversary of the ANZAC’s landing in Gallipoli shows just how much we care about England and how much we helped them, we risked more than 400,000 men for them.
  • 2015 today

    2015 today
    Australia has made a very strong bond with England that will never be broken. Our flag has the Union Jack on it which represents that we are a part of the British Commonwealth, our money has the face of the Queen on it and our language is the same as England ever since they colonised Australia. Some of the names of streets or suburbs in Australia are named after the ones in England like Doncaster.
  • The Queen Perspective

    The Queen Perspective
    Australia’s relationship with Britain has a bright future ahead, we have a very strong connection. Australia has changed a lot here in England and we have changed a lot there. Without Australia and New Zealand on our side in WW1 i don’t know how we would of won, and the same with WW2, they are true fighters. I am glad Australia is apart of the commonwealth because we can help them with any situation and we know that they will help the British Empire as much as they can.
  • My Perspective Today

    My Perspective Today
    I am glad Australia is a part of the commonwealth because we have a great relationship with England. We have helped them with every obstacle, like WW1, they asked for our help because we were there allies and we accepted it. They haved helped us overcome obstacles to. Our bond has always been really strong with England and it always will be.
  • Aboriginal Perspective, Today

    Aboriginal Perspective, Today
    We all thank Kevin Rudd for saying sorry, at least some white people accept. a lot of others are rude and racist. Why do they treat us differently. Now it has gotten a bit better but when i was child nobody would dare to talk to me at school. Overall Australia is a wonderful country with spectacular sceneries, it is just some of the people that have to ruin it. We will stick together and one day we will be equal to all Australians, there will be no difference between white and dark people.