My Life From 1850-1880

  • A New Beginning

    A New Beginning
    Today is the first day of a new year, and a new life, for my family. Not as much as two months ago did Father make the descision to buy a farm. He said it would help with the income, whatever that means. If it has something to do with money, I hope he is right. We need it. This image is of the new farm. I haven't been inside yet.
  • Period: to

    The Life of Mary

  • Nothing To Do

    Nothing To Do
    I don't know what to do. Most boys are helping their Father's harvest right now, but we didn't move in early enough to get a good start. My brother, Joseph, is running around the house right now, making a racket. He's bothering everyone. I wish he would just act his age, which is 8. I am 10. This image is of where he is running around.
  • My First Adventure

    My First Adventure
    Today, my brother decided that it would be a great idea to go into the woods. I know he is not supposed to go by himself, and I have chores to do. My chores can wait. We walk into the woods, and are immediately surrounded by trees. I don't recall how long we were in there for, or when we got lost, but I do remember that Father had to rescue us. I got scolded and am not allowed to leave the house until I am done my chores are done.
  • Autumn Is Arriving

    Autumn Is Arriving
    Today was the first officially cold day. The local newspaper said that Winter is coming early this year, and my family is now scrambling to get everything ready. I'm making jams with Mother, and Joseph is outside chopping up wood for our fire.
  • April Showers Bring May Flowers!

    April Showers Bring May Flowers!
    As I'm walking to the general store to pick up some brown sugar for Mother to bake this afternoon, when suddenly it started to pour rain. My vision became so blurrd, I couldn't see where I was and lost my way. I had to sit under an oak tree until the rain let up!
  • Christmas

    Merry Christmas! This year has been great. We had a fantastic dinner with family and friends. New Years is coming soon, and so is my birthday!! I'm going to be 13, a young women. I can't wait!
  • Joseph Is Gone

    Joseph Is Gone
    When I came back inside from my trip to the store, Joseph was nowhere to be found. He was out earlier feeding the livestock and tending to the crops, but now I can't find him. I searched the whole house! Father and Mother are going to be furious at both him and me. What will I do?
  • Learning to Sew

    Learning to Sew
    Even though I am good at sewing, Mother insists that I always learn new techniques. Today, she is teaching me to do a harder task, which is not just sewing drapes, but sewing cousin Susan a dress. Susan is 15, two years older than me, and should be able to sew herself a dress. But Mother always tells me that it does not matter. So here I am, sewing my life away.
  • Snow Storm!

    Snow Storm!
    Today the weather is terrible! Fathr and Joseph couldn't even get outside to feed our animals, which must be starving and freezing. The snow storm came out of nowhere, the tiny flakes surrounding the house, barn, crops, and tool sheds until we couldn't see 3 feet out of our window anymore. The fire still burns, but it's barely warm enough for all four of us to be comfortable.
  • Harvest

    Fall is almost here, and Father and Joseph are busy finishing up the last of our harvest, and clearing rocks for our new crops next year. Things have been going well, We have so much food it is great.
  • Surprise!

    Oh my goodness!!! Today was a very big day. Not only is it just the beginning of a new year, today was Charlotte's fifth birthday! She is very excited, just like the rest of us.
  • The Decline

    The Decline
    Despite our wonderful summer harvest a few years ago, we are running low on supplies and money. Mother and Father are fighting like crazy, and they think that Joseph and I can't hear them but we can. Charlotte is doing well, but she might not make it if we don't have enough food. We might have to sell the farm.
  • Our Last Harvest

    Our Last Harvest
    We have just started our last harvest, because as I assumed we are moving and selling the farm. Not only that, but Father has to start looking for aa man he finds suitable for me in our new house. I hope it looks good. And more importantly, I hope we can live a better life there.
  • Winter Is Lost

    Winter Is Lost
    Normally winter is my favourite season, but all it's glory is lost this year because of the big move, and the fact that I should be marrying soon. We're almost moved in.
  • The Journey

    The Journey
    Before, when I said that we were almost moved, I meant that we were almost moved into our wagon, which is being pulled by two horses from the farm. Apparently we are going to a place called the Red River Settlement, where they are giving away free farm land. This is perfect for me and my family, and I will also be able to start a new family there aswell.
  • Finally Here-A New Life Started

    Finally Here-A New Life Started
    After over a monthe of travelling, suffering throughcold times and very rough times, we have finally gotten to the Red River Settlement. Now we've arrived, we have gotten our land and hav started to clear it. Joseph and Father are working day and night, while Mother and I are cleaning the house so that it sparkles. Charlotte made it through the journey, and we are all very thankful.
  • My Big Day

    My Big Day
    Today is the big day. My wedding! Father found a man that he approved of a few months ago, and now we are getting married. It's all happening so fast! After the wedding, we will move in to a house that is also included in the Red River settlement. I forgot to mention, his name is Edward.
  • My New Family

    My New Family
    Today, I found out that I was pregnant! The baby seems to be healthy, and Edward and I are so excited. We have to come up with names, and that will be a struggle. Despite his charm and wit, Edward is very indecisive.
  • Our House

    Our House
    The good thing about Edward and I's new home is that the land was already cleared for farming beforing we moved in. We are only two miles from Mother and Father, and that is a good thing. Mother isn't ding to well, she's had a certain sickness ever since we arrived in this new place. I hope she survives.
  • The Arrival of William

    The Arrival of William
    Not only four days ago did William, my new baby son, arrive. I love him to pieces, with his cute little eyes and small nose. He is small, and resembles Edward quite a bit. He is healthy, and will grow up to be big and strong one day.
  • Funeral

    Last night, Mother started out one of her coughing fits again, only this time she couldn't catch her breath. she died only moments after, with only my Father in the room with her. I believe she didn't want anyone else to see it happen, she just wanted to go peacfully. The funeral will be in a few days in the local cemetery. I just need to rest.
  • Joseph's Special Day

    Joseph's Special Day
    Today, Joseph married the girl of his dreams. She is beautiful, and has found someone as amazing as Joseph to spend the rest of her life with. Her name is Heather.
  • Charlotte

    Charlotte was the first one to recover from Mother's death. She is still not entirely whole again, but she is definately better than the rest of us. It definately helps that she is seeing someone, secretly. She tells me everything, except his name. I only hope that her heart doesn't get broken.
  • Trying to Mend a Broken Heart

    Trying to Mend a Broken Heart
    Charlotte stopped seeing this secret boy a few months ago. Apparently he called it off, and she is crushed. She was hoping to marry him. I hope she can find another true love, because she has no Mother to give her guidance. I'm trying my best, but there is only so much I can do.
  • I'm an Aunt!!

    I'm an Aunt!!
    Today, Joseph's little girl was born. Him and Heather haven't decided on a name, so Edward and I are trying to help them. She is beautiful, and looks suprisingly like Charlotte did when she was a newborn.
  • My Loss

    My Loss
    A few weeks ago, I found out that I was pregnant again. Edward and I were exstatic, as we want another child. The last, I lost the baby. I don't know how to deal with the pain; I only just got over Mother.
  • Healing Charlotte

    Healing Charlotte
    So far all the advice I've given Charlotte has helped. Now she's getting out of house to walk around and do things, not just to come and see me. Father had noticed to, even though he didn't know about this secret boy that broke her heart. Charlotte is also helping my Father recover, he is doing well. He is having others do the farmwork for him, as he is too old now.
  • Holding On

    Holding On
    I'm pregnant for the third time. I'm hoping that this time, I can keep my baby so that he or she can grow up to be happy. Edward is now playing with William, who is growing up so fast. We still have to tell him that he will have a younger sibling, but first we have to be sure that this one will make it.
  • William is Five

    William is Five
    Today is William's fifth birthday, and we told him he was going to have a younger brother or sister. To edward and my suprise, he was super excited! He can't wait. That's why I love him. He's such a good kid.
  • Charlotte's Finding

    Charlotte's Finding
    Charlotte founds someone new a few months ago, and now they are gettin married!! I'm so excited for her, she deserves it. Father is happy too, mostly because now he has the house to himself.
  • She Came!

    She Came!
    I just gave birth to my new baby girl. She is beautiful, with big brown eyes like mine and a nose and mouth like Edward's. She looks like a combination of Joseph and Mother, like she is a sign that Mother's spirit is still with us. Her name is Aneida, after Mothers.
  • Teacher

    Right now, Edward is teaching Wiliam how to help out on the farm. He is still so young, but if he doesn't help than no work will get done.
  • Moving In

    Moving In
    A few weeks ago, Father got kicked out of his farm house! apparently, he is to old to own farm land. He is staying with Edward, William, Aneida and I, but we just don't have enough room for all of us to be staying here forever. We might have to find a bigger place.
  • Reckless

    William is turning in to what Joseph was like when he was younger! he's running around our to small house, screaming and breaking things. I wish he wouldn't be so reckless. He won't listen either!!
  • Moving Day

    Moving Day
    When we decided that Fathers move in was permanent, we really neede to move. Finally we are. Our house is much bigger now, and only half of a mile from where we used to be. We don't have a farm, but that is fine because William and Edward can work at a local farm. Father can't and I'm worried. He's looking more and more frail by the day.
  • Fighting

    Ever since Father moved in and we moved and lost our farm, Edward has been miserable. He barely talks to me anymore, and when he does it isn't nice words. He is ruining my day, and one of my final days with Father. He is just to old, and can barely stand. I hope that his death is peaceful, unlike Mothers.
  • Father

    Today was Fathers last day. He went peacfully in his sleep, like he should have. I was there with him, and Edward was out. He came home for dinner, and I told him. We still hae to try and explain it to William. He will be crushed.
  • Hard Times

    Hard Times
    Things have been hard since Father passed away. Edward is never home, purposely taking more and more hours at the farm. He keeps on saying that if doesn't become happy soon, he's leaving, and taking William I'm starting to think that this might be a good idea.
  • Leaving

    Edward left last night. William is gone too, and I don't know where they are going to go. Aneida is good, but now I will have no money to get food and essential things for life. Anieda is my main priority right now, and if that means that I have to put her up for adoption to survive, I will.
  • Final Decision

    Final Decision
    I have come to a conclusion that I can't lose Aneida. She is to dear to me and I love her to much. So I have decided to move in with Charlotte. She is very welcoming, and because her and her husband don't want any kids, they have plenty of space. Charlotte and I have always been close, and now were even closer.
  • Charlotte's Place

    Charlotte's Place
    Things with Charlotte have been very good. Busy, but good. Aneida is healthy and happy, and that is all that matters. I have been teaching her how to sew and do housework, so that Charlotte doesn't have to do everyhting. Aneida loves Charlotte, and I think that she looks up to her. I'm glad their bond is so strong, because this stay is permanent.
  • The Letter

    The Letter
    Today, I recieved the first letter in years from William. It said that Edward had gotten quite sick, and even though Edward said never to cantact me, William had to, because he was afraid that if his Father died, he would have no one to stay with who loved him. Doing the only thing I thought was possible, I packed up and fled to the sight, leaving Aneida with Charlotte.
  • Seeing Him for the First Time

    Seeing Him for the First Time
    I just walked into the house description that I got from wililliam, and I arrived here so late because Charlotte's horse is lazy. I walked in and saw Will, kneeling beside his Father, with tears in his eyes. He is all grown up now, and quite handsome. HE told me that Edward wanted to see me before he let go. So Edward said that he was sorry for what he did, and for a few moments I was that young girl who loved him again. And then he stopped breathing.
  • William

    William has been staying with Aneida, Charlotte and her husband and I for a while. He says he likes it, but I can tell that he is missing his old life with Edward. As to Edward's death, William is doing alright. He needs a distraction though. A girl, maybe? After all, he is almost 15.
  • Summer Bliss, His First Kiss

    Summer Bliss, His First Kiss
    Today, Will came home from the farm work grinning. He told me that he had a good day. When I asked him why, he said that he has been walking with a girl for the past few weeks, and he kissed her today. I'm proud that he has found some joy in life.
  • Developing Town

    Developing Town
    Ever since the land we live on became an offical country, called Canada, in 1867, more and more people have been coming to join the Red River Settlement. Their are more children working in the houses, on farms, and attending the local school house. Their are more men and women in the shops, and personally I think that this is great for Aneida and William, to finally feel as though they belong somewhere.
  • A Day to Remember

    A Day to Remember
    Today, Charlotte, Aneida and I made dresses together in the livng room. We talked and talked, about nothing in particular, just to pass the time. We all had lots of fun, and I will cherish this moment forever.
  • Remembering

    Today, Joseph came over had lunch with us. It was a break from the harvest, which reminds me of when I was only 10 years old, and was watching him adn Father harvest on our farm. Those were the easy days, when everyone was alive, healthy, adn happy. Now all I have are the memories of those great times.
  • New Year

    New Year
    Today is the start of a new year, and new life too. Will me that he is now engaged, and Aneida is going to be his flower girl. She is just exstatic. He proposed last night, and better yet, he proposed to his first love. I'm so happy for him that I can't even put it into words. I can't wait for the ceremony, which won't be happening until later this year.
  • His Wedding

    His Wedding
    Today, William got married. Susan looked beautiful, in her gorgeous gown. I feel like they chose the perfect time; a Christmas themed wedding. I hope they last, they are so perfect for each other. Merry Christmas.
  • Planning

    This year, Aneida will turn 13. She is growing up so fast, and definately not taking after me. She is tall and thin; whereas I was short and on the heavier side. She is also getting some attitude, which I definately did not have. I think that this is because of her lack of a Fatherly figure. I have to try and teach her to hold it in, but I just don't know how to get her to listen to me.
  • Canada Day

    Canada Day
    Today is the day where we celebrate our countries being and officiallity. There is a big celebration in the feild nearby, and Ithink I will go. It's time for a celebration; not just to celebrate Canada, but to celebrate all the things in life that we are thankful for. And I'm going to be there a while, as I have so much to appreciate. :)