World hunger

World Hunger

By Nymphea
  • Find places to meet

    Find places to meet
    We need to start looking for a place to meet so we can start. The place should be easy to travel to, in a good condition, big enough and just for us. We'll give ourself about a month to look for that.
  • Period: to

    End world Hunger

  • Organizing/moving

    We'll need to have already found one place where we can meet and organise everything. We'll need to get/buy everything we need. We'll need to organize the place. Just getting ready to start off.
  • Searching

    Start looking for places with people in need of our help. Places where hunger is a problem and make a list of it according to how bad it is. Just gain some information about the people places we are going to help.
  • Getting ready

    Getting ready
    Start making things so we would be ready to let people know about us. We'll make brochures, posters, websites and anything alike.
  • telling people about us

    telling people about us
    Start spreading the news verbally and in the internet. Masking the websites avaliable.
  • Being more known

    Being more known
    Giving out brochures, anouncing in newspapers and in public of course.
  • Asking for volunteers and members

    Asking for volunteers and members
    We'll need to ask for more people to join our team. We need to grow in number so we can have more and bigger activities. We'll use thanksgiving to support our event by reminding people about appreciating what they have and then motivating them to also help others.
  • Black friday

    Black friday
    Shop for things we'll need for our big projects.
  • First gathering

    First gathering
    Gather the people and informing them about us, telling them about what we do in more detail, letting them suggest their ideals. Just getting them started and familiar with the things we do.
  • Preparing for the big event

    Preparing for the big event
    Preparing, getting everything ready for the big event that is going to start the whole thing off.
  • Big Event

    Big Event
    This big event is meant to start off the whole thing. We'll do it on Christmas because people will think more about giving. They will be more incouraged. We'll organise an event just for Christmas with the purpose of letting people donate.
  • End of big event

    End of big event
    Ending the big event and cleaning after it.
  • Meeting/more people

    Meeting/more people
    We'll have more activities and we''ll get busier for the next year. Another meetimng about new ideals. Getting more people to help.
  • Finding sponsors

    Finding sponsors
    Finding sponsors to help us with financial problems. It will be a good time to do that since it's just after New Year and we just spent a lot after the big event.
  • Asking for donations

    Asking for donations
    Start activities in which you go house to house to get donations (money) and making it like a competition with prize so people will be more motivated in the activity.
  • End of the donation event

    End of the donation event
    We end the activity, count the donations and find a winner
  • Prize for event

    Prize for event
    Kind of an after-party for the event. We just give the prizes out to the participants and encourage them into joining the club and sharing ideals.
  • Donation in grocery stores

    Donation in grocery stores
    Start an event in which we help in grocery stores and ask for food donations.
  • Ask for more help

    Ask for more help
    Ask for more help so we can pack and send the donations later.
  • End of grocery donation

    End of grocery donation
    Ending the activity, start packing the donations so we can be prepared to send them
  • Packing the donations

    Packing the donations
    Pack the donations and send them.
  • All donation

    All donation
    Gather all the donations you can, anything's good. Gather more people, talk schools into helping. Get everybody in action for this hujge event
  • Meeting/more members

    Meeting/more members
    Onced again ather more people and have other meetings.
  • End of all donation activity

    End of all donation activity
    We end it and organise what we got. The donations should be sent to us.
  • Packing

    Packing the donations with the volunteers.
  • Deliver the donations personally

    Deliver the donations personally
    We'll go all the way where the people in need are, give them the donations, helping them and get to know them. We'll use Easter break so we can be there.
  • Back from delivery

    Back from delivery
    We'll return from the deliveries we made.
  • Meeting/more people

    Meeting/more people
    Get more people and have another meeting
  • Suggested event month

    Suggested event month
    Start organising a good suggested events people suggested.
  • Get other meeting places

    Get other meeting places
    Find other meeting places so everything can be done in other places and so more can participate.
  • move to other places to meet

    move to other places to meet
    We'll have to find the places we need by then and we'll have to get things there and get it ready.
  • End of suggested events period

    End of suggested events period
    We end the suggested projects we started.
  • Activity month

    Activity month
    Have other activities such as cooking lessons in which we sell the things made and money the people paid and use them for donations. Summer would be perfect for that since some people are free
  • Other trip/donations

    Other trip/donations
    Organise other trips and donations just like the big donation we organized. These times we'll try to solve the countries problems that led them to hunger.
  • Other activities

    Other activities
    Organise other activities to end hunger.
  • Get new

    Get new
    Get new member, ideals and meetings. Be open to the new things
  • Keep on going

    Keep on going
    Keep on going and doing the good work. Keep on doing similar things as the things we did and just get better and better to finally solve hunger