Media Coursework Process Timeline

  • Film Analysis

    Film Analysis
    We started our film analysis on our chosen opening horror film and updated the History of horror sheet.
  • Timeline

    We finished our timeline for our chosen genre.
  • Instution Research

    Instution Research
    We finished our Institution Research and posted it onto our blog.
  • Institution research

    Institution research
    We started our institution research
  • Audience Research

    Audience Research
    We made a start on our audience research by using sites such as BBFC to gather information. We also sent a questionnaire to Twitter using Beth's account to gather primary audience research.
  • Got answers from Twitter and Powerpoint made

    We got a few replies on the Twitter post showing the questions. We decided to show these results in a Primary research Powerpoint that Alex made at home.
  • Risk Assessment

    We completed a sheet stating the risks of filming and the process of the coursework. We did this through a word document and later embedded it onto our blog through Slideshare.
  • Shooting Schedule

    Alex made the shooting scedule sheet while Shauna experimented with GarageBand and made a sample sound for our video (which we may or may not include in our final piece).
  • Finished research and started planning

    All our research is now completed and we made a start on our Planning section of the coursework. The first thing we did was the Treatment sheet.
  • Pitch

    Beth created the pitch for the video.
  • Call Sheet and Storyboard

    Alex and Shauna made a start on more Planning. While Shauna completed the call sheet, Alex made a storyboard.
  • Made logo

    Beth made our company logo and made a powerpoint showing the steps which she took to make it which included print screens and explanations.
  • Storyboard animatic

    Alex made a short commentary video for the storyboard explaining every drawn shot. In the commentary she also mentioned mise-en-scene, edits, sound and camera shots and movement.
  • Started out filming

    We started our filming for the sequence. This was filmed in Alex's house by Alex and actor Reece Clark who played the Slender Man in our video.
  • Used Final Cut to start making Rough Cut

    We used Final Cut to put together the footage in order. However, because this was a rough cut, it didn't have to be precise, and we later decided we would film more footage at a later date to improve the quality of the video.
  • Finished Rough Cut and started to film more footage

    We completed our Rough Cut and compressed it to Youtube. We then decided to film more to make sure our final sequence was to a good standard and better than our Rough Cut
  • Prelim Task

    We posted our prelim task onto our blogs.
  • Made a start on editing our final sequence

    We started to edit the final sequence using Final Cut with the extra footage. This made a great improvement.
  • Start on editing video

    Start on editing video
    We started to edit our final sequence using Final Cut software.
  • Final Sequence completed and compressed

    We completed the editing for our final sequence and compressed and uploaded to Youtube, which we then embedded onto our blogs.
  • Recce Shots

    We made a word document with images of the location and actors which we named Recce Shots. We then put this on Slideshare and embedded it onto our blogs.
  • Started evaluation

    We made a start on our draft evaluation questions. We spread them out evenly amongst the 3 members of the group so that we could each do either 2 or 3 questions at home.
  • Started making Wix

    We made a start on making our evaluation which we would present using Wix. We planned to use a number of different medias in our Wix to vary the way the questions were presented. While Alex made Prezi's, Beth recorded herself reading some of her questions using the microphone and embedding it onto her question pages on the Wix.
  • Made a video for Question 3 of our Wix

    We made a video for Question 3 of our evaluation to vary the presentation of questions. Alex then edited this in Final Cut adding a few pictures and a short piece of footage that was spare from our rough cut and compressed this and put it onto Youtube, and later put it on each other's blogs.
  • Added more questions onto our Wix

    We have nearly finished our Wix evaluation.
  • Finished our Wix

    We finished our Wix evaluation and posted this onto our blog.
  • Made a start to the final changes and additions to our blog

    This included adding the moderator's note, adjusting the design to our blogs to make them more themed to our chosen genre, and putting the posts in chronilogical order.