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    FTC Robotics Meetings

  • First Meeting

    First Meeting
    Watched the game video. Decided to divide into three groups one for each main aspect. One group for hanging off of the bar. Another for raising the flag. And the last for actually transporting the blocks. We discussed fundraising opertunities and options. To Be Continued...
  • Second Meeting

    Second Meeting
    Today we split into four groups. One was analyzing the FTC rules, while another was looking over the different types of awards. The other group worked on figuring out the motor that will turn the rod that will help raise the hook to hang our robot. The last group was working on programming the robot. To Be Continued...
  • Third Meeting

    Third Meeting
    This is our third meeting. It has consisted of many different activities. We have split into groups. One=hanging mechanism Two=flag Three=robot arm stuff To Be Continued...
  • Fourth Meeting

    Fourth Meeting
    Today, we looked at our goals. And completed most if not all of them. Goals:
    1.Mount flag mechanism
    3.Work on programing
    We accomplished at least 2 out of the three (including smile).
    To Be Continued...
  • Fifth Meeting

    Fifth Meeting
    -Worked on the arm stuffs.
    -Hangy thingy majig
    To Be Continued...
  • Sixth Meeting

    Sixth Meeting
    We worked on the hanging mechanism and learned how to program thanks to Zac!
    To Be Continued...
  • Seventh meeting

    Seventh meeting
    We are working on doing more programming and researching on building the arm.
    -Building Arm
    -Video search for other arms (other teams)
    Picture=first design of paddle
    To Be Continued...
  • Eighth Meeting

    Eighth Meeting
    Today we trashed our original design for the hanging mechanism. We started a new design and are still working on the claw. some of us are still programming as well.
    To Be Continued...
  • Ninth Meeting

    Today, is the ninth meeting. We are working towards creating a claw mechanism that picks up the blocks and up to 4-3 different ones. Others are working on programming and arm stuff. We also have a new team member, Ms.Tob (McKenzie).
    To Be Continued...
  • Tenth Meeting

    Tenth Meeting
    Today, is the 10th meeting and we are still doing much of the same things we have been for the last 10 meetings. Such as:
    1) arm design
    2) measuring out game board
    3) programming
    That's pretty much it. Goals for today:
    1) finish programming stuff (working)
    2) flag spinner ^
    3) arm
    Goal count: 3/3
    To Be Continued..,.
  • Eleventh Meeting

    Eleventh Meeting
    Goals for today:
    1-programing: tank and flag motors working
    2- hand: right angles
    3- arm:attach arm to robot
    4- parts: organize the stuffs
    5- Emmtie (Emma + Katie) : website + timetoast
    accomplish: 3/5
    To Be Continued...
  • Twelfth Meeting

    Twelfth Meeting
    Today we worked on the arm and updated our software. We are having bake sales on Wednesday and Thursday.
    To Be Continued...
  • Thirteenth Meeting

    Thirteenth Meeting
    Today we are getting the hand and arm attached to the robot.
    Bryan and Mateo are working on switching the flag and left tread motors switched.
    To Be Continued...
  • Fourteenth Meeting

    Fourteenth Meeting
    1) attach arm and hand to robot
    2) rewire robot
    Goal acheivement - 2/2
  • Fifteenth Meeting

    Fifteenth Meeting
    1) finish wireing
    2) make a 18 in by 18 in box
    Goals completed - 2 /2
  • Sixteenth Meeting

    Sixteenth Meeting
    1- adjustments of all sorts
    2-rewriting program
    3- timetoast/website
    goals completed.... 2 /3
  • Sevententh Meeting

    Sevententh Meeting
    Today, we uninstalled and reinstalled the program. We also made an account on the forums.
  • Eighteenth Meeting

    Eighteenth Meeting
    1. find out if scoop works and do scoop prototype
    2. Work on hanging mechanism (ROBOBEARS)
    3. Min. respond to program, Max. drive
    4. think of a name for other robot/group Today, we hope to complete many different goals and/or objectives. For our names we are trying to decide today. We are going to come up with a list and then vote. We are also trying to come up with an even better way to use are hanging mechism.
  • Nineteenth Meeting

    Nineteenth Meeting
    We are fixing robot program, a national instruments (lab view) guy is coming to check it out. Might be limited to 4 motors. If we do another motor it would be minus $400 something dollars, we would have to fundraise that money. Getting scoop set and in working condition. We also have a new name… CYBEARS!
  • Twentieth Meeting

    Twentieth Meeting
    Yay! Let's celebrate our 20th meeting! Goals:
    1- Try to organize our fundraiser
    2- Robobears rewireing
    Completed goals... 2/2
    We also looked up cookie cutter designs on Thingiverse. There were many good ideas. Then we tried making one on inventer. We had half success with that. To Be Coninued...
  • Twenty-First Meeting

    Twenty-First Meeting
    Today, we are participating in many different activities. There are also many absentees.
    1) Shirts: logo, “McKinley Robotics”, names? (Jack)
    2) Finish layouts
    3) Test program (Bryan)
    The man that came two Wednesday (a.k.a lab view guy) is coming back next week. We are still not 100% on our program.
  • 22nd Meeting

    22nd Meeting
    Today, we are doing some necessary things. Such as: starting are written presentation, cybears: finish wiring, robobears: rewiring, vote for t-shirts. Emmtie/McKenzie is working on presentation and looking up sample questions.
  • 23rd Meeting

    23rd Meeting
    We were very productive today, and we completed all that we wanted to.
  • 24th Meeting

    24th Meeting
    We worked on the bake sale and bake sale related things. Robobears: finish arm, tetherd test. Cybears: tethered test. We are making posters, and COLORING them. We are also looking at our program problem...still isn't completely finished.
  • Twenty Fifth Meeting (Optional Meet)

    Twenty Fifth Meeting (Optional Meet)
    Today, a few students from Metro High School came to show us their robots that had already been in 2 competitions. They helped us finish the programming and gave us a few tips.
  • 26th Meeting

    26th Meeting
    Today, we are tryng to accomplish alot of things. Three of our groupmembers are putting a stopper on Cybear. Robobear is still on programming. Someothers are figureing out other basket block ideas. We are also working on our speech/presentation...
  • 27th Meeting

    27th Meeting
    For today we are splitting in two. Goals:
    -Rewire & Plexiglass = Cybears
    -Claw = Robobears
    -Presentation X2
  • 28th Meeting

    28th Meeting
    Today we are working hard, so we won't be terrible at our upcoming competion. Goals:

    1) BOM
    2) Cybears: run, height
    3) Robobears: servo or scoop
    4) Complete journal, questions
  • 28th Meeting

    28th Meeting
    Robotics club
    Students who want to drive. Break into driving groups of three (two drivers and a coach)
    That group will get three matches in. Set the time for three minutes per match and keep track of your scores. The last 30 seconds will be the end game like at the competition.

    If you are not driving, you should be working on the other robot, programming or otherwise.

    Someone keep note of the meeting, find the camera and take pictures as well.

    Think about the last tournament:
    What cou