Colonisation australia

Inquiry Colonisation Timeline

  • Jan 1, 1300

    The Aboriginies

    The Aboriginies
    I have just moved out of Africa. My tribe is exploring this weird land, it is deserted and their is just nothing here except plants. We have to go look for many thingf to eat. We even have to eat insects just to survive. I have just gathered some nuts that I don't even know if it is edible, but it's the only thing I can eat so I'll just eat it. We don't have any crops to farm with. There are no other plants to let us make a place to live in.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1300 to

    Inquiry Colonisation Task

  • May 30, 1421

    The Chinese Fleet

    The Chinese Fleet
    "Admiral Zheng He! We have reached land! Do you want us to anchor the ships and bring down the boats?" It's the 1300s and we have arrived on a new piece of land. We have fresh vegetables on our ships that we have to survive on. There is around about 1000 of my sailors on each ship. We're here mainly for the treasures, not the land.
  • Dirk Hartog

    Dirk Hartog
    Eendracht is sailing beautifully unfortunately there is tough winds blowing across the ocean making it hard for me to sail. "Land ahoy!" One of my sailors yell. The boat reaches rough soil as we jolt to a halt into soil. We have found new land.
  • Captain Cook

    Captain Cook
  • European Conivcts

    European Conivcts
    I was convicted for stealing a piece of bread. We convicts were sent to New Holland because the gaols in England were much too full. The trip to New Holland was terribly unwelcoming. I was a lucky one to survive without a disease. The land looks very barren and it looks deserted with nothing but plants. There are no animals here but the gaols are all set up here. When I got here, I thought that it would be worse here, but it is actually better! Once finishing our daily work, we could roam freely
  • European Free Settlers

    European Free Settlers
    I have brought my children here to New Holland to think that we would have a better life than in London. My husband is a soldier, he barely stays here at home because he has to guard the convicts everyday. He has no time for his daughter so she barely knows him at all, but my son is a replacement for him, he is old enough to help around the house. We have a farm helping us to survive while having extra money to use. Life here is easy, having a son who helps around the farm growing crops.
  • European Soldiers

    European Soldiers
    I have been brought here to New Holland to guard the many convicts. I guard the the convicts but my General controls them, commanding them with their daily jobs. Every time I work, I take day shifts so that I can rest during the night, preparing whether the general would assign me to another job. After looking after the convicts, our tour of duty was over, sending some of us back to England to stay but some of us, including me, stayed here to start a business or a farm. I want to start a farm.
  • The First Fleet

    The First Fleet
    The journey to Australia spread over 252 days with which the ships brought over 1,500 convicts. Captain Arthur Phillip was the leader of the fleet, having to conduct 11 ships over to Australia, all of them important, some of which having their food supplies, others with convicts and the rest with Arthur’s army. It was the 13th of May 1787 when they set off to a journey of rough seas, terrible diseases and atrocious seasickness. Most of them made it alive but some didn’t survive the disease.
  • Captain Arthur Phillip

    Captain Arthur Phillip
    “Land ahoy!” My look-out yells as we see a piece of land ahead of us. The ship hits the shore, sending some of us to fall over. There are 772 convicts on board with us. I have no idea what to expect of this land, I jump down first, since I am Captain of the ship. My feet touch down onto the sand, as though it were a soft cloud. The soil is poor here and when I send men to look for a source of water, there are none found. We cannot survive on this island if we stay.
  • Henry Parkes

    Henry Parkes
    I, Henry Parkes, am a citizen of New South Wales. These leaders of each states are wrong. I know that we need to become a country if it depends on our protection. I am from New South Wales and we have a free right here, the women here are happy to vote and share their opinions, while other states have no rights for women to vote. No more separate states, be one whole country, that’s my opinion here, but others have a different opinion. I wanted that to change, although it didn’t really go well,
  • Alfred Deakin

    Alfred Deakin
    The name’s Sir Alfred Deaki and I changed Australia forever. I was inspired by Henry Parkes work in trying to make Australia one country, the idea went down. So I attempted to do it and it worked. I got all six state leaders to come together and talk, it went smoothly from there, apart from when we had to decide who was going to be the capital of Australia. That didn’t go so well. It took a lot of time trying to decide who was going to be capital, but from that point on, Australia was changed.
  • Six State Leaders

    Six State Leaders
    After hearing the speech that Alfred Dican had mentioned, it had changed my opinion immediately. He wanted a country that was forever one, but others were afraid that they either didn’t get enough say in things or that they will be petrified they didn’t get their share of money back from what they earnt. I don’t understand why Western Australia would be out on the idea of being one, but the rest of us were in on it. After a while of being an independent state, Western Australia understood why.
  • Women During Federation

    Women During Federation
    Voting in Australia has changed. Women, that’s me, get to vote and share out our opinions freely. The rights have changed since we became one. Although we still have convicts here in New South Wales, it has changed so much before my eyes. Life here has gotten better since women have gotten a right to vote. I was able to vote for a capital, I voted for New South Wales, we earned the right to be capital, women had free rights to vote here and we influenced Alfred Dican to make a change.
  • The Commonwealth of Australia, Federation

    The Commonwealth of Australia, Federation
    Most of the train tracks were not the same size so the people travelling had to change to different trains just to get to a different states. Henry Parkes wanted something different from others. He gave a speech which wasn’t the best one, but it really had an impact on the other leaders. It didn’t work as planned though. So Alfred Dican knew that Australia should become one and got the leaders to come together and talk.The states that were bigger weren’t keen on sharing their money with others.
  • World War One

    World War One
    It's the 25th of April 1915 and Australia has entered the War. The War is at Gallipoli, Anzac Cove where the Australians thought that they surprised the Turkish people. A blast went off, alerting the Turkish that they were coming. Many men died at the shore before getting off the boats. The War started because of the assassination of the archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary. He died at the hands of a Serbian, Gavrilo Princip.
  • World War One Women

    World War One Women
    My husband left for the war to fight at Gallipoli. I’m left to look after my 5 year-old son and 12 year-old daughter. My son barely knows his father. I am left alone to take my son to school and teach my daughter how to do the housework. It’s been days since my husband left for war and I haven’t stopped working around the house. We are losing money and if my husband doesn’t get home alive, we will go poor without anything. I’m out of options so I have to take up a job. They’ll have to hire me.
  • World War One Soldier

    World War One Soldier
    There are guns firing, if you poke your head out of the trenches, your head will get fired off. It’s hard to survive in war especially if you’re a 16 year-old teen in war. Germany invaded Belgium apparently which leaded to the World War that we currently fighting. If I die, I will be proud because I die fighting for New Holland. A soldier fell onto the floor of the trenches, with many bullet holes. There is a grenade thrown into the trench on the far left side, many men dying. BOOM! A grenade.
  • Captain Faik

    Captain Faik
    My men and I are alert for any signs of a ship. There is nothing in sight, just plain ocean water along the horizon and I know we won’t be alert anymore when it gets dark. We will be unarmed if someone attacks. It goes dark and I warn the others that we can’t see anymore along the ocean, we can’t be sure if anyone is out there or not, we can’t be too sure. FLASH! There’s a spark in the middle of the ocean nearing. I know that those who are attacking are here, I need to warn the others.
  • Lieutenant General SIr John Talbot Hobbs

    Lieutenant General SIr John Talbot Hobbs
    “Men, forward!!!” “Lieutenant Hobbs, there are too many Turks on the hill, we can’t survive without getting shot by them. They have to high ground so they get the advantage.” We move forward, men falling at every step they make. Advancing towards the hill, I knew the boy was right, we weren’t going to survive in Gallipoli, they knew that we were coming. More men were dying at the sight, the Turks were going to be victorious but I know that we can’t let that happen. I am lucky.
  • Kevin Rudd Sorry Day

    Kevin Rudd Sorry Day
    For the pain, suffering and hurt of these stolen generations, their descendants and for their families left behind, we say sorry. To the mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, for the breaking up of families and communities, we say sorry. And for the indignity and degradation thus inflicted on a proud people and a proud culture, we say sorry. I look upon sad faces as I speak, people close to a drop of tear, many very gracious for what I, we, have said to them. I am truly relieved.
  • Lauren

    Ever since we have joined the Commonwealth it has been different for Australia. We have overcome most obstacles together and most things have originated from England. Today, tomorrow and always we will have a strong bond with England. World War One, England and their allied needed help from us, and we accepted. Many men died in the war, so many lives wasted for no reason, the war was caused by the assassination of the Duke. This war changed our relationship with Engalnd forever.
  • ANZACs

    Reflecting back on World War One, it’s been different since then. I have experienced the war times but never experienced such peace in Australia. There is so much peace between us and England. The war truly made a difference to how we feel and see each other. Today, this year, Australia has changed a lot from when I was a kid to a grown man. The war has impacted a lot on us, softening our hearts and opening our eyes to see the bigger picture. England and Australia has changed from time to time.
  • 2015 Today

    2015 Today
    Australia truly has made a strong bond with England. Something has to show that we are in the Commonwealth, under the Queen’s rules. Our flag has the sign that we are with the England, the Union Jack shows, our money has the face of the Queen to show and our language shows that the English people colonised here before the Aussies. The names that Australians use is similar to the ones in England, the names of our states, the names of our streets and the names of the people who live here.
  • Tony Abbott

    Tony Abbott
    Prime Minister of Australia here, the name’s Tony Abbott. What we did for England will also and truly be phenomenal. They respect us as much as we respect them, after destroying the Turks our country has been changed since. After doing what we needed to do to earn England’s trust, I think that this trust will last for a while. Today is different from everyday, but the year will be the same as the year we fought for England side by side.
  • Queen Elizabeth II

    Queen Elizabeth II
    My name is Queen Elizabeth II and I am the Queen of England. Australia and England have an amazing connection between each other and it reminds me of the time when Mary was Queen, World War One made a huge difference for our relationship. In the future I know we will overcome our differences and become even closer. Australia has changed a lot here in England and we have changed many things there too, without Australia by our side, I don’t know what we would have become today. No one will know.