TimeToast For English: MY HERO PROJECT

  • Watched The Subway Hero Interview in class...

    Today I was in class and I just finished presenting a story to my class about wether or not heroes had to risk their lives to be one. I was kind of confused at this point because different sources have told me different opinions...waiting to see when my journey fo ra true definition of a hero will be over...
  • Roy Benavides (The true American Hero)

    Today in class we learned about the greatest hero I can think of to this day. He was a soldier (of course im a military guy so I love this) and he was amazing in battle. He risked his own life to save others...Now I truly know where my definition is heading. (Eye opener...)
  • Kristi Quillen...Didnt happen...so sad...

    We were supposed to watch the interview of Kristi Quillen but it never happened because of weather warnings we had to leave the room...got a good taste of what English will be like my senior year though.
  • Setting up my assignment.

    Learned more about what the assignment is gonna be. Sounds exciting. Really interested in learning more about heroes.
  • Heroes in the books we read.

    We went over the books in class we had read and I think that some books really dont have a true hero in them. (Pride and prejudice for example...ech I hated that book)
  • Began Looking for hero...

    Well i wanted to find a hero that had something to do with the navy and of course I decided JOHN PAUL JONES! The father of the US Navy. I am so excited to learn more about him.
  • Finally found a book...

    Spent the last two days looking for a book and the dumb school library had none! I was so mad...then I went to the public library where I found plenty! School library you suck.
  • Changing the World

    Began watching videos about people changing the world including neat music videos. Some of them were very touching...
  • ...still changing the world

    We just continued learning about the world being changed by ordinary people.
  • My Birthday

    haha, just had to include my birthday here. I worked a little more on my hero project. Finished a blog post early and am pretty happy with it.
  • Presenting Biography Passage

    I presented a passage from my biography on John Paul Jones that I found really interesting. It was truly impressive. It showed sides of heroes that make them human.