By myfacez
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    My Life

    This is my current time on Earth and as someone who is living.
  • Baby Pictures and Film Cameras

    Baby Pictures and Film Cameras
    At this time cameras, specifically, film cameras are starting to get much more affordable. that is why my parents purchased a camera giving me tons of baby pics
  • My Childhood and TV's

    My Childhood and TV's
    At this time I usually spend my time watching tv shows for kids. Usually, I'd watch Barney, Teletubbies, and Movies using DVDs. At times I would watch the morning anime shows that are being aired at GMA.
  • World of Contra, Mario Mario and Race Car

    World of Contra, Mario Mario and Race Car
    At This time my parents brought a playstation. This has exposed me to games such as mario mario, Contra and Racing car games. It has been a novel part of my childhood and it maintains one of it's highlights.
  • Me and Letters

    Me and Letters
    I've been learning to read at a very young age of 5. at that time, I could already read through my practice of reading billboards, signages, and ingredient parts of candy wrappers. At this time I was much more exposed to the information. From reading Newspapers, Magazines to TV News headlines. By learning how to read information was now more accessible to me.
  • Mobile Phones

    Mobile Phones
    At this time touch screen phones, we're slowly getting more and more common circulation and it's the newest trend out there. There are 3D-looking games compared to its counterpart of 2D games which are available on phones such as snakes and balls.
  • Computers and Internet

    Computers and Internet
    I was exposed to computers early on but I really never felt that much impact until the internet has become available to me. It started my entry on the first social media platform that I partook on, Facebook. It also introduced me to online games and the fun of playing with others despite the great distance.
  • Internet Shops

    Internet Shops
    I wasn't really allowed to go to the internet shop and it made me greatly ignorant to the new trending games that some of my friends would talk about. Not until Grade 8 where I was allowed to go to internet shops with a little persuasion on my parents. There friends introduce to me more games that have long been unavailable to me
  • My E-Light Novel Reading

    My E-Light Novel Reading
    At this time boredom came to me and this is when I discovered the fun in reading Light Novels on my phone. I would sometimes spend an entire day reading spending 6-15 hours reading on weekends and 3-6hours reading on weekdays. I guess it was really an addiction if I look at it now.
  • Today

    Today is the pandemic and I can say that it is responsible for my on how I lived my day on social media platforms, online games, and different forms of media. I usually spend my day answering assignments that are given online, play games, and read more e-light novels.