Timeline Project

By utkarsh
  • I am born

  • Period: to

    First two year Coganitive

    In this first two years i learn to how to play with my toyes.
  • My first step

  • My first word Cognitive Development

    Today i speak first word "Ba"
  • The play year : Cognitive Development event

    I am learn in this event to go my grand parent house and go out with them on field and know what i have to do and what not to do.
  • Period: to


    I was in Balmandir (nursery) at 5 year age .I had made many friends in this time .i injoyed this time as kids i learn A B C D ..Z and my mother tounge.
  • Period: to

    The School Year Psychosocial development

    During this time i understand what is right or worng .self eastim develop in me and understand about different between the gender.
  • Pride Event

    I pride my self that i learn how to climb a tree.
  • Emontiona regulation:Psychosocial Development

    In this time ability to control when and how emotion are expressed.
  • Period: to

    first grade psychosocial

    In this grade i learned to how to speak with friend and give respest to my teacher.
  • Period: to

    School year Cognitive Development

    In second grade we moved from one place to other palce in this time fram i had problem in study because change in place and my friends i miss so i was not concentrat in my study that time had less grade.I never forgot this time in my life time .
  • The school year :Biosocial Development

    In this time as per my size and shape my hight is longer then other children .
  • Psychosocial event

    I understand first time that how difficult make friend in different palce.
  • Period: to

    The school year Coganitive Developmet

    During this year i learn about gramer and language skills in during school.I improved my language and gramer good during this time.
  • The school year :Psychosocial.cognitive and Biosocial

    During this time my parent send me first time in camp for physical activity .mental activity and develop your skill of how to live of life .
  • Period: to

    Learning phase

    In this time my father put me on summer camp and learn how to do your work like laudary and clean house .I learned that my responsible to cleanness for my room.
  • Period: to

    The play year :Biosocial Development

    During this time i learn play cricket and football.I was played good and more coordination.
  • Period: to


    I lean how to ride bike .and tie to my shoe lace.
  • Pyschosocial

    I became class represatative and i pride to be .
  • Period: to

    The School Year: Constant change Cognitive Development

    In this time i became more powerfull in my study i develop my memary skill and thinking power in my study i had 94% in 8th grade.
  • Learning two Language

    I started to learn two different language in my study.
  • Period: to

    The school Year : Psychosocial Development

    In this time fram i learned my family condition and finacial black ground and spend more time with my friends .Social aweness also becomes importance alonge with friendship.
  • Psychosocial: bully-victim

    In this time i was a victim of bully in my class .i was good in my volleball game but my captian always put me on bench or did not let me play.i suffer from depresion during that time in end i quiet playing game .