Tammy's human growth and development timeline

By Tammyd
  • Beginning of my prenatal period

    Beginning of my prenatal period
    From conception my rapidly dividing cells create an embryo. I continued to devolop me into a fetus. My healthy development is determined by my mothers health, exposure to toxins, and genetics.
  • Period: to

    Tammy's lifespan

    Conception took place now my cells are rapidly dividing.
  • My birthday

    My birthday
    I was born full term, 40 weeks, 6 lbs, healthy. I have good sucking reflex for my bottle. I have a 12 month old brother, so my mother has her hands full. Lucky for her am a good baby.
  • First 2 years Psychosocial development

    First 2 years Psychosocial development
    I took my first steps, I'm attached to my mother at age 1 and could care less about playing with my 2 year old brother. But we will play next to each other, parallel play.
  • 3 years old Biosocial development

    3 years old Biosocial development
    I can use my head or fall on it as I try to improve my motor skills. I can remember a few emotional events because my limbic system has matured. I fell off our porch and had a concussion, I had a big scab on my forehead. Maybe I'll develop a fear of heights.
  • Early childhood: Psychosocial development

    Early childhood: Psychosocial development
    I am happy go lucky. I enjoy playing with other kids my age. I am sensitive and my feelings get hurt if someone is mean to me. I don't like getting into trouble so I do as I'm told. I have a problem knowing when not to do what my brother tells me; like the time he took me to the store to steal, I was 5 years old. He got spanked, my mother said he knew better. I guess she thought I didn't know any better, so I kept my mouth shut.
  • Five year old Cognitive

    Five year old Cognitive
    I started school, I am very shy and having a hard time. I am very curious and distracted. I live in Colorado and have to walk home by myself. My mother has a toddler and baby at home and is too ill to pick me up. I have no sense of direction and turn the wrong way every time, and then there were those dogs that liked to scare me. I missed a lot of school until other arrangements could be made.
  • 6 yars old Biosocial

    6 yars old Biosocial
    A big dog bit my butt on the way to school. I'm smart enough to know he just wants my bologna sandwich. So I throw it so he'll get off my butt. Not only was this very traumatic for me, it was humiliating because my teacher had to look at my butt to see it the skin was broken. I never want to go to school because the kids laughed.
  • Early Childhood Cognitive Development

    Early Childhood Cognitive Development
    I'm ten years old, I'm not very athletic because I have a fear of getting hurt. I like to go to the library and check out 10 books at a time. I have to walk one mile to get there even though I never finish a book., I do not have the patients to read cover to cover and often jumped to the back of the book, yet I continued to make the trip and check out 10 books on a regular basis. This was a life long issue, ADHD.
  • 1975 Psychosocial

    1975 Psychosocial
    First boyfriend, had to sneak around behind by parents back. I took my mothers eyeshadow so I could put it on on the way to school.
  • graduation high school cognitive

    graduation high school cognitive
    graduation from High School. I didn't want to go to my graduation and be the center of attention, still shy. I over my rebelious period. I had perfect attendence.
  • Biosocial, emerging adulthood

    Biosocial, emerging adulthood
    Travel throughout Mexico with by friend from highschool. Learned to live cheap, stayed 2 months. Shopped with the locals at the market. Became a vegitarian, afraid of getting montizumas revenge.
  • Period: to

    Emerging Adulthood

  • Psychococial, emerging adult. I need a job.

    Psychococial, emerging adult. I need a job.
    back from trip, broke, need a job. I got hire every where I applied. Thank God I didn't have to accept the job a McDonalds, or Kmart. I was willing to do anything until I could find something better. I got a job as a waitress in a night club. I was shy at first but it way good money at the time.
  • Period: to

    Psychosocial, Emerging adult.

  • Period: to

    Psychosocial, emerging adult

    Returned from trip, broke, need to find a job quick. too late to take classes. Tired of my friend, too much time together.
  • Period: to

    Retihinking career. Cognitive; emerging adult

    Back to college, don't know what I want to do exactily, I learned marketing isn't for me. I like retail, but it doesn't pay the bills, so still working in restaraunt, upscale French service, great money.
  • Cognitive, college emerging adulthood

    Cognitive, college emerging adulthood
    College study marketing, I hate it, very boring. I don't do well with numbers. To me marketing means buying stuff.
  • Period: to

    Adulthood, Biosocial Development

  • Period: to

    Cognitive, emerging adult

  • Period: to

    Psychosocial, emerging adulthood

    Birth of second child
  • grief, mother died, marriage ending.

    grief, mother died, marriage ending.
    Not a happy time, but a turning point leading to major change. My mother died, problems with marriage led me to reevaluate my life.
  • Graduated from nursing program, working in hospital

    Graduated from nursing program, working in hospital
    working as RN full time midnight shift
  • Bought my own house after divorce.

    Bought my own house after divorce.
    On my own, with 4 kids still at home, working 50-60 hours a week, during nursing shortage. Money is good.
  • Period: to

    Adulthood, cognitive development

    returned to college, BSN completion.
  • Remarried 2000

    Remarried 2000
    Divorced, remarried
  • Bought a new house with my new husband, Psychosocial

    Bought a new house with my new husband, Psychosocial
    sold old house bought new one with my new husband, big adjustment for him because he has been in the same house for 15 years. I'm ready for a change. Grandkids love coming over, house is big.
  • Psychosocial, Adulthood

    Psychosocial, Adulthood
    struggle at times to find time for my husband, school, work, commitee, family all take up a lot of time. Not as easy as it used to be.
  • working on BSN, active role in leadership and education.

    working on BSN, active role in leadership and education.
    Involved in hospital quality improvement, and membership on several commitees.
  • Cognitive development

    Cognitive development
    My short term memory is very short, but no shorter than when I was 55.Working part time in qualitiy improvement and reseach because I need the money, and I enjoy it. Actively involved in nursing politics.
  • Period: to

    Late adulthood

  • biosocial development

    biosocial development
    I remain busy, but not as coordinated, and not as easy as it used to be. But I like my independence.
  • Psychosocial

    Still active l like going out to eat with my husband my husband once a week to get out of the house. We work outside in the garden together. We enjoy family get togethers. We have a lot of family members willing to help me around the house because they are afraid I might get hurt (and move in with them).
  • The end, my funeral

    The end, my funeral
    I am 98 years old I lived a full life and spent the last 8 years in a nursing home after falling and breaking my hip. My family is at peace with my death because they know my quality of life as deteriorated.